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A war is coming, and they will be ready. A Jacob story. Eclipse spoilers. Two years after Eclipse. (check out my profile for a more detailed summary)


3. First Meeting

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by: Dark Huntress
Chapter Two: First Meeting

Okay, if I close my eyes, and then open them again, it’ll all go away. It has too, I mean, its just a dream, a stupid, infuriating, incredibly realistic dream. But that’s just it, it’s a dream, and dreams are erased when eyes are opened. So, this particular mirage will go away in just a few moments, I’m sure of it. So why, am I still unwilling to open them?

Screaming, I jerked out of bed lightning fast, my eyes fully open and my dream still very much there, in my bed. Oh, dear Lord, what did I do? There has to be something that you’re punishing me for, something, but what?

"What the hell?" my uncle roared, his large hands were quickly tying the tie of his robe around his waist, his eyes looking wildly around my room.

"There!" I screeched, pointing to my bed, where something was moving underneath the covers, my skin crawled at the thought.

My uncle quickly yanked the covers back, and I screamed again, jumping on my bed as the tiny little object flew from the covers and onto the carpet. I felt ridiculously foolish, but those things are just nasty, just plain nasty.

A large hairy spider, black in color, stood in the middle of my carpet, crawling around before stopping and investigating. It was as large as my palm; the legs would have easily reached the ends of my fingers if I ever had been holding it. But there was no way I was ever getting near that thing, this place was infested.

He acted quickly, taking off his slipper, I watched my uncle run around the room, slamming his slipper down in many attempts to kill the thing. Unfortunately, my uncle is slightly overweight, and therefore, the nasty arachnid easily out maneuvered him. And there is no way I’m going to help him, that would mean that I would have to get close to it. Yuck!

My aunt and Lauren rushed in the room then; both tying robes about them, and watching as their father/husband ran around like a baboon. Honestly, if I wasn’t petrified of that stupid little spider, I’d be laughing my butt off, but unfortunately, that might draw attention to me.

"Daddy, stop!" Lauren cried as she raced forward and took the slipper from him, his arm was still in motion and therefore, without the added length of the slipper, hit himself in an unforgivable place.

Instantly my uncle hit the floor as his wife stood over him, crying and asking him over and over again if he was alright. Lauren threw the shoe at his prone figure and picked up the nasty hairy little spider, talking baby talk to the ugly little vermin. The spider turned to her and let her stroke it, I was just waiting for it to attack her. I would have, but that’s just me.

"Don’t you ever try to hurt Gabrielle again!" Lauren screeched, stomping her foot right next to her father’s head, at this point I’m completely lost and sitting on my bed, happy to stay quiet. "She’s for a class, and you’ll not touch her!"

Both my aunt and uncle nearly trembled under her rage, how strange. Lauren didn’t seem the least bit concerned with her hurting father, in fact, she was back to cooing to that stupid little piece of filth. I was already plotting many different want to get rid of it. Most of them were from far distances. Like, throwing a bomb at its cage, or perhaps letting a bird loose whenever it was out of the cage. Both would be nice.

Lauren left, and I could hear her door slam in the distance. My aunt stood, wringing her hands and looking from the doorway, to her husband, and then to me. I was as lost as she was. Lauren just didn’t seem like the person to like a spider, just, yuck.

Completely confused, she left, her feet shuffling down the hall; her hair was completely out of place. I think she was so dazed however that there was no way she noticed.

"You!" my uncle roared, turning on me, his face changing a funny burgundy color, and I instantly scooted back on the bed, what did I do?

"What?" I asked, is it my fault that I freaked when I see a huge freaking spider crawling over me? I think not. Any normal person would have done the same.

"I don’t want you to ever do that again, do you understand me?" he yelled, and I nodded my head, I’m still not sure what I did wrong. "Just for that, you’re going with me to La Push, no questions asked!"

And with that, he was gone, slamming my door behind him. I sat there, mouth open, completely and utterly confused. And there is only one thing that came to mind...what? oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Sitting on the stool in the kitchen the next morning, I mentally calculated how many more weekends I would be forced to go there. I’ve been here for over a week, going on two the next Monday. So, that meant that this was my second weekend, my second weekend sent to do stuff for my uncle, oh the joy!

