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Edward will never forgive himself. The pain of his fatal miscaulculation eats at him. How could he have hurt her so?! Bella is torn and confused about everything that happened... Life is not easy. Jacob is trying to accept Bella's choice

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2. Running

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Don't you wish you could just run?

Run and never stop.

So cliche it seems,

But so true.

Well me.

I can run, for miles on end.

Feel the wind,

Feel the roar,

The thrill of it,

Strirring my....


My fur not my hair.

Because I can't control it.

I can't control this monster inside of me.

Threatening to take me over.

When I...

When I NEED to run...

The monster.

Takes over.

I can't stop.

The shaking,

Like I'm on a drug.

But not like any drug you've seen.

This is the disease,

The addiction my body has

To what it can't get,

What it can't recieve.

The curtain of her hair blots out any light.

I can't see.

I can't stop.

The fur rips out along my back.

I'm human no more.

When I need to run,

The monster takes over.

When I need to run

The monster takes over.

I am human no more.

I am me no more.

When I need to run.........