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Undying Devotion

When Bella almost loses her life on her wedding day, how will Edward cope? Will he choose to damn her to an eternity in hell? Or will he finally let her go in peace?

I do not own any of the characters in this story. I merely borrowing them.

3. Deadliest Sin

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"Aro, Jane, Felix..." Edward nodded towards the three new comers in the darkness, but his face was anything but relaxed.

"Ah, Alice, I should of known you had seen something. You should of known better than to try and keep it from us..." Aro spoke, his voice was soft, delicate, and laced with the utmost danger.

"I didn’t intentionally keep it from you. I merely saw it right before you made your presence known..."Alice spoke with an air of confidence, even though Edward could hear how scared she was in her mind.

"Well then, share." Jane’s cold voice spoke from across the room as Edward felt himself tense up.

No one spoke for a moment and then, out of the dark, a suddenly meek voice spoke out.

"Edward?" Bella had finally come to her senses; she no longer spoke as if she were trying to seduce anyone and anything.

"I’m here Bells, just hold on a moment." He spoke to her lovingly and yet he could not push down the slight revulsion he felt for her that lay in the pit of his stomach.

"Alice...I’m waiting." Aro’s voice was more prominent this time and he sounded impatient.

"All I saw was that she will have power that none of ours will be able to match. Nothing more and that’s the truth." She was defiant in her words, but Alice had not noticed that Jane had stepped forward.

"That’s what I thought...Jane?" Aro’s voice was cold and as he spoke a wicked smile crept across Jane’s cold lips.

Suddenly, Alice was writhing on the floor in obvious pain, her hands grasped at her jet black hair as she rocked back and forth silently, her eyes shut tight against the blinding darkness.

"Enough!" Another voice called out, but this time it from the top of the stairs leading into the house.

"Ah, my dear friend, Carlisle." Aro’s voice had a hint of playfulness to it now, as Carlisle slowly strode down the stairs, Esme by his side.

"Aro, I would ask you to please be patient. We are all anxious to know if Bella has a power, but let’s not resort to violence..." Carlisle’s voice was soothing as he looked over at Aro, a hint of defiance in his stare.

"I understand, really I do. However we are very concerned about how the wedding party reacted to everything that...occured." Aro’s voice was playful, he was changing the subject on purpose so that he could sense out Alice’s thoughts himself.

"Do not worry, old friend, we have it taken care of. Tanya, of the Denali Coven, used her power of persuasion to make the guests believe that not only did the wedding go off without a hitch, but that Edward and Bella have left on their honeymoon. No one is anymore the wiser..." His voice was smooth and confident, but still something lingered in the back of Carlisle’s head; worry.

How we shall explain everything to Chief Swan once his daughter never comes back is something we shall have to worry about when the time comes

To this Edward nodded his head as he reached out to grasp Bella’s hand. He was trying to comfort her, trying to make her see that he hated having her in chains as much as she hated being in them, but it was needed. She was too wild, too strong to not be chained, but in a few hours he knew she could be set free. She would still have to be watched however; like a hawk.

"Ah, well then we don’t have to worry about having to hunt anyone down..." Aro smiled a wicked smile, his perfectly white teeth gleaming even in the dark of the basement.

"That won’t be needed Aro. I also ask that you refrain from hunting too much in town, we wouldn’t want to blow our cover, of course you understand..." Carlisle asked politely as he and Esme began to head up the stairs.

Suddenly Esme clasped onto Carlisle, her other hand clutching at the banister so hard that it broke off in her hand. She was in pain, that was clear and out of the darkness, the quietest of giggles could be heard; Jane was playing.

"Stop this Aro!" Carlisle shouted as he reached out to hold onto Esme as she silently cried out in pain.

Aro merely laughed, but his laughter was cut short as Esme suddenly stopped shaking in agony and instead, Jane fell to the floor and began to twitch silently. No one knew who was causing her pain, but it was clear that Jane wasn’t doing this to herself.

"Who is doing this?!" Aro shouted as his eyes scanned the room, finally zeroing on a still chained Bella, whom had a sweet smirk on her face.

"You!" He shouted as he lunged at her, but four sets of strong hands held him back.

Indeed it was Bella who was inflicting the pain that Jane was feeling; Bella was using Jane’s powers against her in the cruelest way possible.

"Doesn’t feel too good does it?" Bella scoffed as she released Jane and glanced over at Edward. His face was masked in shock, but his mouth twitched as he repressed a smirk.

"Bella, how did you get Jane’s power?" Carlisle asked as he held on to Aro tightly still, for Aro was still trying to attack.

"I just focused in on her when she was using it against Esme and thought about how she would feel if her power were used on her. Then when she started twitching on the floor, I knew, I had stolen her power." Bella said innocently, but it was evident that she was not sorry in the least.

