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Everything was perfect; Edward and Bella were going to get married, Victoria was gone, then suddenly everything goes wrong. A deception tears Edward and Bella apart. Will their love be able to survive this? *Skip first chap. if you get bored easily*


1. Chapter 1: The News

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Today is the day. Today is the day I have been dreading for a long time, and after today we will know the truth of my future.

Today is the day I tell Charlie about the wedding.

But I couldn’t! I imagined all the possibilities, they weren’t good... The only way there will be no bloodshed after this if a miracle happened, or if I had magical powers.

I looked at Edward. He seemed so content that I couldn’t believe it. He should be worried too, for Charlie might just arrest him for marrying me.

He laughed quietly, as if he could read my thoughts “Well, you better get going. Chief Swan is going to be home soon, and he wants his dinner.”

I sighed and stood up, but I tripped over my feet again and fell. Edward catches me before I fell on the ground.

He kissed me on my nose, “Will you ever start to be careful? You know that I cannot live life without you.”

I grumble, “Well, not everyone can be a graceful ballerina.”

The door opens and closes. Charlie! He was home so soon! I quickly ran downstairs. There is Charlie, and I haven’t even started dinner yet!

“Hey Bells!” he seemed to be in a cheery mood, I hope. Well, he wasn’t going to be any longer. He was going to hate me.

“Hi Ch-Dad,” I begin, “Uh, I didn’t start dinner yet. Can you wait?”

He nods and goes into the living room. I felt Edward behind me. He leads me into the kitchen.

“Hi Chief Swan.” He said politely. Edwards was always so articulated and polite. Although Charlie has dispelled some negativity toward Edward, he still didn’t completely trust him. Charlie mumbled hi then went back to the T.V.

Edward met me in the kitchen. I was preparing some chicken pastrami. I nervously cooked it, thinking about Charlie’s angry face.

Edward helped me by setting the table. He was cool and collected while I was anxious and worried. If I told Charlie, then he just might have a heart attack, and I will forever be the one who ended his life.

Charlie must’ve smelled the food, because he wandered into the kitchen.

“Smells good Bells.” He said appreciatively. Well, you won’t be appreciative anymore once I tell you!

Edward sat next to me, silent. Then he looks at me and I knew I had to say it now.

I start, but my throat seemed to be clogged with an iron ball. I cleared it and begun again, “Um…Charlie?”

His mouth was so full he only managed a “Hmph?”

I was starting to sweat bucketfuls. This wasn’t good. No it wasn’t. Beside me Edward takes my hand to give me support.

“Uh…Dad, Edward and I are getting…”

Uh oh, Charlie wasn’t looking so good. As soon as he heard those words his face turned very red.

I managed to choke out the last part, “married.”

Charlie started choking. I cried out in horror. I wanted to try and help, but my body was frozen, like permafrost. Then in a second Edward was behind Charlie patting his back. Charlie coughed and coughed and finally a stray piece of chicken flew out of his mouth.

Charlie continued to cough and glare at me. It was obvious that he was angry. Then I felt Edward at my side again and I felt a little bit better.

After what seemed like an eternity, Charlie stopped coughing but continued to glare at me. I was starting to feel really nervous. I looked over at Edward, now why was he smiling like that?

Finally Charlie spoke, “When’s the wedding?”

I was shocked. I thought he would run through the neighborhood while screaming at me. I thought he would ground me forever. I thought he would have an aneurysm, but no. Instead he asks me when the wedding is? I was really confused.

Since it seemed like I was too much in shock to say anything, Edward spoke, “August thirteenth.”

Charlie muttered under his breath, “That soon? She is starting to act like Renee.”

Finally I swallowed and spoke, “Would you like to come?” I said that in the teeniest tinniest voice ever.

Charlie seemed like he was about to shout “No no no no no!!!!” over and over again, but then his face loosened and he sighed.

“If you want to have a wedding, then I don’t suppose I can stop you.” But his face continued to be very red

Edward glanced at my face and saw that I was, again, in no condition to speack, so he spoke for me, “So will you come?”

Charlie sighed again and this time he looks so tired and weary that I felt sorry for putting him through so much abuse.

“Yes. Yes I will.” Then his face hardened and he said to Edward, “You better take good care of her! This is one special person you are marrying!”

Edward smiled and said with sincerity in his voice, “Don’t worry Chief Swan, I will protect her forever!”

Charlie could hear the perfect sincerity in his voice, so he finally nodded.

I couldn’t believe it! Charlie said yes! I ran to him and hugged him. Charlie was caught off guard with this hug and he looked embarrassed, but he hugged back.

“Did he get you a ring?” Charlie asked.

I nodded and showed him it. He looked impressed.

“It was Edward’s mother’s ring.”

Charlie looked up to Edward and he smiled a genuine smile.

“I’m trusting you Edward,” he paused, “Bella,”

I stifled, the storm wasn’t over yet, but then I saw in his eyes that he accepted the fact.

“Call Renee for me. I think I’m just going to go to bed.”

I nodded. As soon as Charlie went upstairs I ran to Edward and we embraced. Then I kissed him. His breath was sweet and exquisite. Finally Edward broke apart and smiled.

“Well, that wasn’t so hard was it?”

I laughed, “Charlie took it well!”

He laughed too and we kissed again.

“You should call Renee.”

I nodded, unwilling to stop kissing him. I took a deep breath and dialed Renee’s number, knowing that she will be easier to tell than Charlie.

“Hello.” It was Phil.

“Hi Phil, may I speak to Re-Mom?”

“Hi Bella! Well, sure!” I heard him calling Renee in the distance.

Then I heard my mother, “Hello?”

“Guess what?”


“Me and Edward are getting married!” I said, so excited I used bad grammar.

“Oh that’s fabulous!!!”

We chatted on and on. Then suddenly she burst into tears.

I was startled, “Mom? What’s the matter?

She continued sobbing, “My baby is growing up so fast!”

I tossed a look at Edward who was grinning. No doubt he had heard our whole conversation.

Finally I had to say goodbye. I gave mom the date of the wedding and she promised me she would come. Then we hung up.

As I put the phone back on the hook Edward spoke, “So?”

“As if you don’t already know.” I snorted.

He grinned, “Very insightful.”

It was getting dark. Charlie would be kicking Edward out soon. As if Edward could read my mind, he kissed me and said, “Be back when Charlie is snoring.”

Then he was out the door.

After Edward had left I went up to my room. There was nothing to do, so I went on my bed and read Pride and Prejudice again. I have already read it several times, so I basically memorized the whole book.

It wasn’t long before Edward crept to my windowsill. A light knock snapped me out of my book, and I looked up to see Edward. He had already came in and was knocking on my window.

“Knock knock,” he said, and then he saw the book I was reading.

Pride and Prejudice again? Honestly, don’t you ever vary your literature?

I scowled at him, “This is a classic! Besides, I’m not reading Wuthering Heights anymore!”

He smiles that beautiful smile once more, then comes over to the bed.

That night I slept in his arms and dreamed happy dreams. Everything is going to be perfect. Victoria is gone, I was getting married, and Edward was going to change me. Everything is perfect, or so I thought.