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Christmas with the Cullens

It's Bella's fisrt christmas with Edward and she thought they would spend it together. But Charlie is making her go down to La Push to spend it with the Blacks. Will her knight in shining armor come through and save her? Will there first Christmas together be a sucsess? and what changes will be made to there relationship?


3. Partings

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The sky disappeared under a cloud of white flying clouds. If I had no insight to what was going on around me I would have thought that clouds where falling and the world was coming to and end.

Edward was a blur next to me. He would make a snowball in half a second and have it launched in the air the next. All this time he was weaving, dodging, ducking. This wasn’t just a snowball fight it was extreme dodge ball. When my astonishment wore off I realized that I could actually have fun with this. Edward stopped his wickedly fast movements for a second to look over at me.

“Well are you going to help me or what?” he was absolutely glowing; I knew this meant a lot to him. I packed together a snowball and attempted to throw it. I heard Emmett laugh and I knew that it meant it didn’t go too far. Edward just smiled at me.

“Have fun my love. This is only the beginning.” How could this only be the beginning?What more was to come?

“Look out below!” I heard Emmett shout the warning out only seconds before a snowball the size of a car tire hit. It knocked out the entire south eastern wall that was surrounding us. Edward let out a growl.

“What?” Emmett shouted back. “I kept it away from her!”

Next thing I knew Esme was sneaking around the back of Carlisle’s fort which she then decapitated. Rosalie took Esme’s fort down while she was attacking Carlisle and Alice blew out one of Rosalie’s towers. Of course Jasper wouldn’t go after Alice and Rosalie and Emmett weren’t going to turn on each other anytime soon.

Jasper seems to be the only one who hasn’t taken a hit yet considering his military skills. I was utterly useless to Edward so I just kept making snowballs for him to throw. Taking advantage of Alice was impossible since she could see what was coming, so her, Edward, and Jasper teamed up to take out Rosalie and Emmett. It wasn’t easy. Rose was using this time to take out all her built up frustration on me and kept sending snowballs my way. Of course not nearly as fast as she sent them at everyone else, no one wanted to feel Edwards wrath if they hit me to hard. I think Edward could tell what she was up to even if she did tried to hide her thoughts.

With Emmett and Rosalie out, the only hopes of ending this soon was for Alice and Edward to team up on Jasper. Even with both of them Jasper managed to take out Alice.

“Ready for your shining moment?”

“Huh?” I looked at him confused.

“Self sacrifice. I want you to run out there and make as much commotion as possible while I take Jasper down. A perfect distraction he’ll never see it coming.” I could see he was a little worried about me being put in danger but I think he realized I was in no danger when he saw the light in my eyes.

I was eager to help. A little too eager. I ran out in front of the line of fire a little to quickly and tripped over the bulky boots. My face plant sent snow into my mouth and caused my teeth to ache. I tried to get up in my attempt to help but Jasper wasn’t so easily fooled. He had continued to attack Edward with more force now that I wasn’t behind him. It went back and forth for a while and I didn’t return to Edward’s side. He seemed to finally let loose and have fun now that he wasn’t worried about protecting me. Alice threw a snowball at my back. I heard her giggle behind me. I shot her a withering stare.

“What the target was there for a reason I presumed.” She hid a sheepish grin.

Jasper threw a snowball high in the air that distracted Edward for half a second watching it go up, Jasper took advantage of this and sent a rocket of a ball at the center of the fort that made all the sides wobble. I didn’t understand how this could distract Edward though if he could read Jasper’s mind but who knows Jasper probably had many hidden talents in the art of war.

“And for the 13th year in a row Jasper is the winner!” Esme announced. Alice went up and hugged her devoted husband. I couldn’t be sure but I could have sworn I heard Emmett let out a growl. I went over to Edward stumbling over the uneven snow all the way and apologized.

“Sorry I ruined your decoy. It’s entirely my fault you lost.” I could feel the guilt wash over me. But then he smiled and all of it washed away. All coherent thoughts left my mind and my breathing stopped.

“Please I never expected it to work. Japer doesn’t lose at this game but its still fun.” He was grinning uncontrollably. “Your freezing, lets get you inside.”

I walked into the house through the kitchen and Edward made me some hot chocolate. Esme and Alice went grocery shopping the day before and nearly bought out the entire store with anything I would ever want or need. I swear Alice would use any excuse to shop even if it wasn’t for clothes.

Edward looked like an angel. His hair looked as if it had diamonds in it from the melting snow and his button down shirt was rolled up at the sleeve exposing his perfect biceps and triceps. The skin stretched over his tendons perfectly making my heart melt.

I took a sip of hot chocolate and burned my tongue. When I let out a little whimper Edward looked at me with concern and worry across his face then chuckled under his breath and murmured “Only you Bella.”

Just then Alice came bounding into the kitchen.

“Bella there you are! I need your opinion on a few presents and I know you still have to wrap yours for a few certain people. Plus you can help me wrap mine. Come on!” she was jumping with excitement.

“Hey Edward! Jasper and I are heading out to play king of the mountain a couple miles away are you in?” Emmett boomed into the kitchen looking slightly irritated. He hated it when he lost in anything that involved physical competition. He loved anything that involved muscle so I was assuming that he wanted a rematch in something.

Edward looked at me as if asking my permission. I didn’t really mind I knew he would be back in an hour, hour and a half tops and I would be busy with Alice. Plus I could tell he wanted to go, yet didn’t want to at the same time. It killed both of us to be away from each other, even if it was for a short amount of time. But hey, it was Christmas and he didn’t see Jasper or Emmett that much anymore. And it would be good that he was out of the house while I showed Alice his present so that he couldn’t read her mind.

“Go and have fun. I’ll be with Alice the whole time and I wont even notice your gone.” I tried to grin reassuringly. Of course I would notice he was gone, he was my life. I noticed that everyone else had slyly slipped out of the room to give us some privacy.

“I don’t have to go you know. I could stay here with you.” His eyes where completely sincere and it pained me to know that he would do anything for me.

“Edward don’t be ridiculous you will be back before I can even miss you. Go have fun with your brothers. I’ll be completely fine.” And I really meant it, because I was in the Cullen house on Christmas Eve and I was going to wake up here on Christmas morning with my own personal angel. He searched my face for any signs of doubt. I knew he wouldn’t find any. A smile played across his lips.

“I promise I will be back soon Bella. Don’t let Alice take too much advantage of you.” I heard a snort come from the other room. I reached up on my toes and wrapped my arms around his neck, pulling my body closer to his. He knew exactly what I was doing; He reached down and placed both hands on either side of my face. I already knew what warning was coming. He said the same thing every time we parted.

“Please Bella, Please for my sake, be safe and don’t do anything stupid.” I just rolled my eyes at him and repeated my automatic response like a robot.

“Of course not Edward.” Then he leaned in slowly, I stopped breathing. Our lips touched ever so slightly, I was expecting him to pull away, but instead he crushed our bodies closer. My lips parted and then he pulled away like always. Jasper came in the kitchen.

“Do you think you two could not to that? It’s making me want to vomit.” A pillow came soaring in from the living room and waked Jasper in the head.

“Leave them alone Jasper Whitlock Hale Cullen or else!” Sometimes you just had to love Alice.

“I love you”

“I love you too.”

And with that he was gone.