Sighing, I leaned back, resting my head against the counter top. How long did it take to get ready for a construction site? Grab a jacket, grubby clothes, and food, not that hard. Unfortunately, my uncle didn’t seem to think the same since he had been in his room ‘dressing’ for the past hour. Goodness, and men complained about girls!

As if on cue, my uncle entered, casually walking over to the fridge to get his lunch. After which, he silently points to the heavy cooler and then walks away. Oh come on!

Grumbling to myself, I picked it up, I could already see where this was going; I was going to be his personal slave for the entire day. I really wasn’t going to enjoy any of this.

Loading the car and then getting in, I watched the landscape slide by as the car raced across the rain splattered highway. The dark mass of clouds rolled ominously overhead, and I felt my stomach twist in knots, today would definitely bring loads of rain. I could already feel the wind laughing at us, feeling great delight at the thought of soaking all of us to the bone.

Pulling to a halt, we got out, and once again, I’m stuck with the large cooler. My feet were soaked by the time we reached the house and the rest of the crew, which all are basically my uncle’s age with the same weight problem. Many of them with graying beards and tattoos on their upper arms. There was only one man who didn’t look like he belonged. And I was instantly inching my way over to him, he couldn’t be very much older than me.

He’s attractive, and physically fit, almost as if an athlete. He had pale blonde hair, untidy and swept to the side. Pale, washed out, blue eyes shone brightly from his pale skin. A prominent chin with a slight cleft brought out the more mature look to his boyish appearance in his hair and eyes. He was rather short, well, not short, but looked to be the same height as me.

"Hi," I said, I was never very outgoing, so introducing myself to someone knew was really unnerving, I always feel everyone’s staring at me.

"Hi," the man greeted, standing and stretching his muscles before leaning gracefully against a wooden post, his hands stuffed in his pockets.

"My name’s Lyn Mallory," I introduced, holding out my hand, which he took. "I’m here with my uncle, just moved here from Tennessee."

"Really? Wow, well, I’m Mike Newton," he said, grinning, he was pleasant, friendly, someone that people could easily befriend. "So, you’re Lauren’s little cousin, she told us all about you. She just forgot to mention how cute you are."

If it’s possible, I could literally feel the blush spread all over me, my chilled flesh automatically heating up. I know he was just being pleasant, no one would ever think me being attractive, but it felt nice either way. Smiling warmly, I casually asked about the project, and he talked freely about the new place. He told me about the new family, and how Emily Uley wanted kids immediately, so Sam, obliged her with building on. Children however, were not yet on the way.

"Really, they sound like nice people," I said, it had been an hour since I had first got here, and the time was passing faster than I had originally thought. But it was obvious it was because of Mike.

"I guess," he said, not meeting my eyes. Raising a brow, I looked over at the face that was peering out of the window, a young woman, and I gasped.

She was beautiful, yet horribly disfigured. Long lines spread from her hairline to the side of her face and then down her neck. The scars pulled down on her eye and lip, making the one side of her face look almost dead. But the other side, the side unmarred, was beautiful. She looked kind and gentle, with her dark black hair framing her small angular face, and slightly bringing out her dark, rich brown, almond eyes. Dark russet skin lined her body, making her look as if she belonged in this wild landscape, blending in with nature, unlike the paleness the rest of us sported.

"Aw, that’s Emily," Mike announced, leaning against the shovel he’d been using to dig a hold for the concrete, his breathing coming in short pants.

"She’s beautiful," I whispered, turning from her after she smiled and I returned it. "But what happened to her? Those scars..."

"Yeah," Mike said, returning to his work, and for a while I didn’t think he was going to answer my question. "They say she was attacked by a grizzly on the mountains, a fishing accident or something. Anyways, they say she just barely got away with her life. Sam was pretty torn up about it, literally, it almost killed him."

"Why does it sound like you think differently?" I asked, I hadn’t missed the way he kept repeating the ‘they say’ until the very last.

"Well, I don’t know, it just doesn’t seem to add up, if you ask me," he said, and then hesitating, he turned to my uncle and announced he was going to take his break.

Grabbing my hand, he dragged me off to the side of the forest, along the tree line, but not far enough to actually enter it. The rain had toned down, a soft drizzle, but I still felt wary as the rolling masses threatened to open up once again and let loose.

"So?" I prompted after a short time, we were sitting on a log, and he had continued to look at his clasped hands, not removing his eyes from there.

