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Everything was perfect; Edward and Bella were going to get married, Victoria was gone, then suddenly everything goes wrong. A deception tears Edward and Bella apart. Will their love be able to survive this? *Skip first chap. if you get bored easily*


2. Chapter 2: A New Face

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Who says that only sticks and stones can hurt you? Nothing hurts more than this, I mean nothing. When you hear that the girl of your dreams marrying a leech, you’ll wish that sticks and stones would be thrown at you. Then at least the internal pain will be gone, and replaced by the external pain.

I finally came home. I had run miles and miles, trying to escape the pain. Finally my guilt consumed me. I could not let everyone down. I could not let Billy worry like that, I couldn’t desert the pack. I had to come home.

No one expected me to come home early. Almost everyone had thought I would be gone forever. I saw the pity in their eyes. I didn’t want to be pitied! I didn’t want their sympathy!

I should’ve known that Bella would choose him. Choose the disgusting bloodsucker. But when Bella told me she loved me, I thought that there could be hope. That she would actually choose me after all, but there isn’t. I thought that I could convince her. But that fifthly parasite took her away… Maybe if I kissed her again it would jog her memory of how much she loved me. She does love me right?

I pondered this as I went down to the beach to meet Sam and the others. We were going on another run, to make sure all the bloodsuckers were completely gone from the area, well, except for the Cullens.

The beach was beautiful. I remember the times we spent there on the shore, Bella and me. We would just talk and laugh. I missed old times. Then I caught sight of Sam and he others.

“Jacob, phase quickly. We think that all the vampires may not have left the area.”

This was news to me. I thought we killed them all, but I phased anyway. It was a lot easier now and more natural. Before long I could hear all the thoughts of the wolf pack.

It’s the leech lover’s lover. Leah was sneering inside her thoughts. Even though she no longer makes fun of me out loud, she still thinks it out to the rest of us.

Okay Jacob, can you lead Embry, Quil, and Leah to the North? I’ll take the rest and scan the area. That was Sam. Immediately they followed me as I ran up to the north. This better be good, because I didn’t want to think of Bella anymore.

Too bad she won’t get out of my mind. She was in there day and night. It was driving the pack mad, but I couldn’t stop thinking of her.

Jacob, Embry’s voice was clear in my head, you okay?

Yeah, Jacob. Leah said scathingly. Still thinking of the bloodsucker to be?

Oh yeah? Still thinking of Sam? I thought. Leah went silent all of the sudden from the shock. I thought that she would stop already the first time I bugged her about Sam, but I was wrong. It takes at least 100 times before Leah gets the message and shuts up.

Then I felt Leah’s pain. It was intense, so intense that it almost covered up my pain. I knew then that I’d hurt her, and I decided that it wasn’t worth it, that if I make people feel the same hell as me, it would make me as bad as the parasites.

Suddenly I caught a scent. It was that sickly sweet scent of those leeches. I could tell the others did too, because their thoughts were screaming it.

It’s the Cullens! Quil was shouting. It was a dumb assumption. The Cullens won’t be that careless and cross the boundary. Even if they did, why venture so deep into Quileute territory?

Come on! I thought. We need to find out who that is!

The pack followed Jacob through the dense forest. The scent was getting stronger and stronger, and now something new was emerging.

Blood! We all thought at the same time! Whoever this was, they were snacking on an innocent animal, or worse, a human.

We ran with even more urgency until finally the scent was so strong in their heads it caused some nausea.

There it was, a shadowed creature. It had long blond hair so I assumed it was a girl. Its head was draped over a human, and my blood ran cold at this. She was drinking his blood!

Everyone, remember to stick by the plan. Beforehand Sam and I had planned strategies if we ever encountered a bloodsucker that wasn’t a Cullen.

Leah and Quil circled the creature, confusing it. The leech finally dropped the human. The human was a grey color, and I knew that he was dead. I felt fury toward this leech. It had killed an innocent human and then drank all of his blood. The creature looked surprised to see us, then smiled, blood dripping down its mouth. Then the leech lunged for me.

I quickly dodged it, and tried to bite it, but it was insanely fast. I saw it run toward Quil, but Quil wasn’t fast enough.

Quil! Watch out! But I was too late. The thing had its hands around Quill’s neck, breaking it in a second. Quill let out a howl and a scream.

