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Taking a Hiatus on this storyangst banner made by meSequel to my much anticipated story:::"Interference"!! Bella and Edward's wedding has arrived, and Edward has just escaped a near death with the evil Siren -Penny-. But when a new member of the Cullen family betrays them and wants revenge for something one of the Cullens did long ago, their love and life once again is put to the test.


1. Mysterious Murder

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Edward chuckled next to me at my expression. I hated it when everything anyone talked about around here was the fight between Penny and I,which was about two weeks ago. I hated when a simple and innocent conversation turned into me kicking Penny's but.

I mostly hated the conversation starting because everytime someone brought it up, two of us would always start fighting. Like the last last time someone brought it up Emmett and Edward nearly sliced each others throats; Edward mentioned accused Emmett of not being a good brother and helping him out when he needed him. The first time we mentioned it Jasper and Rosalie almost strangled each other; Rosalie made fun of Jasper getting into the trance also and that ticked Jasper off.

We were talking about Emmett throwing a deer during hunting when Emmett mentioned, "That kinda sound like when Bella threw Penny around with her power.

I grimaced, "Can we stop talking about this?" I groaned. It's bad enough, actually being there, and now you guys keep taking about it, I added in my head.

Emmett chuckled, "Why Bells? Its sounds awesome!" I rolled my eyes at him, he wasn't there to decide how awesome it was.

"How would you know, you weren't there!" Alice said coming into the room, looking as annoyed as me.

Great! Now someone will get into a fight no doubt about it.

"Well, I do have something to say about Penny," Alice said, "Look what's on the paper today." She threw me the newspaper, I caught it looking at the front page.

"So what a concert is coming here in two weeks." I said with another grimace, I didn't like the band very much.

Alice rolled her eyes, "At the bottom." She said.

My eyes followed to the bottom of the page. There was a heading that stated, "MYSTERIOUS MURDER," I had a clue of what it was and read the paper. I lifted my eyebrows as soon as I was done.

"They found out about Penny and her puppet's death yesterday, a local was walking around the beach when he smelled a mysterious odor and he saw flies and some birds surrounding a spot in the middle of the lake. He went to check it out and found a 'hand', torn and bloody,." I said throwing the paper toward Edward.

I grimaced as the image of Penny all broken and bloody and half eaten by birds and fish in the lake.

"Oh please, are you guys talking about Penny again?" Rosalie said appearing in the sitting room with a glare.

"Yes." Alice said coldly. "Not that you would care because you didn't bother to show up!" Alice spat.

Rosalie growled, "Oh don't bring that up again, you wouldn't have gone either if you didn't see that vision!" Rosalie interjected folding her hands on her chest preparing for an argument.

"But I did! And so did Jasper!" Alice said nearly screaming, she had been pretty sensitive since the fight, we had all been affected in some ways; Edward had been pleasantly happy all the time, enjoying every minute of life, I had been having trouble with my powers since, but I managed to control them better, and Jasper had mood swings every now and then.

"Oh yeah and he got caught in the trance!"

"At least he showed up and we showed more courage then either of you!"

"STOP!" I yelled. My head throbbing, and I could feel my powers getting out of control again.

They ceased at once both of the pouting and falling slump into a chair.

"Please guys are we going to fight all the time either of you bring up the subject again?" I said bored and flipping through the newspaper with Edward. "Besides there are more pressing matters going on, Penny's subject is over!" I said looking up to both of them, looking at each of their glaring eyes.

"Bella's right." Jasper sighed, I knew he couldn't take the tension between the feuding sisters.

"I have to get some things planned for the wedding," I said getting up, "Oh that reminds me, I have the tuxedos that my best men are going to wear!"

I walked toward the hall into the stuffed closet and pulled out two tuxedos; one for Jasper and one for Emmett.

"Here." I said handing one to each of them.

Emmett took his out the fastest and gasped in horror, "Dude...that's...." He shuddered.

"PINK!" Rosalie said with a grin. Emmett shuddered again.

"I thinks its nice," Jasper said, "I think pink would look great with your skin Emmett." Jasper teased.

"Oh stop kissing up!" Emmett said, Rosalie rolled her eyes and placed the vest on Emmett. "Hey never mind, pink actually does look good on me!" He said, "Thanks Bella." He said getting up and giving me a hug that should have crushed me if I was still human.

"No prob." I said pleased that Emmett seemed happy.

Alice then froze next to Jasper, her stare blank and far away, I moved to her side, as well as everyone else in the room.

She then gasped and regained her mind, "Uh...I know we don't need any more trouble but...some one's coming." She said her voice sheepishly.

"What? Who? When?" I asked like an idiot.

Alice sighed,"Some one's coming today, I don't know who though, I know its a girl -she seems lost- traveler, probably a vampire also, I couldn't tell though, for your last question...5 minutes."

"Do you think she's a threat?" I asked standing up, "Why else would you have a vision about her right?"

"I don't think so, I think just because she's approaching the house I might have caught a vision of her, all she seems is worried and lost." Alice said cocking her head to the side. Then she shrugged.

"Hmm..." Edward said, "Alice is right she just seemed worried, shes close a couple of miles away running, I can get her thoughts." He explained. I nodded.

Emmett came in back of me, I was so focused he made me jump making me accidentally fly a vase across the room, "Emmett don't sneak up on me, I've been jumpy these days, my powers are out of control." I said picking up the broken glass.

"Sorry Bella, I was just going to say that the girl made it here faster than five minutes." He said in hushed tone pointing outside to the driveway.

We all turned outside, the girl was standing outside looking in awe at all the cars in the driveway.She looked savage though, there was no way that she could be any good, Edward must be wrong. I looked around and then found her eyes and froze in place, my family noticed the eyes also and cringed.

They were red.

Alice chimed into the silence, "Should we go greet her?" She asked in a wary voice.

I cringed, I wasn't in any mood to talk to any one new.