"I know it’s going to sound weird, my friends don’t believe me, but I just don’t think she got that from a bear. A giant animal yes, monster even, but not a bear.

"It was a year after the bear scare, not that you would know, that I saw the animal that had been causing everyone to worry. It was huge, but it wasn’t a bear. About as big as a horse, its teeth were huge, pretty much your worst nightmare. It was pitch black, and was nosing around an abandoned campsite, probably wondering what happened to it’s meal.

"Anyways, what’s really weird, when he was leaving the site, he kind of changed," at this point Mike hesitated, his knuckles had turned white and his breathing was short.

"Changed?" I asked, looking at him. "Changed as in, what? He like, was suddenly mean and awful, or kind and gentle? What?"

"No, he, literally, he changed. He morphed into a human, a Quileute no less!" Mike shouted, his mouth was open and I could clearly see the way his teeth were clenched together.

"Excuse me? He changed into a human? You do realize you just described a werewolf, right?" I asked, he was crazy, great, I was befriending a mad man.

"I know it sounds ridiculous, and no one else believed me either. I tried, but I gave up, I don’t really know why I told you, I knew you wouldn’t believe me either," he said, his voice was tainted with grief, his shoulders sagging.

"Ok, let’s say, that what you’re saying is true, not that I’m saying it is, mind you, but what would that have to Emily’s injury?" I asked, he didn’t really make that part clear.

"Because, the person I saw transform from that giant wolf, was Sam...her husband," he announced, and once again his face contorted into a scowl.

"So, you’re saying...?" I still wasn’t understanding, I knew he was insane, but his story was interesting, and I didn’t really want him to go loony on me.

"Don’t you get it? Why do you think Sam felt guilty about what happened to Emily? If a bear had attacked her, it wouldn’t have been his fault. He would have felt bad, but not guilty. And believe me, he felt guilty. I think he did it, I think he attacked her," Mike growled.

"Honestly, Mike, if he attacked her, why would Emily have married him?" I asked, this was stupid, why was I even having this conversation.

"I don’t know, maybe he threatened her, how the hell would I know?" he said, shoving up from his position and pacing in front of me.

Sighing, I watched him, suddenly wishing that I was bored out of my mind sitting over their with the rest of the crew. At that point, a group of six men, the same as the last time I was up here, came strolling up the lane, all in sink together. The two most powerful were towards the front, while the other four were spread out behind them evenly. It was a casual gait and formation, yet completely on purpose. They were powerful, all of them, and were intimidating even from afar. Instantly Mike went still, and his body tense, already his legs were bent as if to run.

"You see, look at them, that’s not natural," he said absentmindedly, one of his hands went through his unruly locks, he was literally shaking.

"What isn’t?" I asked, turning to look around, what was he talking about? Looking at the six men again, I raised a brow, the looked normal to me.

"They walk in formation, they don’t ever talk, and they never smile or joke. They’re like a gang, intimidating, as if they’re trying to scare people," Mike said, staring at them unabashedly. "And they’re always together."

"So, they’re probably just really good friends," I said, I needed to try to get him to think otherwise, he was unstable this way.

"No," he said, looking at me fiercely. "No, I hang with my friends, but I’m not always with them. Whenever those guys are seen, its always together...like a pack."

I regarded him, and then looked at the others, who had reached the house at this point. As if they could hear him, they turned and stared at us, a look of disdain clearly written on their faces. Biting my lip, I looked away, and watched as the man before me got ready to walk away.

"Listen, I’m outta here, I never stick around when they’re here, if you were smart, you wouldn’t either," he said, already stalking off.

"I can’t, I came with my uncle," I replied, trying to keep the peace, the others had long since went inside, but the occasional curtain moving in the windows did not go unnoticed.

"Whatever, its your funeral. Later," he said, and then walked to my uncle, seemingly to announce his early departure.

I watched the other men, and felt a weird twisting in my stomach. All of the were glancing at the house, their muscles tenser than they had been earlier. All of them seemed to be on edge, as if they to were ready to bolt. I even heard the occasional ‘don’t know why they’re here’ and ‘why do they have to come around now’ from the workers. My uncle even seemed to be affected by their presence. Did they all think they were weird monsters?

Looking at my uncle as I came to sit nearby on the large cooler, I clearly decided a negative. Maybe they were prejudice or something, but from what I had seen, they got along quite well with Emily, and even the handicapped man, Billy Black. It was like those boys were special, as if they didn’t like them in particular.

