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Pack Brother

Beautiful banner mane by Kayla Ariev. Isnt that guy gorgeous?! We learned in Eclipse that Quil is a werewolf now, and that he imprinted... on a two year old. How did that happen? And what happened when he finally phased? And what does the future hold for Quil and his Claire? I'm ending it there guys, sorry!

This story is probably going to end up being part of a series... the last one. Good thing it won't matter what order you read them in. It's going to be an imprinting series, I'll do one about Sam and Jared as well as this one about Quil. Those ones might not be as long though. This one will be four or five chapters, unless I go overboard. The one about Jared will only be a one shot, but I'm not sure about Sam. There's a huge story there, but I don't know if I'm the one to write it.

4. Chapter 4

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“Quil, you need to get here right away,” Sam’s voice said through the phone.

I dropped the sandwich I had been holding and moved towards the door before I even hung up the phone. We couldn’t resist Sam’s orders, and it sounded like something was really wrong.

I phased faster than I ever had before. I didn’t know why, but I had this awful anxious feeling, like something bad had happened and I was needed.

I made it to Emily’s – also in record time — and burst in the door. Sam was holding his wife tightly as she sobbed into his shoulder.

“What’s wrong?” I asked softly, wondering why Sam had called me if Emily was having an emotional crisis. What could I do about that?

Emily jumped and wiped her eyes, trying to look like she hadn’t been crying.

“My sister,” she hiccoughed, “Sarah, she’s – she’s gone!”

Dread wrapped around my heart. “Does Claire know? What happened?”

Sam glanced at Emily, who had fallen apart again.

“Sit down,” he told her softly, and led her into the living room. He came out a moment later, tearstains on his shirt.

“It looked like a car accident, but it wasn’t. There was no blood left in her body. You don’t bleed dry from a car accident.” Sam spoke quickly and quietly, probably not wanting Emily to hear.

My arms began to shake. “Does—”

Sam had started shaking his head. “No, Claire doesn’t know. I thought that maybe, you should tell her.”

I stared at him angrily. “What? No! I’m not going to be the one to tell her that her mother was murdered!”

“Well, Emily can’t do it!” he whispered angrily. “You saw her. It would hurt her too much. And you have to tell Claire about us eventually, so why not now? She’ll probably be more receptive when she knows we’re going to avenge her mother’s death, don’t you think?”

I took a deep breath, considering it. My mind shied away from telling her, causing her that pain, but I knew he was right. Claire would rather hear it from me.

“I’ll tell her when I get her from school,” I said finally.

I went home after that, not wanting to intrude on Emily as she mourned for her sister.

A bloodsucker had killed her. A vampire. We had only seen two since the Cullens left, and we’d killed them easily. It was no problem when they were alone. How had we missed this one? We could smell them a mile away, and we did laps around the reservation every night to make sure no one slipped through our guard. But one had. And because of our laxness, Claire’s mother was dead.

The thought was enough to send a wash of heat down my spine and drop a curtain of red over my vision. I couldn’t fight the transformation at this point, I knew it.

I ran outside, pulling my clothes of as I went.

When I burst into a wolf, I kept running. I ran and ran and ran. The only thought that enabled me to turn back was Claire. I had to get her from school, or she’d be worried.

I ran into the house as fast as I could as a human — buck naked — and stopped dead when I saw her standing there. Claire. In my kitchen. Looking at me like I was crazy. And I was naked. Did I mention I was naked?

Then, something else caught my attention. She was staring at me. Really staring. Like … maybe she liked what she saw.

She swallowed and looked away, turning red. And boy, she wasn’t the only one. I must have resembled a cooked lobster.

“I’ll be right back,” I choked out, and rushed into my room, breathing heavily.

What in the name of Hades was Claire doing in my kitchen? I was picking her up at school in … an hour ago. Damn.

I threw on the first clothes I found and raced back out to the kitchen. She was sitting at the table, and looked so much like her mother I almost laughed.

Her mother. I closed my eyes as the pain and the guilt hit me again, and remembered what I had to do.

She eyed me as I walked in. “I’m not going to ask you why you were running around outside naked. I don’t want to know. I was just worried when you didn’t show up to get me like you said you would.”

