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Undying Devotion

When Bella almost loses her life on her wedding day, how will Edward cope? Will he choose to damn her to an eternity in hell? Or will he finally let her go in peace?

I do not own any of the characters in this story. I merely borrowing them.

4. Smallest Sin

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Chapter Four: Smallest Sin

Her head rested on his hard shoulder as the plane slowly dipped below the cloud line as Midway National Airport came into view at last; Chicago. This was their honeymoon and although it wasn’t Paris France or Fiji, it was alone time with Edward and that’s all that Bella really cared about.

"We’re getting ready to land Sweetheart." She whispered into his ear softly as his mouth curved up into that crooked smile that always melted her heart.

"Mmm, good. You’re going to love the house Bells, it’s just as it was when I was a boy." Edward said as he leaned over and kissed her cheek softly, lingering there only for a moment as to inhale her still glorious scent.

"Really? You’ve kept it this entire time and never rented it out?" Bella asked softly as she buckled her seat belt and readied herself for the landing; her least favorite part of flying.

"Well, most renters would want to upgrade and update things, where I just want to keep things as they were before I was stricken with the flu. I did update the plumbing, heating and electric and there are televisions around the house. But all the furnishings, pictures, and other things are all period pieces, some original to when I was alive."He purred in her ear as he held onto her hand, the plane was beginning to dip down towards the ground.

Bella smiled softly to herself as she tightly shut her eyes, feeling her stomach dip along with the plane as is neared the ground at a frightening pace. Edward didn’t seem phased at all and he actually was enjoying himself by watching Bella freak out so much over landing.

It was odd to him and the rest of his family the fact that Bella still had some of her human fears and weaknesses attached to her. For one thing, Bella still blushed whenever the urge hit her, and she still had the ability to change her appearance if she wanted to.

It was strange; very strange.

Over the past few weeks Bella grew into her power more and more and it kept getting stronger the more time she spent around those with powers of their own. Her visions now played like movies, silent and colorless, but smooth and strong none the less.

She could read someone’s mind without even having to be close to them and she laughed when she caught a snippet of something Edward was thinking about the other day; he was jealous.

She knew that he loved her and loved that she had powers, strong ones, but she also knew that it upset him because he felt inferior to her, when it used to be the other way around.

Bella also noticed that Edward worried about her leaving him for someone else, mainly the Volturi and he worried about that a lot.

"Come on Bella, Jameson is waiting out front with the car." Edward purred as he placed two gentle hands beneath her arms and helped Bella to her feet.

"Jameson? You have a butler?" She couldn’t hide the laughter in her voice as Edward merely smiled and continued to pull her off of the plane.

"No, not a butler. He’s the care taker for the house and makes sure that nothing happens to it." He explained smoothly as Edward let go of Bella momentarily as to pick up their luggage.

They had a lot of luggage. Alice had insisted on helping Bella pack, but only after she forced Bella to go on an all out shopping spree. She claimed that Bella needed new clothes to wear on her honeymoon and that the ones she already had were boring and out of date. Bella now regretted giving in as she saw Edward pull bag after bag off of the luggage belt.

"Did you think we were going to be gone a year or something?" Edward laughed as he finally reached the last bag, which was his and the only one that was his, off of the belt.

“Well Alice insisted that I have an entirely new wardrobe, including some lingerie thing which I’m probably never going to use.” She laughed as she grabbed for his hand and they headed toward the pick u area.

“Not even once while we’re gone and all alone in a house for the first in, well, ever?” He laughed, but there was a bit of a pouty look on his face as he said it.

“Well it’s not like it would be on very long, but of it will make you feel better, than I’ll model it for you as soon as we get unpacked.” She smiled as Edward squeezed her hand and led her out the doors and over to an ancient car with an even more ancient driver standing there holding the door open for them.

“Jameson, this is my wife Bella. Bella this is Jameson.” Edward introduced the two as he moved to place all of the bags in to the trunk.

“Lovely to meet you Miss Bella, I hope your stay at Masen Manor is a pleasant one.” The old man spoke with a gentle smile on his face as Bella smiled up at him and slid into the backseat of the car.

They got underway quickly, passing scenery that would have amazed Bella had she been paying attention. Skyscrapers, city buildings dating back centuries and all the gorgeous architecture of the city were going unnoticed because Bella couldn’t keep her eyes off of Edward.

He, unlike her, had his nosed pressed up against the window, his eyes scanning the view of his home, the place where he grew up.

“And that building there, that was where my father used to practice. That was the school I used to go to. Oh and that building there, my mother and her friends used to have Sunday tea there every week, catching up on all of the gossip.” He laughed and pointed out the various landmarks, but Bella was hardly paying attention.

She was amazed at how happy and alive Edward seemed at that moment. She knew that he had never been unhappy, at least not in the past few months, but there had always been a sadness to him, like something was missing from his life.

Now she knew, he missed his home, the place where he grew up and had friends, even though they were probably all gone by now. He only lived in Forks because he had to, Chicago was too sunny too often for him to lead any sort of life there and it made him unhappy, Bella saw that now.

“You know, we could always come back, maybe during the winter when it won’t be so sunny.” Bella spoke softly from beside him, but when he looked over at her she never lost eye contact.

“What do you mean honey?” Edward’s face fell slightly as he looked down at her, he seemed worried over something.

“I meant only if you wanted to Edward.”She smiled up at him, reading his mind as if she would read a book. He looked aggravated and at that moment she wished she had stayed out of his head.

“I know what you meant Bells, I just wish you would stay out of my head.” He grumbled as he pulled her swiftly in to his lap, his hands entangling themselves gently through her hair.

“I’m sorry, I don’t mean to do it all the time you know.” She sighed as her head came to rest against his stone chest. Grabbing one of his hands, she brought it down to rest in her lap, studying his palm and fingers intently.

“I know and I’m sorry for snapping at you.” He smiled softly into her hair as she brought his fingers to her lips, kissing each digit softly bef

ore letting his hand fall into her lap once again. They sat like that for a while, both sets of eyes closed and enjoying the moment, matching smiles on their faces as they quietly dreamed of what the weeks would bring them. Alone time was something on both their minds, not just for sexual reasons, but just so that they could finally breathe and be themselves again.

They wanted to discover everything there was to know about one another, not that they didn’t already know enough, but there were always new things to learn. They really just wanted to allow the love that they had for one another to bloom and grow to an even greater height, if that was even possible.

“We’re here darling.” Edward spoke softly as his right hand came to cup her face gently moving it towards the opposite window.

It was a nice sized house, with a big porch in the front and a porch swing hanging from the eves. Bella imagined seeing a young Edward, maybe five years old, sitting on the porch as his mother sat on the swing, a neighbor woman sitting beside her the two of them gossiping. She imagined summers where all the beautiful glass windows were up as far as they would go to let some air in to the house.

Christmases where snow lined the walk and a Christmas tree could be seen from the giant bay window in the very front. She could see it all and she loved the thought that perhaps they could have the same memories for the future.

“Welcome my love. Welcome to my home.” He spoke as the car door was opened, the sun softly shining in.

She was home, she really truly was.