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Pack Brother

Beautiful banner mane by Kayla Ariev. Isnt that guy gorgeous?! We learned in Eclipse that Quil is a werewolf now, and that he imprinted... on a two year old. How did that happen? And what happened when he finally phased? And what does the future hold for Quil and his Claire? I'm ending it there guys, sorry!

This story is probably going to end up being part of a series... the last one. Good thing it won't matter what order you read them in. It's going to be an imprinting series, I'll do one about Sam and Jared as well as this one about Quil. Those ones might not be as long though. This one will be four or five chapters, unless I go overboard. The one about Jared will only be a one shot, but I'm not sure about Sam. There's a huge story there, but I don't know if I'm the one to write it.

2. Imprinting

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“Quil, come on! Emily always has food, and I’m starving!” Embry whined, trying to pull me away from the bike. He had just bought a new one, a Suzuki GS6- R600 that needed work on the engine and brake lines. He had invited me over just to look at it, and now he was towing me away for food!

“Quil!” he whined again when I showed no sign of movement. This went on for a few more minutes, until finally I sighed and allowed him to pull me into the woods.

“Fine. But we’re running to Emily’s.” He smiled, and pulled off his shirt and shoes. He tied his pants around his leg and phased, turning into a giant gray wolf with pants tied to his back leg. I had to laugh … he looked ridiculous.

He growled, reminding me that this had been my idea. I stripped, also tying my shorts around my leg, and phased as well.

I was taller than Embry, and thicker too. Where he had gray fur, I had a deep chocolate brown, and where he had spots, my fur was the same color all over.

Ready? And might I add, you look just as ridiculous as I do, Embry’s disgruntled thoughts told me.

Aw, don’t get your cutoffs in a bunch. We’re humans who change into wolves. You can’t get much more ridiculous than that. Now, I thought you were starving?

He didn’t reply, and just started running. I chuckled to myself and caught up to him easily.

Hey, wait up! Jacob’s voice penetrated our minds as we found the mountain path.

We obediently stopped and waited, Jake had inadvertently issued an order. He wasn’t used to being the second in command and did that often.

Oh, sorry, he said, reading why we had stopped in our minds.

No worries. Now can we go? Before I die of starvation? Embry was being a tad melodramatic, but who wasn’t when they were hungry?

We ran the rest of the way without interruptions. Sam and Emily were expecting us; Sam had said something about a Pack meeting today. Paul and Jared were already there.

“Ok,” Sam started when we had sat down to eat, “here’s the thing. Billy was over at the Clearwater’s the other day, and noticed that Seth was burning up. He’s one of us, or at least he will be soon. From what I understand, he’s grown two feet in the past year, too.”

“He’s only what, fifteen?” Paul asked incredulously.

Sam nodded. “And that’s not all. You know the Coldstone twins? Collin and Brady?”

“No way! They’re only thirteen!” Jake yelled.

Sam nodded gravely. “I was over there yesterday to pick up something at the store, and Brady ran into me. Burning up, just like us. Not to mention they’re both 6’1. That’s quite an accomplishment for a normal thirteen-year-old boy.”

I started to form a question. Why were they all making such a big deal out of this? I loved being a werewolf, and any teenage boy would be thrilled to find out that he’s a part of a secret society meant to save the world.

“Why does —.” My voice choked off as Emily walked into the room, a small girl on her hip.

She had straight dark hair, only down to her shoulders, and big, black eyes, the same as the rest of us.

“Hi!” she squealed in my direction, causing the whole Pack to stare at me. Emily smiled.

“Shh, Claire, they’re talking,” she said softly, and turned to Sam. “Sorry for interrupting, but we needed a snack.”

“Aunt Emily, Aunt Emily! There’s a spider!” Another young girl’s voice came from the living room, but I was too preoccupied with the first one to care.

Emily rolled her eyes. “Here, Quil. Hold her, she seems to like you.” And dumped the girl on my lap.

I froze. I had never really liked kids, they were loud and smelled funny, especially now that I had a wolf’s sensitive sense of smell.

“I Claire. What your name?” Claire’s young voice, just learning how to form words asked.

I smiled at her baby talk and told her, “I’m Quil.”

She smiled back at me, bouncing up and down, and a strange feeling ran through my chest. I had made her happy, somehow, and I loved it. I felt like I could live the rest of my life just making this tiny girl happy.

