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Edward will never forgive himself. The pain of his fatal miscaulculation eats at him. How could he have hurt her so?! Bella is torn and confused about everything that happened... Life is not easy. Jacob is trying to accept Bella's choice

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1. Forever

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The rain falls softly on her windowpane.

I sit,

And watch her sleep.

In the night,

She looks so helpless


But sometimes,

Yes sometimes,

There is a smile.

My favorite smile of her’s

That lights up her face.

The one when she says my name.


She says,

She’s fine.

That everything’s alright.

But I know,

It kills her inside.


I’m faced with the damage I made.

A hurt,

That can’t be erased.


When she thinks I’m not watching.

Yes sometimes,

When I know

I have to leave her.

I see

The look that makes me

Wish I could die.

If only the stake in the heart would end it.

End the agony,

I know I deserve.

The miserable monster.

I am.

The agony

In her eyes

Tears at me.

I know,

The last thing she wants,

Is for me

To feel guilty.

Of the mistake.

The thing.

That will never go away.

It’s a stain upon her heart,

I knew I was wrong for her from the start.

And everyday I regret the choices I made!

By getting so close,

I tore her apart!


I’m faced with the damage I made,

A hurt that can’t be erased.

But the forgiveness,

Is the stake to my heart.

I must not even have one,

The way I hurt her so.

She doesn’t deserve me.

One without a heart


One that will die

And leave her.


She doesn’t deserve me.

I wish.

I could leave her.


Without a care,

In the world,

Jacob would have loved her

And cared for her.

And she would be stitched.

And her heart would be whole.