I winced. “I, uh, lost track of time.”

She snorted. “I see.”

“Claire, there’s something I have to tell you,” I said, making myself become serious.

She cocked her head to one side. “And?”

“I’m not sure how to tell you this. Your mom…” I trailed off, not sure how to continue. How did you tell someone that their mom was never coming back?

Her eyes widened in horror. “What about my mom? What happened, what’s wrong?”

“She was … in a car accident,” I stammered.

She exhaled in relief. “Oh. What hospital is she in? Forks? I should go visit.”

I steeled myself. “Claire, no. I’m so sorry, but –”

“No! No, no no! My mother is fine! Why are you lying to me, Quil? Why?” She ran out the back door, grief giving her wings. I followed her slowly, trying to give her time to compose herself.

When I got to Sarah’s house, Claire was sprawled on the floor, silent tears running down her cheeks as she hunched over something.

“Claire, I—”

“Why do you look the same in all of these pictures? It’s like you aren’t aging. Look. I’m two or three, and you look the same as you do here, when I’m 14.” She gestured to the photo album she held.

Then she looked up at me. “And you still look the same. Why? And why were you running around naked? And how do you always know when I need you? And then there’s that freaky thing you do when you start shaking … you look like a ferocious animal? Why?”

This hadn’t been what I was expecting. I had anticipated tears, hysterics, and holding her as she cried. Not an interrogation that led to her finding out I was a werewolf. That was most likely the last thing she needed after learning that her mother was dead.

“Claire, I don’t think this is what you need right now. Trust me, you don’t want to know.” I gave her an out, but I knew she wouldn’t take it. She was too stubborn.

“I want to know. Maybe it’ll give me … something — else to think about.” She took a deep, shuddering breath.

I bit my lower lip. “I’m a werewolf.”

To my surprise, Claire snorted. “Yeah, right. The truth, please.”

I closed my eyes, willing her to understand. “That is the truth. We don’t age until we stop transforming, and when we transform, our clothes rip. That’s why I was naked.” I skipped the part about imprinting … I didn’t want to get into that just yet.

“The shaking happens when I’m losing control of my temper, and I’m about to change. I can control it most of the time, but it’s hard.”

Claire took a step back, now that she was on her feet. “Stop it, Quil. This isn’t funny.”

I plowed on mercilessly. She had wanted to know, and damn it, she was getting the whole story.

“Your mom wasn’t in a car accident, a vampire killed her, and it was our fault because the damn thing got through our defenses. They’re our natural enemies, so it’s our job to make sure they don’t kill people. We failed.”

Claire was now staring at me with a sort of fascinated horror. I stared back, waiting for her to say something, run … anything.

“You’re … serious, aren’t you?” she finally asked.

I nodded slowly, keeping my distance. She pressed her lips together in thought, and spoke again. “You said ‘we’. Are there more … of you?” The pause in the middle made it clear that wasn’t what she was planning on saying.

“Yeah. There are ten of us.” Did I have the all clear to tell her about everyone?

“Anyone I know?” Ah, what the Hell.

“Yeah. Sam, Jake, Embry, Paul, Jared, Leah, Set h…” Her eyes grew wider as I listed the names.

“Everyone? Sam? Does Emily …” She was clearly having a hard time figuring this stuff out.

“Yeah. Sam filled her in … accidentally.” How much of this was I allowed to reveal?

“What do you mean?” Of course she would want clarification.

“Claire, that’s not my story to tell. Ask Emily.” I didn’t really think Sam would mind, but — if I was being honest with myself — I didn’t want to scare her off.

“Show me.” Her words made my jaw drop. Was she serious? Her mother had just died, and she was acting like she had forgotten. Shouldn’t we worry about dealing with that before this?

Then I looked at her. Really looked. Tears shimmered on her pale face, and she was staring at me like I was her last hope. What did that mean? How did I help? Did I phase? Prove to her once and for all that I wasn’t crazy? Or did I pull her into my arms and never let her go?

“Please?” she whispered, and I made the obvious decision. I grabbed her arm and pulled her outside.

“I’ll be right back. Don’t be afraid … we’re kind of big.” That was the last thing I wanted. Her fear.