Frowning, I leaned back, staring at the house and then the other Forks residents. Maybe those men were known for trouble, and in their small world, doing something that was out of their code, was seen as disdainful. That had to be it. They were normal, rowdy, teenage boys, who caused a little bit of trouble, and were immediately labeled as bad. But, I couldn’t believe they were, or at least, the Jacob Black one. The way he had acted towards his father, it was nothing but kind and tender. He definitely wasn’t a bad person.

Or maybe, it was just the way they held themselves. They seemed to always be in control no matter where they went, maybe these men resented that. Maybe they didn’t like the feeling of being inferior, and so they automatically disliked them. It was possible.

All I knew, was the fact that by the look on everyone’s faces, I was the only one who didn’t dislike them.


It was just after noon, the six Quileute men, had left, and the atmosphere around the work site had become ten times better. Unfortunately, it decided it was going to pour then, so here I was, on the same damn cooler, watching the sweaty men work, with rain running in my eyes. I was soaked, and I could so feel some illness coming on. This just wasn’t my day.

Looking up at the dark sky, I scowled. I really did like the rain, but just not when I was stuck out in it for hours, and not when it got in my shoes. Other than that, it was beautiful. Unfortunately, I also liked watching it from inside, where I felt safe and warm, and could curl up with a good novel. A perfect afternoon, an afternoon I should be having. But no, my uncle just had to drag me out here to deal with pouring water and a lunatic.

"Here," a small voice said, which successfully woke me from my stupor, which also caused me to jump and land flat on my rump on the muddy ground.

"Argh," I groaned, standing and rubbing my backside before turning to look at the person, it was Emily, standing in the yard, with an umbrella held out over me.

"Sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you," she apologized, smiling gently, clearly suppressing a laugh. "I didn’t know you were still out here, or I would have asked you to come in sooner. So...would you like to come inside?"

"Sure," I answered, astonished, she was wonderful, she didn’t look the least bit scared of anything. Mentally slapping myself, I cursed Mike and his stupid mind.

Walking with her, we rushed to the overhang on her house. I stood uncomfortably on the linoleum in front of the door, while she ran to get me a towel. It was definitely small, but homey, and it welcomed me with open arms. It felt like a home, not a house, but a true home. And the air was completely saturated with the sweet aroma of cookies and bread. A lingering hint of coffee was also there, and though I didn’t drink the stuff, it smelled wonderful.

"Here you go," she said, handing me a towel, which I took gratefully. Toweling my hair, I followed her into her bathroom. "These are Jacob’s, they’ll be big, but better than what you have on."

"Thanks," I said, and shut the door as she left, already feeling uncomfortable in the dry home with very soaked clothing.

Picking up the undergarments that were obviously not Jacob’s, I slipped out of my old ones. The sports bra felt tight around me, obviously too small, as well as the panties. But they would work, I wasn’t going to complain as long as they were dry.

I quickly took out the black athletic shorts, and slipped them on, amazed that they made me feel like a shrimp. They fell past my knees, and I had to tie them very tight around my waist or they would fall off my hips. The shirt dwarfed me as well, the soft gray cotton falling well past mid thigh. I definitely looked ridiculous, but again, at least I was dry.

Stepping out of the bathroom, I went to the kitchen where Emily busied herself with whatever she was baking. A warm glow spread across her cheeks, and went to her mouth as she smiled at me.

"Wow, you are tall," she said, sizing me up, I instantly blushed. "I’ve never seen Jake’s clothes fit a girl as well as they do you."

I laughed with her, clearly remembering the largest of the group. It was true, if she had tried the clothes on, it would have looked even more ridiculous. At least, with me, it looked like a girl wearing guy’s clothes, not a girl playing dress up at age five with her daddy’s clothes.

I sat down and quickly worked through the tangles of my hair once she handed me a brush, I winced as I hit another knot. Damn it, my hair always was a pain.

"Let me have your clothes and I’ll put them in the dryer," Emily said, and I handed them over, glad to be rid of them, I hated dripping water all over her clean floor.

Sitting there, I looked at the clock, groaning. It’s already three in the afternoon, and knowing my uncle, he’d work til seven. Most of the time, on Saturdays, he worked really late, and then on Sunday, he went to church in the mornings, so therefore, cut down on his work time. He always worked overtime on Saturdays though, that is, unless the rain become too much for even them.