"Interesting. I don’t think you’ve stolen her power Bella, but I do think that you’ve borrowed it." Carlisle explained, but suddenly Aro fell to the ground, clutching at his throat as if some invisible person were trying to strangle him.

"Bella! Let him go!" Edward shouted as he reached over and yanked Bella’s chin so that her focus was not on Aro, but on him.

"I heard his thoughts...he needed to be reminded that I’m not some silly human any more." She spat as Edward looked into her eyes; they were blood red with hunger.

"What do you mean, you read his thoughts?" Alice asked as she too came over to sit beside Bella and Edward.

"I heard what he was thinking and I know Alice, it is really strange." Bella laughed as Alice’s face contorted into a look of shock and pure enjoyment.

"It’s just as I foresaw..." Alice beamed up at Carlisle and Esme as they too came to join the group at Bella’s side.

This truly was amazing. No new born vampire had ever shown any sort of powers, at least not this quickly after the transformation and no vampire had ever had this powerful of an ability before either. The ability to take another’s powers had never been heard of before and it could only mean one thing; Bella was one of the worlds most powerful vampires, ever.

"Well Bella, it looks as if you could be very useful to us. Once you’re done here with this lot, we’d love it if you would come and join us." Aro spoke with a bemused smile on his face, but there were two other’s who were not so happy about this idea; Jane and Edward.

"You will not take her!" Edward shouted as he moved into a low crouch in front of where Bella sat.

"I refuse to have her with us!" Jane yelled as she glared over at Bella, trying her hardest to inflict pain upon the dangerous threat of a girl.

Both Aro and Carlisle went to comfort their respective family members, but Bella’s voice ringing out in the darkness snapped everyone’s attention towards her.

"I’m not going. I do appreciate the offer and perhaps I will come and join once I get my life in order, but I don’t see it happening even then." Her voice was hardly above a whisper, but everyone in the room could still hear her.

"Well dear, things can be...arranged." Aro smirked as Edward let out a growl from deep in his throat.

"No, I really don’t foresee myself leaving for, oh, the next hundred years at the least." Bella spoke with confidence as she glanced over to where Alice stood.

"Bella, I can’t even see that far ahead..." Alice spoke with a shudder; what other powers could Bella develop?

"I know, it’s strange isn’t it? I mean believe me Alice, you’re visions are far more refined than mine. Mine really aren’t even visions, it’s just a sense of knowing what will happen, not really seeing what will happen."She explained, but it still didn’t make Alice feel any better.

Everyone seemed to be struggling with the realization that Bella’s powers out weighed them all. Her visions were stronger, her ability to inflict pain was more refined, and her ability to read minds seemed to be up to the level of even Edward. Not only were they slightly frightened, they were worried about how much Bella could be influenced to go either way with her powers; would she be good? Or evil?

"Bella...I think it’s time we take you to get some food." Edward said as he moved to remove her shackles.

"Good, because I can smell the elk that Emmet brought back for me and it’s making me even more ravenous." She giggled as her shackles were finally removed and she could stand.

She was more graceful than ever and even faster than Edward would of thought she had been. Within moments of her being unchained, Bella was up the stairs and following the scent of the fresh kill that Emmet had brought for her. Edward wondered to himself if she would ever be tempted to drink human blood.

"No Edward, I still think it’s as gross as ever." Bella laughed as she sat down on the floor next to her meal, her legs crossed over each other as she slowly bent down and began to drain the animal of it’s life.

"Really? How do you know?" He asked as he sat down behind her and waited patiently for her to finish.

"Because I can smell it and stinks. Rust and salt never were a pleasing scent to me..." She remarked as she finished wiping her mouth clean of blood and then leaned back to lay in his arms.

"Well then, perhaps we can go on our honeymoon." He smiled as he lightly kissed her hair; she still smelled like sweet strawberries. She still smelled like Bella.

"Really?! Oh Edward that would be wonderful!" She cried as she turned and sat up on her knees.

Wrapping her arms around his neck, Bella wondered how it would feel kissing him now that they were equal. Would he still literally take her breath away even though she had none? Slowly her lips pressed against his and they were soft! His lips, usually so hard and cold, were soft and slightly warm, a pleasant change. She tried to deepen the kiss, running her tongue along his bottom lip, but he only smirked and softly pushed her away.

"Silly Bella, always with your mind in the gutter." Edward laughed as he leaned his forehead against hers, completely in love with everything she was.

"A girl can try right?" She laughed as she rubbed her nose against his, a very human habit that she still seemed to embrace.

They both laid there until the stars came out and even then they continued to lay in each other’s arms. The caresses were soft and gentle, but there was a hint of urgency in them, a hint of lust and longing which Edward was glad that he could finally embrace without having to worry about killing his beloved.

Yes, everything was perfect. Or was it really?