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Christmas with the Cullens

It's Bella's fisrt christmas with Edward and she thought they would spend it together. But Charlie is making her go down to La Push to spend it with the Blacks. Will her knight in shining armor come through and save her? Will there first Christmas together be a sucsess? and what changes will be made to there relationship?


1. The Rescue

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“Come on Dad…Jake and I haven’t been on the best terms lately and I really don’t want to ruin Christmas for him as well and everyone around us.”

We have been having this discussion since school let out for the holiday break and yet Charlie wouldn’t cave. He knew Jake wasn’t happy with me and he knew I didn’t feel comfortable seeing him. Did he really think that forcing us together on Christmas would be productive? Didn’t he realize that no matter how many times he came up with an excuse that we needed to see each other he was fighting an entire pack werewolves as well as a coven of vampire?

“Isabella Marie Sawn. The Blacks are family. And the holidays are about being with your family and the ones you love therefore you will be going down to La Push tomorrow night and I don’t want to hear another word of how wrong it is for you to be there!”

I could feel the heat rush to my face and the moisture welling up in my eyes. I was not going to spend my first Christmas Eve with a pack of werewolves that loathe me even if they won’t come out and say it. And then to think how Jake would react! Well I’m sure he would just love the fact that I was with him and not Edward, even if he knew that’s where I wanted to be. Or maybe he would simply ignore me all night while I sit awkwardly in the corner. No. I was not going down to La Push tomorrow, Edward wouldn’t allow it anyways so there isn’t a problem. He and Alice would come up with a plan to get me out of it they always did.

“Whatever you say Dad. I’m going to get ready to for bed.” And I stormed up the stairs still fuming but not wanting to get into a fight with Charlie when it wasn’t really necessary. Edward would take care of it he always dose. I gathered up my bathroom stuff and headed to the shower. I had until Charlie went to bed until and Edward would come and then everything would be okay. As long as we where together, it was okay.

As I put on my new Victoria Secret pajamas’ (the cause of a shopping trip with Alice) Edward slipped through my window. He could tell by the sound of my breathing exactly what I was thinking…exactly what I was worrying about before I even turned around.

“It’s all going to be okay my sweet Bella. I promise.”

“But how?” I protested the annoyance in my voice only slightly detectable but im sure he could pick it out.

“It’s all sorted out. You will be spending Christmas with me. Even if I have to fight an entire pack of werewolves for you.”

My sharp intake of breath gave away that I would rather be locked in a closet all winter than have Edward fight Jacob.

“Bella, Bella I was simply pointing out my devotion. It is honestly all taken care of and no one will be fighting this holiday season I can promise you that. Though after is a different story.”

“Your not even remotely close to being funny I hope you know that. With your comments put aside what’s the plan?”

“That’s for me to know and for you to find out. And before you object…I don’t want you poor lying skills to ruin the smoke and mirrors we have set up for Charlie.”

I folded my arms across my chest in full pouting mode, even though I knew he was right. My lying skills where certainly not up to par but fooling Charlie was not the hardest thing I had done in the past year.

I glanced the angel sitting next to my on my bed. He was too perfect, this was going to be the best Christmas ever even if we did nothing at all but sit here and be with each other. I could stare at him for eternity and that is what I plan to do contrary to his objections.

When I woke the next morning the fog outside my window gave no sign that it was December 24. It looked like every other ordinary day in Forks, not that my particular life was ordinary ever with having a vampire boyfriend and a werewolf best friend. I wandered downstairs I found Charlie at the table finishing up his cereal, badge already on.

“Off to work?” I asked even though I knew what lecture was coming next.

“Yes Bells and I’ll be home at 6:00 were leaving at 7:15 to head down to La Push and I expect you to be ready without a fight or tantrum. And if I come home and find him here I swear to god you will be grounded until you go to collage. Got it?”

“Don’t worry Dad I’ll be ready and Edward is spending the day with his brothers while there home from collage for the holidays. I don’t think I’ll even see him much these next couple of days.” The thought of me not being around Edward brought a smirk to Charlie’s face. Whatever lie Edward was planning to get me out of Christmas Eve in La Push, the fact that he wouldn’t be around would certainly help ease Charlie’s mind.

I was ready as promised by 6:30. Charlie was still upstairs getting ready in the only suit hr owned that was so out dated I could have sworn it was from the 70’s. I sat on the couch tapping my foot feeling very anxious. We where going to leave soon and Edward still hadn’t called. I looked at the clock on the wall ticking loudly counting down the seconds till I would see him. They seemed oddly loud in the silence, it was eerie, so I turned on the TV to drown out the noise. I stood up and walked over to the phone. I had the TV turned up loud enough that Charlie wouldn’t hear me. He answered on the first ring.

“Where are you and what is going on?” I seethed into the receiver.

“Well Merry Christmas to you too.” He seemed oddly at eased for someone who’s girlfriend was about to be forced to spend Christmas Eve with his enemy with no help on his part to stop it.

“Edward please, please, tell me your on your way here to rescue me from this cursed evening!” I struggled to control my voice that Charlie wouldn’t hear.

“Relax my love. Head down to La Push with Charlie and everything else will be taken care of. Where is your faith in me? Do you honestly think I would let you spend Christmas let alone any day with those filthy dogs?”

“You mean I have to actually get in the car and head down there? How are u supposed to get me if I cross over into Quilette territory?” no the hysteria was coming out loud and clear.