"Yeah, and I’m Evelyn Mallory," I said, biting my lower lip, I am so stupid sometimes. "Everyone calls me Lyn though. Sorry I didn’t introduce myself sooner."

"Yeah, and I’m Evelyn Mallory," I said, biting my lower lip, I was so stupid sometimes. "Everyone calls me Lyn though. Sorry I didn’t introduce myself sooner."

"Don’t worry about it," she chuckled, turning to me slightly before returning to her work. "You were soaked and miserable, I understand. And I’m Emily Uley by the way."

"Yeah, I know. I was talking to Mike...," I trailed off, not exactly knowing what to say.

"Yes...Mike," she said, as if distracted, a frown marring her features. "Well, how long have you been in Forks?"

"Oh, um, about two weeks, I just moved from Tennessee, it’s definitely a switch," I said back, fiddling my fingers together.

"I would imagine. So, do you like it though?" she asked.

"Yeah, its not as busy, quaint, and I absolutely love the rain...as long as I’m not in it for hours on end," I said, and she laughed, her bright eyes shining.

"I would imagine, I love it here, especially at La Push," she said, staring out across her large yard to the ancient trees. "I absolutely love the forests."

"Yeah, they’re beautiful," I agreed, leaning back as I closed my eyes, imaging the true beauty out there. "Sometimes I wish I could of been born here, it’s definitely nice compared to all the heat."

"Yes, I couldn’t imagine growing up and living anywhere but here, but then, I’m a bit biased. I’ve never left the reservation, well, never lived anywhere besides here," she clarified, wiping her hands on her apron after she slid the last sheet of cookies in the oven.

"Come on, we’ll sit in the living room, its more comfortable in there."

We both sat, and instantly launched into a random conversation, which led to another one. She told me stories of the group of men, and instantly I could she adored them all. Even if Mike isn’t insane, his theory was completely off, she is not a miserable person.

And I told her about the spider incident, and how it had got me up here in the first place. She laughed heartily, especially at the parts where my uncle was chasing a spider, failing to kill it, and then Lauren came in.

"Yeah, it was pretty crazy," I sighed, leaning back and closing my eyes, smiling as the warmth of her presence sifted through me.

"I would imagine," she agreed, and I looked at her, smiling with her. Even if I didn’t make any friends in Forks, if I could have her as one, I’d be happy.

"I’m glad that happened though."

"Why?" I asked, curious, why would she want a nasty crawling spider on me? I wouldn’t wish that upon Lauren, well, if she was scared of them that is. No, never mind, yes I would.

"Because, it gets boring up here sometimes, not that I’m complaining," said Emily, rushing the last words. "It’s just, we’re so secluded, even from the others of the reservation, just how Sam wants it. And they’re always gone, so it’s nice to have someone to talk to."

"Ditto," I responded, sitting up and crossing my legs. "So, why are they gone all the time? I mean, they seem to come and go all at the same time."

"Well, they see themselves as the police in away, keeping order," she said, her eyes never meant mine, and she seemed to hesitate each time she said a word. "Not so much the big stuff, but, enough so that La Push stays peaceful."

"I see, so it’s like their job?" I asked, looking at her, she didn’t look my way though, but stared at the blank screen of the television.

"In a way, they don’t get payed for it, but, they get everything free. For serving the community, the Elders pay for everything," she said. "This construction isn’t though, Sam had to get a job and we had to save for a long time, but we got it. Its more like on electricity, food, clothing, and stuff like that. The extra stuff comes out of our pocket."

"I see," I responded, looking down at my knees. It didn’t make sense, honestly, why are the Elders of the tribe doing this, when it didn’t sound like they are asked to. And from what I’d heard from the ever helpful nerds at Forks, the La Push teens didn’t need a police of any sorts, they’re completely responsible. To the point that most of them isolated themselves from the Forks teens, thinking of them as immature. Not to say they didn’t like to have fun, but merely they aren’t stupid.

A silence broke between us, she knew that I didn’t quite believe what she was saying, but at the same time, I got the hint that she wasn’t lying. It was almost as if she’s telling the truth, but skating around it, only giving me a tiny portion of what they were really doing.

"Oh my," she breathed, and I looked up, surprised by her sudden outburst.

"What?" I asked, looking for any disturbance, it’s not a spider is it?

