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Taking a Hiatus on this storyangst banner made by meSequel to my much anticipated story:::"Interference"!! Bella and Edward's wedding has arrived, and Edward has just escaped a near death with the evil Siren -Penny-. But when a new member of the Cullen family betrays them and wants revenge for something one of the Cullens did long ago, their love and life once again is put to the test.


3. My sad, sad, life

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My sad, sad, life

By: Twilight's Charm

I giggled and snorted as Edward winked again mentioning yet another very expensive car. He had gone down the alphabetical list of cars and he now reached the "Volkswagen". I sighed and got out of the car and started walking -at human pace- into the house. Edward continued chatting along telling me every detail of the car.

I ignored him the best I could and opened the door into the house, I sniffed the air and froze, Kendra was still here. I walked into the living room where everyone was sitting on the leather couches casually.

Alice looked at me with a worrisome expression, she got up and headed towards me, she tugged me into the kitchen and closed the slider doors shut. She leaned onto he doors and sighed, "I don't trust her,but Carlisle is very impressed with her, knowing that she is only a couple of months and has learned to hunt animals instead of humans like him. I don't know what the big deal is, I learned by myself too." She said pouting, her eyes turning a shade darker.

I smiled, "Alice you are most important to any of us then Kendra, Carlisle might just be happy to know other vampires are heading in the good direction." I suggested, Alice seemed to relax with that.

"I still don't trust her, she seems too, too, nice and sweet and caring and blah!" She shivered, "though, there are no bad visions coming, for now at least. Bella...can you talk to her?" Alice asked, her eyes returning to gold, "We have all talked to her and feel something bad about her, I would tell Edward but I already saw hims saying 'no, I don't want a vampire trying to take me away from Bella, Penny was bad enough!'" She mimicked his voice perfectly it made me giggle.

I shrugged, "OK, Alice, I'll talk to her. Just for you...though I can't say, I'm very good, I fall to easily."

"Edward will be outside, he just doesn't want to talk to her, but listening in on her thoughts is fine with him. Ask her anything that pops into your head, her past -she didn't want to answer that for us, so I need to know-, what family she came form. Anything." Alice pushed me out and into the living room.

Edward leaned casually against the doorway, he kissed me as I came into the door way of the living room. I walked into -the now empty room- and sat down next to Kendra who was sitting on the couch looking down to her lap.

Edward winked at me and pretended to exit the room, I lifted my hands, swayed it lightly and closed the door. Kendra didn't seem to notice my power, she just kept looking down at her lap, frowning slightly, half of her face covered by her light brown hair.

"Hello, Kendra, remember me? Bella." I said stretching out my hand like before.

She smiled and took it and gave it a shake. "Hi, Bella, had fun...er...doing wedding stuff?"

I nodded, and immediately jumped into my task, "How old are you Kendra?" I asked.

"I am 19." She answered sadly.

I cocked my head, "What's wrong?"

"Oh, nothing, really. It's just my birthday was going to be in four months...and I was finally going to be together with my mom and dad." She sighed sadly, "And then this happened."

I furrowed my eyebrows, she seemed to be telling the truth, but I didn't want to fall for any pity stories any more, "Where are you from?" I asked her.

She sat up, "not far from here, really, just up those mountains, its a small city, everyone knows everyone," She said, I smirked, the place reminded me of Forks, "everyone knows every one's secrets." She added sadly.

"What do you mean by that?" I asked curiously, I hoped it was something of her past.

"Nothing ,just my life was rough as I was growing up." Kendra lifted the side of her lips, trying to smile but the smile faded and she didn't continue to fake it. She frowned looking down to the floor sadly.

"Can I know?" I asked.

She looked up at me, looked me straight in the eye -her red eyes burning into mine- then she looked down again and nodded. She seemed to trust me, "I was born from a Mexican/American family my mother was Mexican and my father; American. My mother was working as a maid in my father's home, and my father fell in love with her...and you can guess the rest.When I was born my father and mother went into bankruptcy, since my sisters, Laura and Jacqueline, were both eighteen they went off to look for jobs, but they ended up going to college -which is better- but they didn't have a good job, so my mother had to start working.

"My mother and father were never home, well until hey came until eleven o' clock at night. I was left alone with the butler or gardener my father had -my town was a small town but a lot of rich people live there. So I never really got to know my parents, every night I remember they would come drunk and all cheerful, and in the morning when it was time for school they would be passed out onto he floor of their bedroom. So I was taken to school by m grandma. As I came home from school one day - I was six- and my parents had the day off that day, I heard them fighting and yelling at each other.

"I ran into the house and I saw my father raising a vase at my mother, I yelped and he looked at me, terrified and smashed the vase to the floor and got out of the house, that was the last time I saw him -until a couple of months ago. Since my father left my mother, my mother had to work twice as hard, so she got a double job, working on weekends too. I was cared for by a nanny who was incredibly mean, she made me do house labor everyday." Kendra murmured something in Spanish that I caught, "Pinche vieja, la hubiera matado." I would have to ask Edward what that meant. "She was vile and cruel, she hit me everyday. Of course i didn't want to trouble my mother so I never told her.

"Once I got to the age of thirteen, I was beginning to stand up for myself, at school everyone would pick on me, saying that my father was a no good drug dealer and that my mother was a prostitute. Kids at school jumped me and beat me, usually I got home with a black eye just to be treated like shit by my nanny when I got home. I was an outsider, and loner, and home made me more alone then anywhere in the world."

Kendra shuddered, "My life was rotten, I tried suicide several times before I got turned into this. I didn't have a good life in my human years, people took advantage of me because of my 'beauty'-considering I was one of the youngest who 'developed' in the town- and I got raped." Kendra sniffled the last word.

My jaw dropped and a gasped out loud. My thoughts trailed back to the day something like that happened to me at Port Angeles, luckily Edward got there to save me, but Kendra had no one.

"I got raped by the 'hot-shot' of the school." She mumbled, she sounded disgusted and once again she mumbled something in Spanish, "Hijo de su..." She growled, "Rumors spread and people called me a slut and a whore everyday, until one day I decided it was enough and I never returned to school."

"A couple of months ago my mother got her life in order, because I helped and my father called me telling me he wanted to meet me, I was excited that he was going to be here for my birthday but then I went hiking up in the woods by myself -hiding away from other lousy boys- and ran into a vampire, he bit me, out of nowhere and I got turned into this." Kendra, sighed, her body shaking, "Can I be alone please?"

I nodded and got up, my body felt numb and my mouth was still hanging open. I closed the door and Edward was sitting on the floor looking petrified, his eyes were wide and his mouth was clenched, his hands were in fists.

"That poor, girl." He whispered, "everything she said was true," he whispered, and shivered. I shivered knowing he saw everything that went in Kendra's head. "She did hesitate on some things but I would understand."

"I'm sorry for making you go through that, Edward." I whispered and hugged him.

"It's fine, but just every detail of her thoughts went into me, its enough to torment anyone."

Alice came down her eyes dark, "Bella, I just had a vision, of Kendra, she was screaming 'no, Bella, no, I'm sorry, forgive me!' Then she died, I'm not sure who killed her but it looked like one of us." Alice frowned, "What would she be sorry about and why would we kill her?" Alice asked, I was too in shock of Kendra's past and didn't answer, "We can't trust her."