“Bella who are you talking to?” Charlie yelled from upstairs. I covered the mouth of the receiver and yelled back eager to cover up.

“It’s just the TV Dad.!”

“Dearest Bella everything is taken care of now stop worrying. I Promise we will be together in less that 20 minutes. I love you.” I heard the snap of the phone and the receiver went dead. I tugged on the sleeves of my dark blue sweater. I chose it for this evening along with my black skirt because it was Edward’s favorite color on me. How dare he make me wait this out! He’s messing with my future here! This is a rescue mission that involves me! Hell I’m the whole reason there even is a rescue mission and I hate hoe close he was cutting this? What was he going to do knock Charlie out while he was driving? Just then Charlie came down the stairs.

“Ready to go?” he asked sounding extremely cheerful. I figured it was do to the fact that I wasn’t putting up a fight. Hah! If I even set one foot over the treaty line he will see a fit! I will make him turn around so fast! I was steaming on the inside so my words came out acidy.

“Oh yeah I’m so ready.” I hope he didn’t take these words into enthusiasm.

About halfway down the road I saw a black Mercedes with the headlights blinking as if it wasn’t working and a tiny little pixie looking girl jumping up and down, glowing in the dark with her pale skin, at the sign of an oncoming car. Hope filled me up and I was suddenly extremely perky. I was ready to point out the helpless little person on the side of the road, when he beat me to it.

“My god is that Alice?” he was already pulling over to the side of the rode and getting out before I even had my seatbelt undone. I couldn’t be certain but I thought I saw Alice slightly wink in my direction.

“Charlie thank god you’re here! I was just driving back from the store when I took a wrong turn and somehow I ended up on this road and then my car stopped. I have absolutely no idea what’s wrong with it!” I suppressed a laugh as if Alice would get lost, or she couldn’t fix her car. Even if she was stranded she could run home! This plan was perfect it seems totally unplanned when Alice asks me to go with her and spend the night! Charlie will suspect nothing I just hope she planned a car trouble that he would be able to fix.

“Well let me have a look at it. You really shouldn’t be out this late Alice. Or alone why aren’t you with your family tonight?” I could read every hidden meaning behind those words.

“Oh it’s just the girls in the house tonight. All the boys went away on a camping trip to bond before Emmett and Jasper go back to collage. They should be back tomorrow afternoon…its kinda lonely.” She presumed to pout and make a face that Charlie could not resist even if he didn’t already have a soft spot for Alice. “Bella!” She screamed and ran over to hug me. “See nothing to worry about” she whispered in my ear so that Charlie couldn’t hear. “I didn’t even see you there! Oh my I just had a brilliant idea! Why don’t you come and spend the night! We can bake cookies and you can help me wrap presents! Rosalie is decorating the tree right now! It could your Christmas present to me!” Then she turned to Charlie. “Please Charlie! Please, please! Edward isn’t even home.”

This turn of events took Charlie off guard. He fumbled with his words. “Umm…I…Jake…Christmas…” I cut him off.

“Come on Dad don’t ruin Alice’s Christmas. I’ll be home tomorrow night. You already knew I was planning on going over there tomorrow afternoon when Edward got home. This just saves gas! The burning of fossil fuels concerns me dad and this is an action to save them!”

He looked at me like I was crazy which I probably am but at least I was rescued.

“I guess Bella although I’m sure Jake and Billy will be disappointed. I really don’t want to ruin Alice’s Christmas now. You two are young go have fun!” I was surprised Charlie caved in so easily, maybe it was the Christmas spirit. Anyway I was ecstatic!

“Thank you Dad!”

“Yeah well your car is all fixed Alice. You two better get going before the weather gets worse it looks like a storm is coming in. Merry Christmas Alice and Bella I’ll see you home tomorrow I don’t want you imposing on the Cullen’s reunion too long.”

“Bella is always welcomed at our house Charlie don’t be silly! I love dressing her up! It’s like having a life size doll!” she laughed her musical laugh and then got into the car.

We made a stop back home for my clothes and to get the presents I had gotten for each member of the family. You have no idea how hard it is to shop for a coven of vampires who already have everything and spend millions of dollars on each other on Christmas when you are working on a limited budget. All in all I think I did pretty well.

When we pulled into the long winding driveway of the Cullen Manor I saw that sporadic tree’s where wrapped in twinkle lights of various colors. This was nothing compared to the house. Every inch was covered in lights, all white except for the fiber optic Christmas tree on the front porch that changed from one color to the next. It was breathtaking. I could hear Christmas carols being played from inside but I couldn’t tell if it was from the radio or live from the piano where I assumed Edward sat. The difference was mystifying when there is a house full of musically talented people. A huge wreath with a big red bow was on the front door. I climbed of the car, Alice had my bags not trusting me not to fall with them which I don’t blame her. Suddenly the door jerked open and out came the most beautiful creature ever. He ran towards me with un-natural grace and I was in his arms before the un-natural wind hit. He was stone cold and hard yet there was no other place in the world I would rather be at this moment in time. This was my home. Where ever he was that was my home. His arms is where I belong and nothing was ever going to change that.

“Merry Christmas my love.” He murmured sweet and seductive in my ear. “The fun has only just begun.” I heard Alice squeal behind me.

“Your going to let her play?” she shouted with excitement.

“Only if she wears a helmet.”

Both of them took in the confused expression on my face and laughed together making the most beautiful noise me ears have ever heard.