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Undying Devotion

When Bella almost loses her life on her wedding day, how will Edward cope? Will he choose to damn her to an eternity in hell? Or will he finally let her go in peace?

I do not own any of the characters in this story. I merely borrowing them.

1. Softest Sin

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The day was as cloudy and overcast as ever over the little town called Forks, but to them, it was filled with nothing but purest light. Church bells rang out in the distance, a bright tune which contrasted nicely with the dark weather.

In a small room, off to the right of the church, a young girl paced, her chocolate brown hair piled on top of her head as a gorgeous blond kept fussing at her to hold still.

A smaller girl, her black hair gleaming in the overhead lights, tried to calm the girl as well, for she knew, instinctively, that there was nothing to fear about this day. All would go as it should.

"Bella, if you don’t hold still I swear I’m going to stick this pin into your arm!" Rosalie screeched as she tried, again, for the seventh time to try and pin up some loose fabric on the wedding dress.

"I’m sorry Rose, but something just isn’t right, I can feel it, deep down." Bella, the blushing bride, sobbed as she finally stopped her incessant pacing and settle to chewing on her thumb nail.

"Sweetie, if anything were going to happen...I would know by now." The smaller girl, Alice, said lightly as she tapped her right temple softly.

The girls all laughed at that, softly of course, and Bella finally relaxed enough to hold still so that Rose could finish fitting her dress and Alice could finish putting the flowers in her hair.

"Are we ready ladies?" A cheerful voice rang out from the door as the three girls changed.

"Hey dad. Yeah, we’re ready." Bella smiled up at her father as he came over to her and kissed her gently on the cheek.

"I’m really proud of you Bells. Edward is a nice boy. He’s tad pale for my liking, but I’m sure he’ll brighten up when he sees you. You look every bit as beautiful as your mother did on our wedding day." With this Bella blushed and linked her arm in Charlie’s as Rose and Alice rushed past them.

The tiny wedding chapel was trussed to the nines, Alice, once again, had out done herself. Bella didn’t mind though, you only got married once after all. Then again Rosalie and Emmet had been married over a dozen times, but Bella treasured it more than that.

She was hesitant at first, not wanting to fall into the same pattern as her mother and father, but she loved Edward. She would go to hell and back for him and she had already done so before, a few times actually. He was for her and only her, she knew that now and she was prepared to change everything, for him.

The hall really was very beautiful. Alice had kept to a theme centering around lilies, Bella’s favorite flower, and soft tones, but nothing white so that the Cullen’s and their guests would not stand out to the mere humans sitting on the other side of the pews.

Softly the lullaby Edward had written for Bella played in the background, although the woman playing it wasn’t doing it any justice, but it was a nice sentiment all the same.

Both Alice and Rose were dressed in lovely shades of warm Burgundy, which offset their skin tone quite nicely. Edward, Jasper, and Emmet were all dressed in coattails, all three devastatingly handsome with each passing breath.

"I love you Bells." Charlie whispered as the doors creaked open to their full and he took a step forward.

"I love you too, dad." She breathed softly, her voice catching in her throat as she caught sight of Edward; her Edward.

The walk down the aisle didn’t take nearly as long as Bella had thought it would of and before she knew it, her father had lifted her veil, kissed her cheek and taken his seat on the left of Renee.

She inhaled deeply, her eyes focusing in on the only ones that she was meant to see. His warm topaz eyes melted her own chocolate brown ones as the vows began.

She knew she was ready, she always had been. He was her rock, both literally and metaphorically and she loved every bit of him.

"Edward. Would like to now recite the vows which you have chosen to read a loud?" The pastor asked and Bella saw Edward inhale, even though she knew he didn’t really need to.

"Bella, I have loved you since the moment I laid eyes on you. I knew, then, that I was complete, whole to the point where I felt like I needed nothing but you. Air, food, sleep...I no longer needed, it was you, only you, which would allow me to survive. I know, now, that waking up to you every day, would make even the dullest of mornings bright. Holding you through the dark hours, the only stars I can see, are the ones in your eyes." If Edward had the ability to cry, he would be sobbing at that moment and Bella knew it.

"So, would you please, join me and keep my life whole for as long as we both remain on this Earth? Will you, Isabella Swan, be my loving wife, forever and always?" He sighed and wiped an invisible tear from under his eye.

"Yes, I will." She almost sighed her answer, but it was loud enough for the entire congregation to hear.

"Isabella? Would you like to now recite the vows which you have chosen to read a loud?" The words were barely out of the Pastor’s mouth and she already felt the tears streaming over her cheeks.

"Edward, you have filled my life with so much love that I could never imagine my life without you. We’ve had our hard times, we both know that, but we have overcome them even when the odds were against us. You have saved me, in more ways than one and I can never thank you enough for that. I choose, here and now, in front of everyone present, to give myself to you, fully and I swear to never look back." She stopped, not because she couldn’t speak, but because something, someone had caught her eye; Jacob Black.

He had risen from his seat in the far back row and his face was livid. His arms, stiff by his side, were shaking violently, his eyes, such a soft shade of brown, were jet black and filled with hate.

Not hate for Edward, no, hate for Bella. Slowly he began to walk towards the front, but so quiet was his step, that no one, no human noticed he had gotten up. Everyone on the Cullen side of the church however, were on the edges of their seats.

"Edward Cullen, would you please, promise to keep filling my life with the happiness and love that I need? Would you promise to be my husband, forever and always?" She finished with a sigh and a smile, but her gut was telling her to watch out for Jacob.

"Yes, always yes." Edward said, his face tense, but still smiling that crooked smile that she had always loved; it didn’t reach his eyes however.

"Well then, I now pronounce you man and wife, you may kiss your bride." The Pastor said joyfully as Edward leaned in to kiss Bella. Their lips barely touched, when she was ripped from his embrace and thrown to the floor.

Jacob Black had transformed and he was going in for the kill.