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Deja Vu

Edward never came back after he left Bella in New Moon. Bella went to college, married Jacob, had a daughter. When Bella's grandaughter and Edward find each other in Forks, can Edward overcome his memories and devote himself to a new love?

It's a tired old plot, but this is the first time I've ever written Twilight fanfiction, so please indulge me.

6. Chapter 6

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EdwardDoes she know? The thought haunts me all night. Could she have figured it out? How? I know Izzie’s smart, but how could she have found and made the thin bridge of connection between my “symptoms” and the legend of vampires? At the house, Alice takes one look at my face and knows something’s up. “Did you tell her?” she asks. “No. But maybe – I’m not sure. I – she..” “Edward!” “No, I didn’t tell her. But she was going through all the strange things she could think of about me. My ‘symptoms’. I told her about the mind-reading, and she thought about it for awhile, and then she said ‘you can’t be’ and she had this strange look in her eyes.” I’m babbling, but I can’t stop myself. “And then what happened?” Alice demands. “Then she heard her father coming and we had to run downstairs and pretend to be doing a chemistry project.” “Yikes,” says Alice. “You think she figured it out?” “How?” “Believe it or not, Edward, you’re not as inscrutable as you think. And you said she was smart.” “Of course she’s smart!” “So there you go!” Alice beams at me, but the conversation has only upset me further. If she knows, what if she’s horrified, never wants to see me again. If she doesn’t know, how can I tell her? How do you tell someone you’re a vampire? Well, you’ve already told her you read minds. How is that different from telling her you’re a vampire? It’s all the difference in the world! Maybe to you, but maybe not to her. There are TV shows about vampires, novels about them. People nowadays think they’re cool. Those aren’t real vampires! They’re just human fantasies! They’re perceptions, and isn’t everything basically about perceptions? It doesn’t matter. This strays from the point, which is: I have drunk human blood! I’m a monster! The last time that happened was more than a hundred years ago. Everyone slips sometimes. Oh right, that makes all the difference! Yes, Izzie, I’m a fiend who lives on human blood, but don’t worry, it’s been a hundred years since I killed any innocents! I’m really perfectly safe!Alice The idea has been hovering at the back of my head for awhile, but I resist turning it into conscious thought. I don’t want Edward to know what I’m up to. I go hunting on my own late that night. I take down a few deer, then come to a decision. A minute later, my feet are taking the well-known way to Bella’s house. Izzie’s house, that is. I find a key beneath a potted plant, unlock the door, and slip ghost-like into the house. Izzie’s asleep. I turn on a lamp and bend over her pillow. I got over her astonishing resemblance to Bella more than a week ago, but now it strikes me afresh. This is painful for me, how much worse must it be for Edward? I lay a cold hand against her cheek. “Izzie,” I whisper. “Izzie, wake up.” Her eyelashes flutter and she peers up at me through sleepy eyes. “Who-,” she murmurs, blinking, against the light. “Alice,” I say. “Alice Cullen. I want to talk to you.” She pushes herself upright and leans against her pillows. “About what?” she asks cautiously. “And why in the middle of the night?” “It’s the easiest time. Edward said he talked to you about…what we are today.” “Yeah. He didn’t give any answers, though.” “He said. I just thought that you probably deserved some straight answers. And more explanation than Edward’s going to give you about…someone.” “Bella?” “He told you about her?” I’m dumbstruck – I never thought Edward would get up the nerve to tell Izzie about her. “I sort of asked him.” “How – how-?” I’m not sure how to phrase my question, but Izzie understands anyway. She hands me a thin stack of photos. I flip through them, my shock level rising with each new pic. Pictures of Edward, pictures of Bella, pictures of the two of them together. “How did you get these?” I ask. She gestures to the floor, and I suddenly notice a foot-size hole in one of the floorboards. “They were under the floor,” she explains. “Edward said he put them there when he left.” “So,” I say, taken aback by how much she knows and how calm she is. “So…what do you know?” “About y’all? You’re immortal. He said some of you have special powers, like mind-reading. He said it was dangerous for humans to be around you.” “Dangerous? Yes, very dangerous.” “What are you?” “You could call us vampires.” Izzie She said the word casually, but it sent a shock racing through me. My suspicions confirmed and my world changed just like that. Amazing – and dangerous. My head racing, I said the first thing that pops into my head. It was not, perhaps, very diplomatic. “Hungry?” She shook her head. “Nope. I ate on the way. Deer.” “Deer? I thought-.” “Thought we ate people? Most of us do.” I had no idea what to say to that - also, I'm not sure I can speak just yet - but my eyebrow asks the question for me. “We – our family, I mean, eats only animals. We call ourselves vegetarians.” “Why?” my voice was little weak, but stable. “Why? Isn’t it sort of obvious? Because we think it’s wrong to eat people.” “Is it easy, living on animals?” “It’s extremely difficult. We’ve all been doing for decades, though. It gets easier with practice.” She eyed me carefully. “You don’t look good. You’re not going into shock are you? I had you marked down as tougher than that.” I sat up a little straighter. “I’m not going into shock,” I said firmly. “I’m just a little – surprised.” “Well, good,” she said. “Sorry to wake you up and spring all this on you, but I thought it was time you knew, and Edward wasn’t going to tell you.” “He started to, this afternoon,” I said. “But he – wait. Edward said he couldn’t tell me because it’s against the rules. So why can you?” Alice shifted her wait a little uncomfortably. “Well, officially, I can’t,” she said. “There are…rules. But I don’t think any of them are hanging around here trying to catch me, so I think we’re safe. Edward is such a stickler.” “Who are they?” “The Volturi. They’re this ancient coven in Italy, and they include some very powerful vampires. They’re sort of like vampire royalty – they make rules for us, and they can enforce them, too. Of course, rule number one is that we can never let humans discover our existence.” There were a lot of questions I wanted to ask Alice; powerful how? What are the other rules? Can vampires be killed? Are there a lot of ‘vegetarian’ covens? But it would’ve taken all night to get all the answers I wanted and I had school in the morning. “Thanks, Alice,” I said. “Really. I hate having to guess about stuff like this.” She shrugs. “I think Edward really loves you,” she said. “This is the first time he’s acted happy since…well, Bella.” “Was she really my grandmother?” I asked sleepily. The whole conversation had taken on a dream-like cast, possibly I was discussing my boyfriend having been in love with my grandmother at one point in his greatly extended life. “Yes,” Alice said quietly. “’And he really loved her. He shouldn’t have left her, but he did – he’s told you this, right?” “Yes.” “And now we just have to hope it turns out for the best. Don’t let him do it you, Izzie. I couldn’t stand another half-century of his whiny moodiness.” “I’ll try,” I said.