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My perfect wedding

This takes off where eclipse left off with Bella and Edward. They are geting married, and they have to tell Charlie. How will Charlie react? Will Alice drive Bella completely insane with the planning? And at the end of the whole story is an unexpected surprise.

Stephenie meyer owns everything! Enjoy!

3. Working in the Kitchen

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I woke up on Edward’s couch, the day after we went shopping for the dresses. I stood up and went into Edwards’s bathroom, there was an extra toothbrush and hairbrush in there, that I figured was for me, so I used them and went back out into his room.

I walked out of his room and on my way to Alice’s room. When I was almost there I saw Edward trying to sneak in her room. I wonder why. Why would Edward want to sneak in Alice’s room? Just then figured that my wedding dress was probably in there. So I crossed my arms over my chest, and started tapping my foot.

He immediately spun around. “Edward what were you doing?” I asked sweetly.

“No-nothing.” He said at looked down at his feet. I rolled my eyes.

“Alice come here!” I yelled. She was by my side in a second. Edward was still looking at his feet, and he was shifting from one foot to the other. “Is my wedding dress in there?” I asked her. She started nodding her head. I smiled and looked at Edward. “I KNEW IT! YOU WERE TRYING TO SEE MY DRESS.” I said accusingly. He looked up at me a smiled.

“Yep, you figured me out. I just wanted to see what you were going to be wearing on our day.” He said still smiling.

I hugged him and looked up into his eyes. “Aww…you can see it, on me, on our wedding day. But no sooner.” I said before kissing him.
I pulled back and looked over at Alice. “Hey Alice, what are we doing today for the wedding planning? I mean the wedding is in one week.” She looked excited as I said this.

“Well today, we pick out the cake. What flavor, and what it’s going to look like.” She said, then she added. “Well you being the only one that can taste, your going to pick it out.”

I nodded slowly, “Easy enough. So who’s going to make them? I assume, knowing you, a professional cake maker, or whatever they are called.” I said and Alice shook her head.

“We are! I know how much you like cooking, and I love decorating. So your going to bake it, and I’m going to decorate it!” She said happily. I started to get excited. This would be fun. I smiled widely, and turned to Edward.
“This is going to be so much fun!” I yelled and wrapped my arms around him. He smiled a whispered to me that he loved seeing me this happy.

“Ok Bella, we better get started. You have to make a dozen different cakes and taste them. Then I have a book of wedding cake designs that you have to look at and decide which one. Then I have to practice making it.” Alice squealed. I nodded and walked downstairs with her. She handed me an apron and a chef’s hat which I put on without complaint.

I looked around the kitchen and all of the counters were filled with ingredients. And since they ran out of room on the counters they had to bring in a little table and put ingredients on that too.

“Alice? How many different types of cakes am I making?” I asked warily. She just looked at me smiling.

“Ten full sized cakes.” She said.

“What are we going to do with them? I’m only going to take a bite out of each one.” I said. And she started laughing.

“We’re going to give them to the werewolves. They love to eat ya know.” I smiled at that.

“Ok, let’s do this.” I said. I saw that there were two ovens, so I can make two cakes at a time. Alice sat in a chair and Edward sat in another. “What?” I asked cause they were staring at me.

“We want to watch you, this could be fun.” Edward said. I started laughing.

“It’s only fun when your making them.” And they both laughed at me when I said that. I went over to a book they had sitting on a counter and flipped to the first page, the classic white cake. I needed; Cake flour, baking powder, butter, sugar, milk, pure vanilla extract, and egg whites. I ran around the kitchen and grabbed all of these things. I pre heated one of the ovens on 375 degrees, while I made the batter. I greased the bottom of the pans, then followed the rest of the instructions.

I followed each and every recipe, I ran around the kitchen countless times, and I only tripped once. By the end of the night I had all ten cakes ready, and every single teenage member of the Cullen’s watching me.

When I was done I sighed and sat down, breathless. “What a workout.” I whispered. And I sniffed the air. It smelled great. The ten cake’s that I made and was about to taste were; the classic white cake, the fudge cake, the lemon cake, the carrot cake, the cheese cake, the triple chocolate with chocolate chips cake, The yellow cake, The angel food cake, a coffee cake(I don’t know why, I mean it’s a wedding.), and a vanilla fudge marble cake.