Terrified at what this thing could do, I shot a mental message to Sam. We found a leech! It’s hurt Quil!

Sam’s group immediately headed our way. Try to keep it busy! We’re coming!

Then before I knew it the thing headed toward Leah. Leah growled, a low and menacing growl, but the thing struck. Leah managed to dodge it, but the thing struck again, even faster. I charged at it biting its side with all my might.

Its skin was insanely hard. I had forgotten how hard vampire skin was.

The thing stared at me for a moment, then lunged for my throat. It narrowly missed and I quickly pinned it down with me body, then I swiped its face.

At the moment, Sam’s group arrived. Sam along with Paul, Jared, and Seth growled at the vampire. The vampire, seeing as it was trapped, spoke to us,

“Cullen…” its voice rasped. There were long cuts around its mouth.

I could hear the confusion of the pack.

Cullen? Did a Cullen send this leech? This bloodsucker is looking for Cullen?

Everyone was talking, and no one realized that Quil was hurt.

I ran to Quil’s side. He was bleeding a lot and seemed to be in pain.

Sam! Quil is hurt!

In a flash Sam was by my side, he tried to analyze the damage.

It should be no problem. He should be fine in a day.

Together Sam and I carried Quil back. I could feel him tremble and shake in pain. At that moment I felt uttermost fury and hate to the leeches. I hated them for hurting Quil like this.

Embry carried the vampire. He was uncomfortable. His thoughts were all revulsion and it was clear that he wanted to rip the thing to shreds. But, he followed orders.

There was the beach. phased back and put on clothes. After that, Sam said, “It’s time to visit the Cullens.”



When I woke up I felt wonderful. It was like a slept on a fluffy cloud all night, when really I was sleeping on a rock solid vampire.

Edward was smiling at me, playing with my hair. I still couldn’t get used to his godly features. He looked like an angel, while I looked…plain.

I smiled, “Good morning Edward.”

Edward kissed me. It was long and sweet.

“Good morning my love.”

I smiled even more when he said “my love”. With him in my life, or rather, my existence, I am complete.

“May I have a human moment?”

Edward smiled and became as frozen as a statue. I smiled too, then got out of bed and welcomed the new day.

My closet was hopelessly mundane. I wanted to dress in a way so I dazzle Edward. I wanted to return the favor because I was always getting dazzled by him.

Finally I choose a nice blue shirt with jeans, since Edward thinks blue looks best on me. After brushing my teeth and combing my hair, I finally emerged from the bathroom. Edward smiled at the sight of me. Then his cell phone rang. Edward looked puzzled, but answered it.

“Hello.” He whispered. The person on the other side was talking too fast for me to follow. All of a sudden Edward snapped his phone shut and was at my side.

His expression was puzzling. It was a mixture of disgust, fear, and excitement.

“Edward, what’s wrong?”

His eyes met mine, and for a seemingly long moment, he smiled.

“Oh, it’s nothing. Alice told me that the dogs are contacting us about a new vampire.”

At first I didn’t take it all in. It seemed oddly ridiculous. Why would the Qualities contact the Cullens? They loathed vampires. It didn’t seem right. Then I heard the last part of what Edward said.

“There’s a new vampire?” I gasped.

Edward was confused at my reaction, “Yes, and the dogs are contacting us about it.”

I closed my eyes for a second, then opened them, “Please don’t call them dogs.”

Edward smiles, “Your wish is my command.” Then he got serious, “I’m not entirely sure what this is about, but I’m pretty sure it’s nothing. I’ll be back soon.” He turned to leave.

I grabbed his hand, “Take me with you.” I begged.

Edward sighed and gently loosened my grip, “I’m sorry Bella, it’s too dangerous.”

“Please Edward!” I needed to come! What if all of this was my fault? What if this new vampire hurt Edward? I didn’t want to see Edward hurt, or any of his family! This way if the vampire wanted me, there I was. No bloodshed no death.

Edward searched me with his eyes, then he sighed, “Hold on,” he said simply and dialed a number on his cell phone.

I waited anxiously as Edward talked lightning speed. I couldn’t understand any of it.

Finally Edward ended the call and turned to look at me.

“ Alice doesn’t think it will be a problem.”

I sighed in relief. Then I felt fear. It’s time to see what this is all about.