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Forever and a Day

Told from Edward's POV: A year after Edward returns to Forks, Mike, Alice, Edward, and Bella are attending the local college. Situations arise that could change Edward's existence. Will a new comer threaten everything he holds dear, even his own life? DISCLAIMER: All characters are owned by Stephenie Meyer, not me

it might be more appropriate for this story to be in the horror category, but i dont know...hope you enjoy it!

3. Demon

Rating 4.5/5   Word Count 1154   Review this Chapter

Bella is getting worried; where is Edward? Why isn’t he back yet? “Alice?”

“Yes, Bella?”

“Can you see if Edward is all right?”

“You can see for yourself, he’s standing right behind you.” Bella turns to see Edward. A huge grin is on his face.

“Where have you been?”

“I told you, I had some business to take care of. Plus, I had to get you this.” Edward opens a small box with a slip of paper and a pair of diamond earrings. The paper reads: An Eternity Together. Bella immediately understands, and gives Edward a tight hug.

“I never thought you’d change your mind!”

“It was simply a change of mind, dearest Bella. Simply a change of mind.”

The pain shooting through my body reminded me of the day I was changed. I groan again. It has grown dark; the sky is black as pitch. Bella, Bella where are you? I cry, but I know no one will hear it. I don’t know what’s happening to me. I want this pain to stop; I want to hear Bella’s voice in my ear, telling me she loves me. I miss Carlisle and Esme. I never, even in my wildest nightmares, expected this to be how it would end. I hoped I would have to go to the Volturi, beg them to kill me like I did last year. I expected Bella to age into a beautiful wife; I expected to hear her fret about how people would think I was her grandson not her husband. But I never expected to die lying on the ground in Forks from a gunshot wound, never to see or hear Bella again. Bella, Bella I love you! Please, don’t believe the man you think is me! Bella he’s not me! I hear footfalls coming close. I hear voices; the sweetest voice I have ever heard is one of them. Then I hear my voice. Jensen, I snarl inwardly.

“No, no, Bella let’s go back to my house.”

“No, silly, let’s go this way…”

“Bella. We are not going this way. Let’s just go back to my house, I….I have something for you there.”

“Edward, come on! Let go of me, ah!!”

I hear Bella’s scream, and it rips a hole through my chest. I hear her trying to run, and I hear Jensen telling her to stop. How could I let this happen? The pain in my body flairs sickeningly. I groan louder.

“Edward…stop!! Someone’s hurt, let go of me!!”

I hear his mind; he’s grabbing onto whatever part of her he can, she keeps moving to try and get away. Filthy wench. Maybe I won’t change her after all. I could kill her, but I’d rather not do that just yet…hmmm…

As he ponders what to do, Bella slips out of his grip. She runs quickly, and I hear her foot steps growing closer. In his mind, Jensen hasn’t quite realized what’s happened. I have a short window of opportunity to get up and move to her. I need to protect her from the monster.

“Bella!!” I cry, “Bella, hurry!!” I try to disguise my voice, so she won’t know it’s me. Jensen’s realized what’s happening, and he runs to catch her. I see Bella, and her face lifts the weight off my chest. She looks behind her, and doesn’t see me, a.k.a. Jensen.

“What the--”

“Hello there,” I hear Jensen say, “where do you think your going?”

“Edward,” she says warily. I can see that she is unsure. “Edward someone is hurt. They might need medical attention.”

“You could just call someone, and they could handle it….you don’t need to be the one to find him.”

“Edward, I can’t just call if I’m not sure something’s wrong.”

She pushes him aside, and Jensen is confused. He isn’t sure if he wants to kill her or not. I try to lift myself off of the ground, but I am too weak.

“Bella, please, come back. I love you Bella, please. What if that man is sick, or if he’s dangerous? Bella…” Jensen pleads. Bella keeps walking. The moon comes out from behind a cloud and shines on my face. I look away, suddenly ashamed. I don’t want her to see me like this.

“Bella…” I whisper. I look up slightly. My head is resting on the rough ground, and I feel the scratches on it. The pain is lessening, I notice. When she sees my face, she gasps.

“If he’s…but you’re….”

“Bella, listen to me. The man you’re with is dangerous, you need to get out of here. Now.”

“But he’s you…you’re him…how…?”

“Hello there, Edward. How does it feel, being weak, being human?”

“What the hell is going on here? Oh my God…” my love says when she sees Jensen turning into himself. I lift my arm to touch her skin.

“Bella, Bella, get behind me.”

“But Edward, your...your bleeding…what’s going on here?”

“Bella, I’ll explain late--”

“Haha HA!! You two make such a cute couple. A vampire and a human. Ha! Imagine that. Oh, Bella?”

My Bella looks at Jensen, “What do you want, what have you done!”

“Ha, Bella, I’m doing you a favor. I’m going to kill your Edward so you can have a normal life! You can marry that filthy werewolf you like so much, yes I know about that, too, Edward, and you can die at a ripe old age like a normal female would. Isn’t that great?”

I growl weakly. “Jensen, you won’t get away with this. Alice, Carlisle, Emmet, they’ll all hunt you down.”

“No, Edward, they won’t. They think I’m you, and I’ll just tell them some story about Bella’s death…hit and run…whatever works.” His teeth glowed in the moonlight. I see the gun in his pocket, and I nudge Bella’s arm. She sees it too. As he leans forward to bite her, she reaches for the gun and fires it. He howls in agony. She shot him directly in the chest. He falls to the ground, dead. She puts the gun down to look at me.

“Bella….oh my Bella….” I whisper. She rests herself against me. I kiss her weakly on the cheek.

“What happened to you?” she asks, crying.

“Bella, Bella everything’s alright, there’s no reason to cry.” I wipe the tears off her cheeks. She rests her head against mine.

“I love you, Isabella Marie Swan. No matter what happens now, know that.”

“I won’t let anything happen to you Edward. I love you, too.”

I feel my body weaken even more. My breathing becomes more difficult.

“Edward?” she asks nervously. “Edward are you ok??”

“Bella…” I manage, “Bella…”

“Edward, no…no, Edward you can’t leave me!” she sobs. I feel my chest tightening; everything in my vision becomes blurry and dark.

“Bella, what happened?” I hear Carlisle ask nervously.

“I don’t know Carlisle. Can’t you do something?!” my beloved sobs. “Edward, Edward I love you. Please don’t leave me, I need you, Edward. I love you….” These are the last words I hear before everything goes dark.