Suddenly Emmett started laughing. And I instantly knew why. My face was covered with flour and had some chocolate on it. But my apron had egg all over it along with some flour. I got up and got one of the little flour bags that had not been open. Emmett was too busy laughing to notice. I opened it up and quietly walked over to Emmett and dumped it on his head.

“Ha ha! Who’s laughing now?” I said and started dancing. He made a playful growling noise and got some eggs, whipped my chefs hat off and broke the eggs on top of my head.

“Me! That’s who!” He replied.

I crossed my arms over my chest. “Humph.” Then I got and idea. I smiled evilly, and snuck over to where there was left over fudge, It was in a bowl. I picked up the bowl and moved closer to him. All eyes on me, except Emmett’s, his eyes were closed on account of he was laughing too hard. I grabbed a big goop of it and threw it into his opened mouth. Then with the rest of the fudge I threw it all over his clothes. Edward and everyone else started laughing along with me. Emmett stood up and spit the fudge out, he went over to their fridge, where they now kept food for me. And he opened it up and grabbed the milk. I stood there staring at him frozen. I tried to run out of them room but he grabbed me and held me down and started tickling my with one hand and poured milk on me with the other. He got off of me and through the empty milk carton on the floor. Everyone was laughing at me now. I scowled.
I walked over to Emmett and poked his chest. “This means war!” I said to him.

“Bring it on.” He replied. I smiled.

“I will, tomorrow. But today I have a ton of cakes to try and I have to look at designs for them.” I said smiling.

“Alright, be here tomorrow and I will have a ton of food for us to have a food fight with. We’ll have it in the back yard.” He said smiling back.

“Sounds good.” I said back while walking over to the drawer with the silverware. I grabbed a fork and walked over to the table with all the cakes on it.

After trying every single cake I chose one. The Lemon cake. After telling this to Alice she went upstairs for a brief second and brought back a book with wedding cake designs. I opened it to the first page, and immediately fell in love with the very first one.

“Alice I want that one!” I said. And she nodded her head. And she made the design within a few minutes on my lemon cake. I fell even in more love with it.

Smiling I said. “I think I love it more than Edward.” I heard a growl come from across the room. “Edward calm down, I was joking. But I do love it Alice!”

“Ok Bella. You should get these cakes to the werewolves now.” She said and grimaced a little. “Although, I do need to keep the fudge one.” I nodded and let her, though I was confused.

“Can someone help me carry these out to my truck? I guess I should take these to Jake now.” I said and Edward grabbed one in each hand and ran to my truck, he did this until all the cakes were gone. Except the fudge one, which Alice put in the fridge.

I looked around the kitchen and it was a mess. From the cooking, but mostly from the ‘food fight’ me and Emmett had. “Bye everyone! I had fun. See you tonight Edward.” I waved at everyone before backing out and driving to la push.

All the cakes had foil over them and were put securely in the front of my tuck with me. I forgot to wash my face before I left the Cullen’s, and I wished that they let me help clean up. But they told me they could do a way better job because they had enhanced vision and they could clean faster. So I just left them the mess.

I arrived in La push within half an hour. And I pulled up into Jake’s drive way not too much later then that. I walked up to the door and knocked. Jacob swung the door open and took in my face covered with flour, and my hair had egg in it, and the rest of me was covered with milk. And he started laughing. The rest of the pack came over and looked at me and busted out laughing too.
“Yes ha ha! I’m so funny.” I said sarcastically.

“But Bella you are! What happened?” He asked me.

“Well I made ten cakes. That’s where the flour on my face came from. And The eggs and the milk are from Emmett. We got into a food fight.” I said, and everyone but Jake kept laughing.

“Why did you make ten cakes?” He asked me.

I looked at my feet. The rest of the pack stopped laughing too. “Now don’t freak, but me and Edward are getting married. And Alice had an idea, me and Alice would make the cake. I would Bake it and she would Decorate it.” I said quickly. He started shaking, but soon had it under control.

“Is that why you came here Bella? To tell me that your getting married to that…that…Edward?” He asked me. I knew he wanted to say leech, but he refrained from it. I shook my head, Which made some of the egg fall onto my nose. “UGH!” I said and wiped it off.

