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My perfect wedding

This takes off where eclipse left off with Bella and Edward. They are geting married, and they have to tell Charlie. How will Charlie react? Will Alice drive Bella completely insane with the planning? And at the end of the whole story is an unexpected surprise.

Stephenie meyer owns everything! Enjoy!

2. Getting the dresses

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I stretched a little as I woke up to another cloudy day in Forks. Right when I stood up my new cell phone began to ring. “Hello?” I said into it after picking it up.

“BELLA! ITSTIMETOGODRESSSHOPPINGFORTHEWEDDING!!!!” Alice’s voice came into the receiver, she was talking so fast that it took me a few minutes to get what she was saying. Once I figured it out I started jumping around happily and squealing like a little girl.

“OK ALICE LET ME GET READY FIRST!!!” I screamed into the phone.

“HURRY UP! I’ll be over in about ten minutes to get you! Oh yeah Rosalie and Esme are coming too!” She said then hung up. I walked over to my closet and opened it. Alice had bought me a whole new wardrobe and I let her. She was taking advantage of me being so happy.

I pulled out a pleated plaid mini skirt that was blue and black. Next I got my Blue spaghetti strap tank top. And I pulled on a pair of black high heel boots. I pulled my hair in a pony tail with a few stray hairs falling down in front of my face. “All this just to take it off and try on a ton of dresses.” I whispered to my self as I did all this. Yes, the clothes that Alice got me were a lot less conservative, but I decided to humor her today. And I had to admit, I looked good.

I walked downstairs and saw Alice sitting on my couch. “‘Bout time!” She yelled. I just smiled as a response. She looked me over seeing what I was wearing and did an approving nod. We walked out to her car where Rosalie and Esme were sitting in the front and me and Alice got in the back.

“Now the dress store that we want to go to is all the way in New York, so call Charlie at work and lets go!” My Jaw dropped we were going all the way to New York.

But I did as obeyed. I knew we’d be to New York and Back before dinner, so I told Charlie we were just going to Seattle. He said that was fine, but to be home by 11p.m.

The whole way there I was jumping up and down in my seat, it was too quiet in here, so I decided to talk. “What are the men doing while were out?” I asked still jumping up and down.

“They are renting tuxes. Then they are going to do ‘manly things’ as they call it.” Alice said

“We call it being lazy and bored. Because they have nothing to do when we aren’t there.” Rosalie chimed in. And we all laughed.

Within a few hours we were in New York and in a bridal shop. “The bride’s dress first!” Alice squealed.

I walked into a changing room as Alice brought me tons and tons of dresses.
I tried all of them on, growing less and less enthusiastic with each one. Finally after 300 dresses, I found the one. I gasped when Alice Brought it to me, and when I tried it on it was a perfect fit. I stood on a stool with three mirrors in front of me and I looked stunning. “I never want take it off.” I whispered. It was a creamy, strapless metallic embroidered gown with satin pick up skirt, and contrast sash detail. When I looked at the price I almost fainted. A thousand dollars. I looked at Esme and Rosalie with a look of shock and showed them the price.

“Oh Bella, we’ll take care of it!” Esme said. I hugged her with all my strength, which wasn’t much.

We all decided to let me eat then we had to buy, Alice’s dress for she is my maid of Honor, Rosalie’s dress she is one of my bridesmaids, we have to get three of the dress Rosalie picks out. One for her, one for Jessica, and one for Angela of course. Then we have to get a flower girl dress, one of my little cousins is going to be my Flower girl. I think her name is Emma. And lastly I have to pick a dress out for Renee. Se asked me to, because she could not come up at the time we were shopping.

We all went to a diner, with such a fancy name, I couldn’t pronounce it. Of course I was the only one eating. I got calamari with some ice tea. While I was eating they discussed my Bachelorette party. They said something about just the three of us, me, Alice, and Rosalie going clubbing and stuff. They looked at me as they said that. I had never gone clubbing before so I agreed hastily. I wanted to know what it was like.

We were going to do that four days before the wedding. After I was done eating and they paid the bill we walked back to the bridal store. Alice, Rosalie and Esme all tried on dresses at the same time so I could pick at the same time, because we were running out of time. Esme was modeling the dress for my mom. She said she’d get her a dress when we were picking out the flower girl dress. It seemed every time they came out I said no to all of their dresses. Then finally when they came out I gasped. I was looking at Alice’s dress, It was a black strapless dress with three blue ribbons on it.

I nodded to Alice and she changed back into her regular clothes. She stood by me as Rosalie and Esme continued their quest to find their perfect dress. 15 dresses later Rosalie came out with one that I loved. It was a red strapless dress with white ribbons on it. Then she got into her regular clothes’ and stood by me as Esme continued to find the dress. Next she came out with a Halter, tea length dress on. It was vintage pearl and had a ribbon and brooch at the waist. I nodded my head.

And we were off to find the Flower girl’s dress. I immediately found the one I wanted when I got to the little girl’s dresses. It was a satin spaghetti strap gown with beaded embroidery, has satin skirt with satin belt with brooch detail. I could get it in the same creamy color as my dress. And esme came back with a beautiful lavender dress. We paid for the dresses and headed back to forks. I looked at my watch it was already 9p.m. I hope we could make it back at 11.

And guess what! We did. But I was already asleep. Before I fell completely asleep I remember Alice calling Charlie to tell him that I would be staying over at their house tonight. I smiled and fell into a deeper sleep.