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Forever and a Day

Told from Edward's POV: A year after Edward returns to Forks, Mike, Alice, Edward, and Bella are attending the local college. Situations arise that could change Edward's existence. Will a new comer threaten everything he holds dear, even his own life? DISCLAIMER: All characters are owned by Stephenie Meyer, not me

it might be more appropriate for this story to be in the horror category, but i dont know...hope you enjoy it!

2. Pistol

Rating 4.5/5   Word Count 1088   Review this Chapter

Jensen is waiting at the store. He has a .45 pistol in his Mike’s tuxedo’s inside pocket. Well now, it looks like little Edward is punctual. Isn’t that nice. I feel my lips curl over my teeth. Now, is that really necessary? We wouldn’t want Miss Swan to get hurt, would we?

“Don’t you dare say her name,” I snarl.

I wasn’t aware that I said anything.

I see an image in his mind of Bella tied to a chair, bleeding, with his pistol at her head. He smiles.

“Isn’t it nice that she doesn’t have to be involved now?”

I just glare at him, gritting my teeth. It takes everything in me to keep myself from leaping at him right here, right now.

“What do you want with me?” I ask.

“Oh, just your girlfriend…” he smirks, “Or your family.”

This confuses me: who is this guy? And why does he want my life? “Who are you? Why do you want my life?” I growl.

“Haha! Edward you are such a fool; you are such a lucky man, but I do believe you had some difficulties with your, heh, ‘vegetarian’ life. Am I wrong, Edward?”

I just stand there, glaring at him. How should he know about the year I spent away from Carlisle, hunting men? Oh I know more about you than you think, Edward. For example, I’ve visited your meadow. I know what happened there when you took Bella there for the first time. I know how she caressed your skin with her fingertips, how her closeness caused you to run. I know how her heart beats when you touch her, how –

“You bastard. What did she do to you? Huh? Tell me, Jensen, what the hell did Bella do to you?” I growl.

“Isn’t that a little harsh, Edward? I mean, does Bella appreciate your language? And what of your family, Edward? Do they? Does Alice like how you spend more time with Bella then her? Does Carlisle enjoy seeing you ignoring the family just to spend time with Bella in the meadow? And Esme isn’t she prone to suicide? Do you want to force her to jump of another cliff?”

“How do you know about me? How do you know about my family?”

“Edward, Edward! Didn’t you know? You and your family are famous in the vampire realm. People talk about you all the time! Personally, I find you to be the most fascinating character though; weren’t you the black sheep of the family? Before you met Bella, I mean. Although, meeting Bella may have made you more of a black sheep than you were before! Imagine that.” His smirk grows more pronounced the more he talks about my life.

“What do you want me to do? Hand you my life on a silver platter?”

“In fact I do, Edward.” As he says this, Mike’s body begins to shiver and blur. It takes on the characteristics of a vampire; he has pale skin, a perfect, sculpted, body, and blood red eyes. A leather jacket and ripped jeans hide his skin. His blackened hair blows in the wind. He takes a step towards me.

“Edward, if you had to make a choice, who would you spend the rest of your existence with: Bella or your family? You see, I’ll give you that choice. Pick the one you want most, and I’ll gladly take the other.”

A feral snarl rips from my chest and I attack him. Some how, I end up on the exterior wall of the store. Nothing is holding me there, it’s like he is using some sort of power to keep me on the wall. I snarl again. He wipes the corner of his mouth with the sleeve of his leather jacket.

“Edward, we wouldn’t want to get Bella hurt now, would we?” he says, his eyes glowing at the thought of killing my love.

Edward, I’m offering you a choice: Bella or your family. Which is it? If you don’t decide, I will.

“Get me off this damn wall, bastard. Then you can have your frickin answer.”

“Ah, remember now, I get to call the shots, not you.” He pulls out the gun from his leather jacket.

You wouldn’t want one of these silver bullets embedded in your skull, do you? Or in Alice? Carlisle maybe?

My snarl echoes through the town. It’s a good thing the public is in the gymnasium today. Jensen walks over to me. He holds the gun at my head.

“This is the last time, Edward. Who do you want?”

I hear in his mind that he’s not going to kill me. He plans to hurt me severely, and then return to the banquet as me. Suddenly, my granite body feels weak, human almost. He hits my face with the gun, and instead of breaking the gun, my nose bleeds. I groan. He beats me more, and then releases me from the wall. I collapse onto the ground, broken.

Good-bye, Edward. Isn’t it nice to feel a little humanity after one hundred years? You never knew the full extent of my powers; I can make vampires feel like humans, and I can inflict wounds on them with objects that would merely shatter if they hit me. That’s what is so beautiful about this situation, Edward. You and Alice never saw it coming. Now it’s too late. She won’t be able to tell the difference between you and I; Bella will spend an eternity with me, while you rot in Forks. Yes, I’m taking your family away. Far away, so far you won’t be able to even get a whisper of what they’re thinking. You won’t smell Bella’s aroma anymore. I get the bouquet all to myself. And, after a month or two, I’ll change her. I’ll make it extra painful, too. You may even feel some of that pain, if you two are as connected as you think you is.

He kicks me several more times, and beats my face with the gun again. Everything threatens to go black, but I fight it. I can’t let him take my family, my Bella, away from me. I try to get up, but I can’t. Jensen laughs.

“Good-bye, Edward. I hope hell is all it’s supposed to be.” I hear a gun shot, and pain immediately shoots up my legs. My vision clouds over, and everything is dark. I love you, Bella. I’m sorry…