“No, I came here, because I’m the only one who needed to try the ten cake’s. I only took one bite from each. So I wanted to give the rest of them to you.” I said still trying to get the egg off my nose. “Well nine of the ten anyway. Alice wanted to keep one for some odd reason.” I finally got the egg off of my nose and looked up at Jake. He was smiling down at me.

“Thanks Bells! I’m starving.” He said and ran out to my truck. Sam followed him and together they carried all the Cakes into the house and set them in the kitchen. “Why don’t you stay for a while Bella?” Jake offered. I looked at my watch.

“Ok but only for a little bit.” The whole pack and I walked into the kitchen. And they started pigging out on the food. I stared in horror as they devoured the cakes that took me all day to make. Crumbs flew everywhere, and they didn’t even use forks! They used there fingers. After they were done the only cake that was left was the one that Alice decorated. The lemon one. Jake pointed at it. “Is that what your wedding cake is going to look like?” He asked and I nodded. He took a bite of it. “Mmmm. Lemon. That’s kind of odd for a wedding. But hey, it’s your wedding not mine.” He said shrugging. Then the whole pack surrounded that cake and devoured that one. So now I was covered in flour, egg, milk, and cake crumbs.

“Hey Jake? I gotta go. See ya.”

He tried to say Bye Bye Bella, but his mouth was full so it came out “I I Ella” And a bunch of crumbs came out. I looked away disgusted. I walked out to my truck and arrived home. As I walked up the steps I realized just how tired I was. All I wanted to do was go into my room and collapse on my bed, but I needed a shower first.

I thanked god Charlie wasn’t home tonight, because he went fishing with Billy. Because if he saw me this way he would start laughing and never stop. So that was one less person to not worry about laughing at me tonight. I shut the door behind me and locked it. I trudged up my stairs and went in my room. Edward was sitting on my bed.

“Hi.” I said in a tired voice. He looked at me and he looked like he was trying not to laugh.

“Bella…your still a mess.” He said shaking his head.

“I know. But, it’s hard not to be. I mean the flour is from me making all those cakes, the milk is from Emmett, and so are the eggs. And all these crumbs are from the pack.” I said. “And I’m too tired to take a shower, but I have to.” I whined the last part. And my eyes were really droopy. Edward stood up and walked over to me.

“I could help you take your shower. Because you really do look like you would fall asleep in the middle of it.” He said to me staring deep into my droopy eyes.

I started blushing, which probably looked really funny because of the flour on my cheeks. And I looked down at my feet. I started to fall asleep on the spot, but I jumped up. I realized I did need help with my shower tonight. “Ok, you can help me.” I said slurring some of my words. He picked me up, bridal style and took me into my bathroom. I started to fall asleep again, so he undressed me himself. That’s the last thing I remember before falling asleep fully.

Then I woke up as the water started going on my head. I looked down and blushed because I was completely naked. Then I looked in front of me, and Edward was there. He was completely naked too. I looked him over, and blushed even more when he noticed I was looking at him.

“Bella your going to have to turn around so I can wash your hair.” He whispered. I nodded my head and yawned as I turned around. He took the shower massager off the hook and gently washed my hair. I almost fell asleep but I jumped up right before I could. “Ow!” I said, because Edward was still rinsing my hair, when I jumped up his fingers ripped through my hair.

“Sorry.” Edward said.

“It wasn’t your fault, I was just falling asleep.” I said then yawned again. Edward went back to rinsing my hair. When he was done rinsing my hair he turned me around and took a wash cloth and put some soap on. He started scrubbing my face getting all the flour off. Then he went to wash the rest of my body, but he hesitated.

“Do you want to wash the rest of your body? Or do you want me too?” He asked me.

“Yidntcare” I said slurring my words and falling back asleep. He started laughing then he gently scrubbed the rest of my body. I shivered under his touch; even though I was half asleep I just as aware of him as if I were fully awake. Then he rinsed me off and turned off the water. He wrapped a towel around me and took me out of the shower. He picked me up again and took me to my room. I fell asleep just as he was putting my clothes on. Only this time when I fell asleep, I was able to stay asleep, well until the morning at least.