"It’s nothing too bad, I just lost track of time," she said, and I looked at the clock, surprised that it read six already. "I haven’t got supper ready, and they’ll be back anytime."

"Do you need any help?" I asked, standing from the couch, I’m not a good cook, but I could help her with some of the smaller details.

"If you don’t mind," she said after awhile, the look on her face clearly stated she needed it, but hated asking.

"Ok, what can I do?" I questioned, looking at the many different cooking utensils, I really hoped I’d be a help rather than a hindrance.

"Well, first off, dice those carrots," she instructed, and we both set to work, racing around the small kitchen and hoping to get the dinner going before everyone got back.

We were just in the middle of adding the beef to the soup, or rather, Emily was, I was setting the table and removing the cooling cookies from it. She had learned quite quickly that me in the kitchen isn’t always the best thing, though she never complained. She laughed when I cut my finger and sent me to do safer things.

All six of the men entered the home, then, each one more intimidating than the last.

Instantly the house felt smaller, they were all just so big. Each one had to duck to enter through the door, and they all stopped to look at me. And me, being by the table, was the closet to them. I immediately felt my face flush and a handful of silverware fall to the floor.

Emily walked over, smiling, her mouth shutting tightly as she looked at me. I’m sure I was a sight at that moment, a deep blush staining my skin as spoons, forks, and knives littered the ground around me. I could practically feel the astonishment on my face.

"Don’t worry about it, we have plenty," Emily reassured, stooping to help me gather them as the men stood there and stared. "Well stop gawking and get out of the way."

I almost laughed, each one of the huge men immediately moved and the tension was released. It was amazing at how a small woman like Emily easily ordered them around.

"But don’t you move too much, not til you get dried off," Emily said, and then she drug me to the back where she kept her towels.

Handing them out, them men hastily retreated to the back to change, their footsteps silent despite their size.

"Don’t worry, they might seem scary, but they’re nothing but pushovers," she said, and I nodded, not believing her for one moment.

A few minutes later, as Emily and I’ve settled back into a routine of sorts, one of the men entered and quickly went to Emily’s side. I assumed he was Sam, since, well, he is kissing her and holding her, it’d be a little weird if it was one of the others. He was large, with broad shoulders and giant muscled arms. He had black hair, like all of them, cropped very short with hard brown eyes. To anyone else I’m sure, they would seem uncaring, but when he looked at his wife, the love could clearly be seen.

Turning away, I tried to ignore the pair, pretending to be busy with the plates, I felt like I was intruding, and I didn’t like it. I still had another half hour before my uncle might be ready, and I really didn’t want to go back outside in the cold air. So, I resigned myself to being uncomfortable.

"Sam, I want you to meet my new friend, Lyn Mallory," Emily announced, I was sure she could sense my uncomfortableness from before. "Lyn, this is Sam, my husband."

"Hi," I squeaked, and shook his hand, staring wide eyed up at him. A moment passed as he stared hard at my face, before smiling slightly and nodding his head.

"Its nice to meet you," he said, his voice was deep and soothing, my muscles relaxed and I truly smiled, happy that he wasn’t scary at all.

"Sam, could you get the spices, I couldn’t reach them, and Lyn would most likely drop them," she said, and I stuck out my tongue, I would not, I was only clumsy when put in the spotlight, or nervous.

"Would not," I denied, crossing my arms, and glaring at her laughing face.

"Oh really, that’s why most of my silverware are dirty now," she teased, and I scowled even more, grumbling under my breath.

"Shut up," I whined, turning from her, her laughter louder this time, and I smiled back, happy.

Two more men entered, both with the same black cropped hair, and lithe frames. They were shorter than Sam, the more aggressive looking one broader, more intimidating, while the smiling one, is lanky.

"Lyn, meet Jared," Emily said, pointing to the lanky one, "and Paul," this time, she directed my attention to the bulky one.

Both looked at me, Paul nodded his head and left the room, while Jared smiled and greeted me before walking off after his friend.

"Don’t mind them, they’re like that to everyone at first," she explained, completely ignoring her husband’s attempts to kiss her. "Go away, Sam."

I chuckled, amused by their play, Sam didn’t seem the least bit offended by Emily’s attempts to push him away, in fact, he only tried harder.

Lastly, three more came in, sporting their new clothes. The first one was shortest of the trio, but was strong and large. His face was friendly, a little reserved, but otherwise someone to feel comfortable around. A grin quickly spread across his face as he looked at Sam, it was almost impish, with a sparkle in his dark eyes.

