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Undying Devotion

When Bella almost loses her life on her wedding day, how will Edward cope? Will he choose to damn her to an eternity in hell? Or will he finally let her go in peace?

I do not own any of the characters in this story. I merely borrowing them.

2. Sweetest Sin

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Blood. There was so much of it and yet so little at the same time. Bella could feel herself gasping for air, sweet air to fill her lungs and to make her live. All she wanted to do was to live, for her new husband and for her friends and family.

There was nothing but darkness, pure darkness, but she could feel the life flickering out of her, yet all she could think of was him; Edward.

"Carlisle! She’s dying!" Edward shouted as he held her in his cold arms.

"You’re going to have to do it Edward! Change her!" His father shouted back at him as he tried his best to move everyone, especially the ravenous vampires, out of the room.

"But I..." He broke off the instant he sensed Alice by his side.

"Edward, if you don’t do it, she will die!" Alice screeched as they both looked down at the small girl that lay, practically lifeless, in his arms.

Jacob Black had done a number on his best friend. Her throat, her gorgeous throat, Edward noticed, had been slashed to ribbons, but there was one small spot, slightly off to the side, that had not been tarnished by the wolf’s jaws.

Fighting within himself, Edward knew that if he didn’t want to lose his love forever, that he would have to act and quickly. Slowly, steadily, he bent his head down so that his face was inches from her’s. His bronze hair shone in the candle light and his eyes glinted with a hint of fear and of hunger.

He knew her blood would be the sweetest thing he had ever tasted and a small part of him wondered if he’d be able to stop himself.

"Bella, this will hurt...a lot, but I can’t live an eternity without you." He spoke gently as his hard lips pressed against her soft ones lightly; hers were cold, stone cold.

Slowly and as gently as he could, Edward bowed his head to drink. It was as if he were bowing to an alter, one which should be admired and cherished for all time and yet Alice couldn’t hide her fear that Edward wouldn’t have the constraint to stop before he took the life of the girl he loved.

Edward pushed aside Alice’s thoughts, her worries and instead sank his pearly white teeth into the girl he loved.

Her blood was nothing like he had ever tasted before and it tasted even better than it smelled. The only way to explain it, would be to imagine what an expensive and very pungent Brandy would taste to a recovery alcoholic.

Edward had never been effected by alcohol, nor had he ever had the chance to try it when he was human, but he knew that this, Bella’s blood, was probably the closest thing to what alcohol would be like for mortals.

Edward pulled himself away, reluctantly and stared down into Bella’s eyes. They were filled with pain, but even beneath the pain, there was a hint of being finally content.

Suddenly, as if time were going backwards, the injuries, the scratches and bruises on Bella’s face seemed to melt away, leaving nothing but a perfect visage behind.

Slowly she sat up and looked around, but before long she was crumpled over in pain but all the while Edward held her.

We should move her

Edward’s head shot up to stare at his sister, his topaz eyes boring into her identical ones. It was true, they would have to move her before her body really began to react to the venom that was now coursing through her delicate veins.

As Edward bent down to scoop his beloved up Alice’s had reached out and grabbed his arm, silently asking him to hold on for a moment.

Her eyes were shut tightly as her small hands massaged at her temples; she was having a vision. Silently they crept, the others, past fallen trees which were covered with moss, the leader raising his nose high into the air as he sniffed and inhaled the scent deeply to examine it. Their long black robes were fluttering in the wind slightly as they came ever closer.

The Volturi were on their way.

Edward, they’re coming!

Alice thought frantically, but Edward ignored her thoughts and picked Bella up. Her arms were stiff by her side, the pain evident on her usually gorgeous and calm face. Her eyes were clamped shut and her mouth was closed in to a hard line.

Edward could feel her finger nails trying to dig their way into his skin, but of course nothing could chip marble. But he could feel her strength beginning to develop as her nails began to dig even further into his rock hard skin.

"Bella..." Edward whispered as he began to run through the woods, Alice by his side.

"Sweetie, you need to stop fighting, just try to relax. I know it hurts, believe me I know, but we’ll be home soon and we can get you comfortable." His soothing voice did very little to calm her and Bella began to feel as if her entire body was burning.

"Burning! Why am I burning?! I’ve been good, why am I being sent to hell?!" She screamed as her arms began to flail back and forth.

Edward’s heart sank when those words left her mouth; he knew he had made a mistake. He had never wanted this life for her; this life that he hated with every inch of his being.

It was only at the thought that losing her forever had he decided to damn her, but now with reality set before him, he wished had, had the strength to just let her go.

"We’re home sweetheart..." He whispered softly in her ear, but instead of caring her up to his room, he headed towards a door at the back of the house.

The room was dark and it would remain that way. In the center there was a solitary chair while chains, thick as young sapling trunks, hung down from the ceiling one on either side of the chair.

Quietly, Edward sat Bella down while Alice quickly clamped a shackle on each of Bella’s hands. Not even seconds after she had been set down, Bella began to thrash around, the chains overhead moaning and creaking in the darkness.

"Let me go! I don’t want this! I don’t want to be burned anymore!" She screamed but all Edward could do was to take a seat in a dark corner and watch over her; silently.

Hours went by and all Edward could hear was the agonized screaming that was coming from the darkness in the center of the room.

He never left her side, not even to hunt, which he needed to do badly, but there was no harm in it anymore...he could be around her and never have to worry about taking her blood in spite of himself.

Alice spent most of her days with him, telling him of what was going on upstairs, what was being said between Carlisle and Aro.

For the Volturi had come at last.

"Aro is curious to know what her power is..." Alice said after the second day of being in the basement with Edward and Bella.

"Does he not realize that her power won’t be evident until probably after the first year of her transformation? Even so, he won’t have her." Edward spoke through gritted teeth as his eyes flashed over to the chair once more.

Bella had finally calmed, at least in the sense that she was fully transformed and was no longer claiming that she was being burned. But she was still very, very dangerous, more to herself than to others.

She had no idea of her strength and even less of an idea of how strong her hunger was, but she made it very vocal how hungry she was when she had the strength.

"Edward...darling..." Her silky voice spoke out of the darkness, but it was not the same as it had been. No, this voice was smoother, had more confidence...it was sexier.

"What is it Bella?" Edward asked as he stood and began to approach her, but he was still cautious, especially because of her legs.

"Could you please...please...let me go?" She said softly, her lips forming into a soft pout as she gazed up at him.

"You know I can’t, not until Emmett gets back with your food." He spoke softly, but his voice held the same strength with which one would use when telling a naughty two-year-old no.

"You never let me have any fun." She whined as he walked away from and headed back over to where Alice was still sitting.

"Aro and the rest are hoping that you will see what her power..." It was more of a statement than a question, but all the same Alice nodded.

"Have you seen anything?" He asked, searching his sister’s face intently, trying to see what was behind her eyes.

"Yes, she will have a power and it will be a very interesting one at that." She spoke softly, as to try and keep Bella from hearing.

"What is it?" He asked softly, the words coming out in more of a hiss than a sigh, but before she could answer, another voice spoke out of the darkness, one which made the situation all the more worse.

"Yes, Alice, share with us what you have seen..."

And with that, the war began.