Sam was looking at me with concern in his eyes, and Jared had a horrified expression on his face.

“What?” I asked, trying to sound irritable, but it was too hard with this ray of sunshine on my lap.

Emily came back in before they answered, and tried to take Claire from me. The little girl tightened her arms around my neck and refused to let go. When I pried her arms off, she began to scream.

“Maybe you should just keep her,” Emily suggested bewilderedly. “She’s really attached to you.”

Sam’s eyes had grown to the size of teacups, and Jared’s mouth had formed an ‘O’ of horror.

“What?” I demanded again.

“We can’t be sure until you phase. Come on.” Sam disengaged Claire’s arms with a deft swipe of his hand and pulled me out of the chair, ignoring Claire’s angry cries.

“Phase? What the heck are —.”

The whole Pack had followed me outside, staring at me like I was some sort of freak. Well, I was, really, but they already knew about the werewolf thing …

My hands began to shake, I was getting that angry about the funny looks. God, controlling your temper was hard.

“Phase,” Sam commanded. I knew he wanted to see something inside my head, but what? Nothing had happened today. I just felt … really good.

I fell on all fours, fur bursting out all over my body. My teeth grew and multiplied, causing my mouth to extend into a muzzle. Claws grew from my fingers and toes …

When I was done, Sam had already transformed, and information about imprinting flew into my head.

Leah Clearwater, the girl Sam had once loved. Broken promises as he looked at Emily, just once. Suddenly, his world rotated around her. It was all about her, and Leah was left with the short end of the stick.

Jared’s mind also swirled into mine as he phased, showing me Kim the way he saw her. I thought of her as a shy, plain girl, but he saw her in completely different way. She was perfect, his own ray of sunshine. His world rotated around her as much as Sam’s did around Emily. The way mine did around Claire.

Wait. What? I had imprinted with … a two year old? What did that mean?

More information flooded into my mind, this time as a legend. Sam had heard of this, just never expected it to be true. Apparently, werewolves couldn’t age until we gave up phasing. I would be this age, physically, forever if I never stopped phasing.

Claire would grow … I would be her older brother, then her best friend. I would always be there for her … until someday, when she was grown, our feelings would mature into something more. We would fit together like two puzzle pieces, be whatever we needed for each other. Or, at least, that’s what the legends said.

What if they were wrong? What if Claire didn’t want me someday? I already knew that there would be no one else … even if I didn’t feel that way now. I would someday, though. What if she didn’t? What if she found someone else?

Stop worrying. Everything will be perfect. Jared’s thought was so sure. He had Kim already, he didn’t have to worry.

Emily hated me at first. But you can’t fight against that level of adoration and commitment. I promise you, everything will be fine. Emily won’t be thrilled … but she’ll get over it. Sam, too, was sure. Ok. If they could trust this thing, then so could I.

I phased back then, not wanting them to hear any more of my insecurities. I was accepting this, but how could I be sure?

Emily had come onto the porch, her face a mask of confusion.

“What’s going on?” she asked Sam worriedly.

“Nothing bad,” he assured her. “Quil imprinted.”

Emily looked stunned. “With who? That’s great news!”

I bit my lip, hoping Sam would fill everyone in and not expect me to explain.

He glanced at me, and must have read something in my facial expression that told him that I couldn’t explain.

“Um, Claire, actually,” he said quietly.

Emily’s eyes widened in horror. “She’s a baby! That’s horrible!”

Quickly, Sam told her what I had learned, while I stared at the ground. This was just perfect. Emily was going to hate me now.

Jake and Embry had come up beside me, and each had a hand on my shoulder.

“Relax, man. It’ll be fine. You’re lucky. Most of us won’t ever imprint,” Jake said, talking from about 15 miles away, where his soul stayed with Bella Swan. He was convinced she was the only one he’d ever see.

“Yeah. I’m ok. Thanks guys.”

I smiled, the grin on my face getting bigger as Claire toddled out onto the porch. She tugged on my pants, wanting up.

Even though Emily didn't like it now, I knew she would feel differently when Claire was older.... when everything was normal.

I lifted her, my little ray of sunshine, feeling a huge surge of hope. I did have family, more than just my grandfather. And now, well, now I had Claire.