“I know you wouldn’t hurt me. Dog or human,” she said with a small smile.

I mock scowled. “Werewolf. Not dog.”

She giggled. “Whatever. Now, are you going to show me, or what?”

An idea struck me in that minute. No, I couldn’t … maybe I could.

I started to take off my shirt, watching her reaction. I knew it probably wasn’t the most appropriate time, but I had to know if she was feeling the same way as I was. I just had to.

“What are you doing?” she demanded, a slightly panicked note to her voice.

“I told you. When we phase, it rips out clothes. I can’t afford to buy a new outfit every time I phase.” So she did feel it!

It was obvious that she didn’t know how to respond to that. To my great amusement — and, happiness — she was blushing.

I ducked behind a tree to preserve her dignity. When I phased, a voice hit me so hard that I fell back on my haunches.

Quil! Where have you been? Sam demanded. We’ve been searching for you since this morning! Are you ok? Is Claire with you? He sounded worried.

Yeah, I’m fine. And Claire’s with me. I told her … everything, I responded, wondering why they all sounded so worried.

Well, I don’t know, one of our brothers disappears all day when there’s a vampire running around murdering people, why would we be worried? Jake joined in sarcastically.

You could have at least let us know you were alive. Wait. Why are you phasing? I felt Sam enter my mind.

Oh. Good idea. Umm … I won’t tell Emily, he said, obviously noticing my … experiment.

We’ll be here when she’s ready. Come over when you’re done, Sam ordered, and changed backed to human.

Good luck, was Jake’s parting remark, and he, too, changed back.

I trotted out to where Claire stood waiting, and stopped about ten feet away. My impressive vision picked out the way she swayed when I appeared, and the way more tears were tracking down her face.

I whined gently. “Quil?” she whispered. I chuckled; it was more of a rumbling noise in this body, and took a step forward.

She stared, and came forward cautiously. “Boy, you weren’t kidding. This is … incredible.”

I gave her a wolfy grin, my tongue lolling out the side of my mouth. She shook her head disgustedly, and I bounced up and licked her cheek, like I had seen Jake do to Bella once.

Like Bella, Claire recoiled and swatted at me. “Quil, that is disgusting! Knock it off!”

I dodged her hands easily, laughing. She stared at me, a confused expression on her face. I cocked my head, wondering what was wrong.

Tears cascaded down her cheeks, now, and sobs wracked her body. I came closer to her, wrapping my furry body around her small one.

Her head fell on my shoulder, and her fingers knotted themselves in my fur. For one insane second, I wondered if this was why Jake kept his fur long.

We sat like that for at least an hour while she cried herself out. Then, I pulled away to go and change back. I wanted to be able to hold her and talk to her, not just make growling noises.

When I came back — fully clothed — she had dried her eyes and was sitting up straight with a look on her face that I didn’t recognize. Sometimes I wondered if she did that on purpose.

“Quil, you didn’t answer one of my questions earlier. How do you always know when I need you? I didn’t want to cry with the you I know … but I could cry with you … as a wolf. You know when I need to vent, when I need to be talked off of the roof, so to speak … you know everything about me. How?”

Oh. Shit. How did she always pinpoint the questions I didn’t want to answer?

“Claire, can’t this wait? I think you’ve had enough shocks today, don’t you?”

She shook her head. “I’d rather get it all out of the way now, and then tomorrow I can start getting to know the real you.”

“It’s called … imprinting. We find our mates that way … sometimes.” I took extra caution not to look at her face, but I heard her gasp.

“We’re whatever that person needs, protector, brother, friend, lover … anything. Usually, it takes longer for us to find the right person, but I found you when you were two, so I got to know you before you knew yourself. It’s … easy, to be with you.”

“This works both ways, right?” Her voice was a little shaky. “I mean, you can’t just imprint with someone, and they run off with the guy next door. They feel the same way?”

“As far as I know. Emily and Kim didn’t,” I said, wondering where this was leading.

“So, that makes it ok if I do this?” she asked.

“Wha-” I hadn’t noticed how close she had gotten — that is, until I looked up. Her face was inches from mine. I could feel her breath on my face.

Then, gently, she pressed her lips to mine, and my world changed forever.