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Christmas with the Cullens

It's Bella's fisrt christmas with Edward and she thought they would spend it together. But Charlie is making her go down to La Push to spend it with the Blacks. Will her knight in shining armor come through and save her? Will there first Christmas together be a sucsess? and what changes will be made to there relationship?


2. War and Snow

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“What do you mean by wearing a helmet? Edward what’s going on?” My voice became panicked. Whatever was going on tonight, if I had to wear a helmet, it meant a whole lot of mocking from Emmett.

“My dearest Bella there is nothing to fear. My family may be vampires but that doesn’t mean we don’t have a few Christmas traditions of our own.” I just stood there with my mouth hanging open. Was he really going to let me take part in supernatural activities? He wouldn’t even let me play baseball with them. “That is of course you want to.”

“Of course I want to but is the helmet really necessary? I mean I don’t even know what were doing yet.”

“No helmet no play.” His voice was serious now but I could detect a slightly mocking tone deep in down.

Just then the door to the house swung open and Jasper appeared.

“Are we ready yet? Emmett’s getting restless!” Jasper was the one who sounded impatient now. What traditions could vampires possibly have? It’s not like they can all have a Christmas dinner or anything. Singing Christmas carols seemed just a little bit to corny even for the Cullen’s.

“Wait I haven’t made mine yet!” shrieked Alice, and she dashed into the house with a blur. I could hear Jasper chuckle as he retreated inside also.

Edward picked up my bag and walked me into the house. I was ready this time unlike on my birthday for the extravagant decorations. When we walked inside I saw that the banister was wrapped in red and green ribbons with bows at each end. The pillars where rapped as well with wreaths spread out sporadically. Poinsettia’s flourished on Edwards white piano and white frosted lights hung from the archways and doorways of each entrance. I looked to the living room to my right and there stood the biggest Christmas tree I have ever seen. I had no idea how they could have gotten it in the house! It compared to the one in Rockefeller center! It was adorned with ornaments that looked as if they where from another centenary, which considering that everyone in this house was over 100 years old probably where. There was a angel place on top of the tree that looked so delicate and fragile that even the smallest breeze might crack it. I made a mental not to never touch it. Esme was by my side the instant I was done taking this in and scooped me up in a hug.

“Merry Christmas my dear. We are so delighted to have you here. You just made our Christmas a little brighter Bella.” I smiled at her warmly thinking she had it all wrong. I was the one luck enough to be here. To be wanted enough to be here. I couldn’t complete my thought as Edward dragged me up to his room on the third floor.

On his couch sat a shiny red helmet, what looked like snow pants and I jacket that had so much padding on it I had no idea how anyone could move in it. He really couldn’t expect me to wear this. I gave him a look of disbelief.

“Now Bella you said you wanted to participate and this is what it is going to take. I don’t think Carlisle would take it as a present if he had to operate on you on Christmas Eve do you?”

“I’ll consider wearing it if you tell me what were doing. And where did Alice go? What was she talking to Jasper about not having made hers yet?”

“Just get dressed and come downstairs. I have to go put the finishing touches on ours.” He smirked at me and ran out the door.

“Edward Anthony Masen Cullen what is going on and what is ours!” I screamed at the top of my lungs knowing that it wasn’t necessary in house full vampires with super sensitive hearing. I heard Emmett roar with laughter downstairs. I scowled at no one unparticular and put on the pants and jacket. Only when I was pulling it on did I notice an enormous target sign on the back. “Ha ha your hilarious Edward.” This just pumped my curiosity more as I wondered what we where doing that required me to wear padding and a target sign. I refused to put the helmet on until absolutely necessary, so I headed downstairs trying not to fall considering I couldn’t really move.

“Here Bella.” Alice threw a pair of boots and gloves at me. Now I was getting annoyed. What was going on?

“Alice please tell me what on earth is happening here! You people expect me to where this stupid outfit and to just go along when I have no idea what I’m getting myself into!” She just smirked at me and forced my foot into the boot before I could react and had it laced up and the next one on before I could object to the first one. I put the gloves on myself seeing as to there was no point in arguing with anyone in this household tonight. Edward appeared and I could see water droplets in his hair but it wasn’t raining.

“Ready?” he asked

“Absolutely not, but what else is new?” I out the helmet on after he gave me a stern look than laughed. I couldn’t be sure if it was a reaction to what I said or if it was due to what I was wearing. I tried to block out the second option.

He led me outside to the backyard a winter wonderland was what I saw. I was in shock. There was no snow anywhere else in Forks but yet here in the backyard there was plenty of it.

“Emmett, Jasper and I ran it down from the mountain a couple of hours ago.” I looked at him like he was crazy. As I took a step further the setting sun that was almost gone behind the horizon illuminated 7 piles of snow all sculpted perfectly.

Rosalie was standing behind a magnificent white caste with tower and all. It was at least 10 feet tall and had a drawbridge that was pulled up. I was amazed that it could be made out of snow. It was a perfect sculpture and looked as if it was made of marble.

Next to her was Jasper’s. His was the exact replica of a World War 2 military fort. He had dug a pit in the ground. I could see him packing snow balls tightly and adding them to his already growing pile.

So that was what we where doing. Having a snowball fight? It just seemed so ordinary. Something that Mike Newton would do with his family. Of course I doubt his families forts looked as if they where carved by an artist. I scanned the rest of yard and saw that Alice had recreated a shopping mall. Leave it to Alice to incorporate shopping into a snowball fight. Carlisle had a big medical cross on his plain wall. Emmett had sculpted a brick wall with to growling grizzlies. Esme’s was a replica of the very house I had come from. Edward was steering me towards the most detailed one yet, even more that Rosalie’s castle or Alice’s mall. I was looking at a forest with tree’s that seemed to go on forever and ever, but realistically only went on for about 3 feet.

“I almost forgot!” Edward ran back inside and came out with a can of red spray-paint. He drew a line down the middle of the forest and drew a big X on one half. The numb sensation from the shock of all this was slowly wearing off.

“What are you doing and why do I need to wear all this for a snowball fight?” he looked at me like I was an idiot.

“Bella your about to take part in a snowball fight with a bunch of vampires who can lift buildings and your questioning this?”

“It’s just snow Edward it melts in the damn sun! It’s frozen water!” he was staring at me like I was still missing the key idea here. Which in this case I was.

“Bella, a ball of ice is going to be thrown at you from a short distance away at over 200 mph. Which no snowballs will be coming at you that fast because the red area is the zone that is off limits to highly deadly snowballs. You could say it’s the school zone and there are children at play, therefore the speed limit is 30 mph and no higher!” he seemed to direct the last sentence at Emmett.

“Don’t you think you’re being a little over protective here Edward? Don’t you think you’re just a bit over the insanity mark?” A low growl erupted from deep inside him.

“It’s Christmas Bella…Emmett already had to struggle into letting me let you even play so please don’t fight me on this unless you want to go back inside?”

Curse him. He knew he had won, I could tell by my favorite crooked smile play across his face and his topaz eyes smoldered into mine. He proceeded to pull me behind the faux forest.

“Is everybody ready?” I could hear Carlisle’s voice from a few yards away. Everybody seemed to be. I heard a whistle and next thing I new it sounded like a real war was going on.