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Taking a Hiatus on this storyangst banner made by meSequel to my much anticipated story:::"Interference"!! Bella and Edward's wedding has arrived, and Edward has just escaped a near death with the evil Siren -Penny-. But when a new member of the Cullen family betrays them and wants revenge for something one of the Cullens did long ago, their love and life once again is put to the test.


4. The Wedding

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2 weeks later

"Oh my gosh Bella you look fantastic!" Alice said clapping her hands to her face, looking on the verge of tears.

"Bella you are going to blow the mind off Edward when he sees you!" Rosalie agreed looking at me in awe.

"I agree, Bella you look wonderful, I am so proud of you!" Esme said hugging me, sobbing.

"It's okay Esme, thank you." I said nervously. The wedding was a couple of hours away, and all the girls were helping get ready; make-up, hair, nails, dress, the 'essentials'..

"Gorgeous, Bella." Kendra said sighing happily.

Kendra has been an addition to the Cullen household. She has been great on resisting human blood and Carlisle is very amazed. Kendra and I have become really close and the good thing is she hasn't tried to kill us yet.

"Thank you for helping me." I said to each of them.

"Well go on look at yourself," Alice said nearly jumping with happiness.

I sighed and nodded, my stomach was in knots. Only a couple of hours away before Edward and I got married. He was the love of my life and I had been waiting for this day for a long time. The binding of our love was being formed today; in front of all my family and his. I wondered how Edward must be feeling. I felt like I was about to faint.

I turned slowly toward the mirror wondering whether I would like what I saw through there. I lifted my eyes to see myself and gasped, I couldn't believe that the person I saw in the mirror was actually me!She was too pretty, and her body had curves I couldn't have had. Her face had gentle make-up, enough to make her look different, to make her features softer and more vibrant. Her wavy brown hair was pulled up with some strains of hair flowing gently down to her shoulders, beautiful pins holding the strands. Her full lips had a gentle pink tint to them, her brown eyes had a twinkle in her eyes. Her long lashes seeming to pop out of her face, making an elegant curl.

I gaped at the beautiful strapless satin gown, it had a sparkle tulle gown with sweetheart neckline and flowers beading throughout the body of the torso, the corset making my body into a curve rather than a straight line, that I usually had. The satin over skirt has gathering at the center front and center back with flowers over layers of tulle, at every inch, at the bottom of the dress, there were white diamonds embedded. The beautiful train flowing gently down my middle back into the floor, trailing eight feel long.

I sighed and felt like crying, if that was possible.

Esme exited the room to go change, she gave me one more hug before disappearing out the door.

"Bella, oh I cant believe its today!" Alice said excitedly.

I nodded I couldn't form any words.

"I think I know what Bella is looking forward to the most after her marriage!"

"Her honeymoon?" Alice asked cocking her head. "Wait are you having a honeymoon?"

"Yeah I'm having a honey moon." I said putting my hands on my stomach; which was churning.

"No I don't mean her honeymoon! I know that Edward has been saving his virtue for this!" Rosalie said with a wink.

If I were still human I could have blushed frantically.

"Oh! Edward is still a-"

I cut Alice off before she finished the sentence, "Yes, to answer your hanging question." I said looking at my hands instead of her face.

"Ooooh." Kendra said. Her face fell slightly.

"What's wrong?" I asked her.

"Oh its nothing Bella don't make me ruin your day." She said, I looked deep into her crimson eyes, she rolled her eyes, "OK, its just nice to see two people in love, I was alone, my parents died, and they were the only love I ever had, in all my eighteen years. And then I become this and now there is no way for me to find love." She said shrugging it off like it was no big deal. I smiled kindly to her, I knew that her life was rotten and that once she was changed into a vampire, her mother, from the shock of her supposedly dead daughter, passed away, and her father got murdered on the way back to meet Kendra.

"Don't say that, you will, Bella found love and so did we." Alice said. Kendra smiled slightly. "Any way, Bella don't change the subject!" Alice said making me feel embarrassed again.

"What?" I asked annoyed.

She giggled, "OK, I'm done, I was just curious of what Rose said."

"We'll leave you here, we need to prepare and there is no way you get out of this room, we cant risk Edward seeing you before the wedding!" Rosalie said getting up and exiting the room.

"Then don't think about how I look!" I called to her.

"That's going to be a little hard, but I'll try!" Rosalie called out.

"Oh shoot. It is going to be hard not to think about you when Edward will surely be focusing on our heads." Alice said pausing at the door.

"You'll manage." I said. She nodded and exited out the door after Rosalie followed by Kendra.

I sighed when they got out the door and went over to the window looking out into the forest. Edward went hunting with Emmett and he should be arriving soon.

I laid down on the love seat and sighed, closing my eyes, waiting for the moment I heard the wedding march play.

"Do you Edward Anthony Masen Cullen," I heard Alice and Rosalie giggle when they heard Carlisle say Edward's full name but Edward was looking at me in awe to bother correcting him, "take Isabella Marie Swan to be you wife?" Carlisle asked; he played priest today.

Edward didn't hesitate, he took a swift look at e, smiled and answered in his smooth velvety voice, "I do, forever." He said, still smiling looking deep into my eyes.

"Do you Isabella Marie Swan take Edward Anthony Masen Cullen to be you husband?"

I looked quickly around the backyard, where the wedding took place. I saw Charlie having tears in his eyes, Renee sniffling into a handkerchief clutching into Phil's hand, Alice smiling her eyes dancing with happiness. Esme sighing with happiness, Rosalie leaning her head on Emmett's shoulder, Emmett looking happy with a huge grin on his face, and Jasper looking tranquil, and Kendra smliling encouragingly.

I looked back at Edward, "I do, always and forever." I said.

Edward smile grew bigger.

"I pronounce you husband and wife, Edward you may kiss your wife." Carlisle said.

Edward didn't hesitate on that either, he bent down picked me up from the floor and kissed me gently on my lips, the sun hit on that moment and I knew our skin -along with the rest of the Cullens- would be shining, making the moment even more magical.

I heard Renee and Charlie gasp to our shining skin.

Edwards lips parted from mine, he chuckled slightly. I opened my eyes slowly, Edward's radiant face shining in front of me, looking more like a Greek god than ever -in my eyes- smiling happily at me.

I looked around the backyard seeing tears flowing, smiles, and hearing sobs, from many people. Everyone stood up and clapped for us, I tried not to trip over my high heels on the way down the altar and down the isle once again, luckily Edward had me.

I looked up to his golden eyes, they were the brightest and softest I had ever seen them, I knew I made him happy. I was happy too, finally being together forever with my one love.

"Ready for our honey moon?" He asked, he stopped shining and I noticed the sun hide behind the clouds once again.

I sighed happily and nodded, "Yes." I got to my toes and kissed him one more time.