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A war is coming, and they will be ready. A Jacob story. Eclipse spoilers. Two years after Eclipse. (check out my profile for a more detailed summary)


1. Prologue

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Anything But Ordinary
by: Dark Huntress

A lone figure sat against the glow of the full moon, casting a large imposing shadow across the already midnight sky. Long strong arms flexed, forming large fists, as anger coursed through his system. A low snarl ripped past his full lips as the wind picked up and blew a few stray locks into his face. His muscles on his back bunched, rippling the smooth russet skin, as he stood on his feet.

The man was huge, taller than any average man.

He walked away from his perch, every movement he made sending small animals into hiding, their hurried movements echoing in the otherwise silent world. His anger permeated through all the surrounding lands, the home of his forefathers knowing instinctively of his absolute rage and betrayal. He hurt, a raw gaping hole ripping through his chest, growing larger every day.

She had shattered him, hurt him like no one else could, but she had taught him a valuable lesson, never trust an outsider. She had been his world, he had known she was broken, but yet he still loved her, would have taken her even if she had loved another man. Yet the moment the enemy returned, she ran to them, despite the happiness he had given her in her time of grief. She was selfish, inconsiderate, horrid.

No, that was his wolf talking. No. She was none of those things, she was perfect.

He still loved her, knew it deep down, that he would always love her, even if he one day had to fight to end her life. She was the enemy, a threat to his family, his pack, and he would not allow even her to harm them. She was an outsider, plain and simple, and when it came down to it, love or not, his people came first.

Jacob ran, letting the biting wind take away the pain momentarily, it was one of the few things that he enjoyed about his fate. The speed. How he loved to run, to reach speeds beyond imagination and still be in complete control.

Leaving the forest line, Jacob sighed in relief as he came upon the small house in the middle of the small valley. It looked unkept to the untrained eye, the paint in desperate need of a new coat. Shingles were broken, and the windows always had the curtains drawn. But, the glowing orange and red hues of blooming flowers before the dark panes, lit the area with warmth. The small violets and blues instantly welcoming anyone to stop by, that if they were lost, they would soon find their way.

She had done that for him at least, helping him pick up as many pieces as possible, and salvage the most he could of his heart. She had been there, comforting him in away that the other males of his pack could not. She had tenderly heard him through, taught him how to continue, and believed in him more than he did himself. She was a miracle to all of them, the greatest treasure their pack had. They would be crushed if anything were to happen to her.

Knocking on the door, Jacob waited for the owners’ to answer it, the warm scent of bacon and sausage reaching his nose. The scent was cold, having been fixed long since now, but it made him smile all the same, no matter how broken he was, he was always welcomed here.

"Evening, Jacob," Sam greeted, stepping aside as the lesser pack member entered his home before shutting the door behind him.

"Hello, Jacob," Emily called, untying her apron from around her waist, the small golden wedding band gleaming in the light.

It had been a long engagement, but the two had finally settled down with one another. Sometimes, it would suffocate him and his brothers, the amount of love the two gave off towards each other. Even now, as the two met gazes, it left his stomach clenching and torn chest shudder.

"Would you like some coffee, Jacob?" Emily asked, already taking the coffee pot off of the stove to pour three mugs full.

"Yes, please," Jacob said, smiling at her kindly as he watched her beautiful face smile from beneath the curtain of hair that fell around her.

When he had first met her, he had instantly retracted himself at her appearance, the raw ragged scars disfiguring her beautiful face. Her large almond eye on the one side was always drooping slightly, as if she were about to fall asleep on her feet. On the same side, the corner of her full lips were permanently set into a frown, even if the other side went up in radiant joy. The scars, long and ugly, trailed clear down to her hand, where they finally stopped to give her peace. Yes, at first he thought her hideous, but now, as he looked upon her, he couldn’t find the visage he had seen then. To him, to all of them, she was nothing but pure beauty.

Taking the mug, he watched silently as Emily handed her husband his coffee, and then sat down on their sofa completely exhausted. She hardly got anymore sleep than him, she was always awake when they left for patrols, and always awake with breakfast waiting when they returned. She never complained, and always seemed happy to see the whole pack come for a visit. Yet, Jacob knew she must be feeling the repercussions of the lack of sleep.

"Who’s going with us tonight?" Jacob asked, sipping his hot coffee as he looked at his leader, rocking slowly back and forth in the chair.

"Embry, Quil, you, and I," Sam answered, sighing heavily and rubbing his eyes tiredly, before setting his mug down on the side table.

They fell into a companionable silence, each one thinking of something different, and completely relaxed in the others’ presence. Emily yawned silently, her hands rubbing her temples as if to ward off a headache, her dark eyes closed. A long breath came out, her arms falling to her sides as she rolled her neck, and shrugged her shoulders. The corner of her orange blouse fell slightly, to reveal the juncture of skin between her shoulder and neck.

"What the hell?" Jacob growled, his eyes bulging as he stared fixedly at Emily, his entire body shook with rage, pure hatred.

"Calm down Jacob, its not what it looks like," Sam reasoned, standing to place a warm hand on the larger man’s shoulder.

Emily sat perfectly still, biting her lower lip as she watched cautiously for Jacob to regain some form of control. She knew what he had saw, a bite mark on her flesh, still slightly bruised. It appeared painful, though she hardly felt it. It was clean though, as if there hadn’t been a struggle when it had happened, which didn’t make sense to Jacob in the least. There was no doubt in his mind that Emily would have fought fiercely if a vampire attacked her. Besides, there was no way a vampire got into this territory, not without them knowing. So what was that mark?

"Sit down, Jacob, and I’ll explain," Sam said, and Jacob followed his command, falling into the recliner before turning his burning gaze onto his elder.

"Explain," Jacob demanded, he had become more and more reckless with the treatment he gave to his leader, it wouldn’t be long before he would challenge Sam, both knew it.

The wolf in Jacob demanded he be the one in control, he had the bloodline and history of it. The wolf inside of him recoiled at the thought of being put into submission, it was of a dominant breed, and would have nothing left.

"Ok, but first, Jacob you must keep this to yourself. You must make sure to not think of this while transformed," Sam said, and Jacob nodded, understanding.

"The night of our wedding, Emily was turned into a wolf. It seems, when in time of approaching war, if a wolf takes a mate and his or her saliva some enters their bloodstream they are transformed. It wouldn’t usually be a problem, unfortunately, during are activities," Sam said, blushing slightly. "I found myself to be somewhat aggressive, or a biter. I’m afraid by the next morning Emily had changed."

"Why don’t you want the other’s to know about this?" Jacob wondered, it wasn’t like it was a taboo thing, none of the pack would think less of them for it.

"Because, if they knew, they would be afraid to find their intended, and I don’t want them to loose that joy. It may be selfish, but in the long run not as many will get hurt," Sam answered honestly, his eyes moving to the ground.

"So what you’re saying is that this only happens when something like that’s about to happen?" Jacob asked, leaning back heavily into the cushions of the chair.

"So it would seem," Sam said, resigning himself.

Jacob shuttered, if there was a great battle coming, what side would Bella be on? She was a cold one now, a bloodsucker, but he was sure that wasn’t the group they had to worry about. No, it was most likely the ones that had been moving from other places to around Forks, circling it always, looking for a way in. Either way, he would have to fight them, even if Bella got in the way.

There was a war coming, and he would be ready.