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Edward's rebellious stage.


1. Rebellious

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It was night, the perfect time for crime. The darkness provided a cover, a safe blanket to wandering eyes, all except for me.

I walked down the sidewalk, listening to everyone’s thoughts. I didn’t hear anything yet, not yet…

I wandered past a drunk, sitting on the sidewalk; his home was a cardboard box.

What a pretty little girl… he thought as I walked by. I almost laughed. I, a pretty little girl? I was much too dangerous to be that, but he was drunk, so I spared him. He wasn’t dangerous, only disorientated.

I searched the streets once more. So far nothing had been out of place, not a single incident. I was getting thirstier and thirstier. Unless something happens soon, I will lose control and attack an innocent.

I saw another human, a girl this time. Her scent was delicious, and I almost gave myself to the temptation, but at the last minute I stopped myself.

Wow, he’s a looker. She smiled at me flirtatiously.

“Hey there,” she said coyly. I had to get out of there, otherwise I was going to attack this girl. I ran from her, the farther I got away from her, the more my mind cleared. I was able to control the monster in me, and I started to walk again. I heard the girl shout after me. Each shout got fainter and fainter, then it was gone.

Then I heard it, I heard the scream of help. I rushed toward the sound, I could almost taste the blood of the victim I was about to kill.

Then I turned the corner, and I saw what I had been waiting for all night.

An innocent woman was in the alley, and around her three guys were converging toward her, trapping her.

“Please, I beg of you, you can take all my money, just don’t kill me!” Her voice wavered from her fear.

One of them chuckled; the sound was music to my ears.

“Nonsense, my dear lady. If I simply take your money, then the thrill of the kill is gone.”

The other gang members laughed, and they took a step closer to her.

In a flash I was behind the one who spoke. He hadn’t even noticed I was behind him.

“Not so fast.” I whispered him his ear, then I broke his neck with a simple movement of my fingers. The other gang members stared at me in shock. I growled at them.

Who is this stupid little kid? The larger one smiled at me.

“Oh, we did get lucky today, a woman and a little kid to kill, oh yes.”

He stepped closer to me, then he gasped.

Where’d he go?

“Right behind you.” I whispered, and snapped his neck in half.

When I looked around for the third one, he was gone. I was going to have to hunt him down too. If word gets out of a killer of killers, it might blow my cover.

I glared at the woman, she was cowering in fear.

Who is this kid? How is he so fast?

“Go!” I shouted at her. I was about to lose it. The delicious blood was pouring out of the guy’s neck. I felt the monster in me stir at the scent.

Only one more kill, it won’t be that bad. The monster in me encouraged me to kill the woman too. I stepped, advancing on her. I imagined snapping her neck too, then I stopped myself.

I couldn’t do it. If I killed this innocent, I would be a real monster. I only kill the ones who are only a little more human than me.

She didn’t move; still shaking with fear.

What? He’s going to kill me too?

“Go! Before the other one comes back!” I shouted at her.

She quickly ran from the spot.

He spared me! Oh thank you God! You have sent me my guardian angel, and he has protected me!

I laughed at her thoughts. I was no angel, I was the complete opposite. I had almost come this close to killing her as well.

Then when I was sure she was gone, I stepped over the nearest corpse; blood covered the body. The scent filled my nose.

Then I leaned down low, and bit his neck.