The second one, who was middle in height, was lanky, and seemed more serious. His eyes held more sadness than the first one’s, almost as if he’d seen too much in his life.

And finally, the third one, Jacob Black. He was the tallest of the entire group, didn’t have the broadness of some of the others, nor was he lanky, but merely built in a very attractive way. He was the only one with long hair, tied at the nape of his neck. Like the second one, Jacob’s eyes held secrets, dark and brooding, yet seemed friendly all at the same time. He seemed like the mysterious one, the one that wouldn’t open up, the one that had seen more than most.

"Ok, more introductions," Emily said, and I jumped, blinking rapidly, swallowing as I realized I had been staring at them. "This one here, is Quil Ateara," indicating the first one, "this is Embry Call," the second one, "and of course, this huge guy, is Jacob Black."

"Everyone, this is Lyn Mallory, her uncle’s in charge of the construction," she said, beaming, she was clearly in a very good mood, even more so once they were all here.

"Its nice to meet you," Quil said, walking over and shaking my hand, I grinned back, returning the sentiment.

Quil sat down at the table, not too far away from where I was standing against the counter, ignoring the lovebirds.

"Annoying isn’t?" Embry said as he sat too, looking over at the couple and making funny faces, I laughed.

"Believe me, you get used to it," Quil returned, looking at the two before shrugging his shoulders, Jacob joined the table, but didn’t say anything. "So you’re the new girl everyone’s been talking about, huh?"

"I guess, I didn’t know I was that well known," I answered, I didn’t know that they knew of me in La Push, but then again, it was all small.

"Oh yeah, the freakishly tall girl from Tennessee," Embry teased, smiling as I scowled, I shrugged off the comment though, I knew he didn’t mean it badly.

"Don’t worry, we’re freaks too, have you seen us, you’re a midget compared to us," Quil said, gesturing towards his long legs.

"Especially to dear old Jake."

"Shut up," Jacob said, pushing his friend.

"Boys, will you behave?" Emily said, smiling though, Sam was once again trailing after her. "We do have company you know."

"Aw, but you never do anything special for us, why is she different?" Quil pouted, turning his eyes to the smirking woman.

"Because, you’re over here so much you might as well move in," she answered.

"Can I?" he asked, smirking.

"No," she replied, glaring. "And she’s new, and she actually helps, even if it all ends on the floor."

"That doesn’t happen all the time," I protested, stomping my foot, which caused everyone to laugh. Surprisingly, I felt secure in the environment, like everything’s okay, and no one’s there ridicule me.

"Well, if you say so," she said, but winked at the guys, I gave up, shrugging my shoulders and grinning. "Will you be staying for dinner?"

"Probably not, I need to change and see if my uncle’s ready," I replied, wishing that I didn’t have to leave so soon.

"I’ll help!" Quil shouted, which caused Emily to quickly hit him upside the head.

"Thanks, I think I can handle it," I replied, grabbing my clothes out of the dryer where Emily pointed and then went to the bathroom to change.

Slipping off Jacob’s and Emily’s clothes, I put on my own. It felt good to be back in them, more comfortable with myself. Turning off the light, I placed the clothes in the laundry room before returning to kitchen, where the men sat around the small table inhaling their food. Rolling my eyes, I went to the door, pulling on my converse shoes.

Emily followed, frowning at the noise and mess that the supper was being put through, but I could see she didn’t mind, not really.

"Will you be back tomorrow?" she asked, watching me as I slipped on my oversized hoodie.

"Yeah, I think I’m my uncle’s slave this weekend," I grumbled, pulling my hair out.

"Aw yes, the spider thing," she chuckled, shaking her head. "Well, as soon as he’s done with you, come over."

"I will," I said surprised, it was strange, having someone actually want my company, but it was a good strange.

"Okay, I’ll see you tomorrow then," she said, and I said a quick goodbye to her and the others, smiling the entire way.

Stepping outside, I walked over to where the workers were loading their trucks, not missing the giant cooler that I was responsible for. My uncle unlocked the car and let me slide it in, neither of us saying a word.

With one last look around, I slipped into the passenger seat, the grin never leaving my face. Even with the silent trip back to Forks, and the strange looks I was receiving, I was completely happy, no one could damper my mood.