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Her Change

I have been reading alot of stories where Edward left, and Bella got changed, and welcomed into another Vampire family. So I wanted to make my verson of it. So here it is. Basically, Edward leaves Bella again. And one night Victoria breaks into her house. She take's Bella. But she also take's someone else.

Stephenie Meyer owns everything!

1. Bringing Charlie into the Vampire World

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I woke up, hearing a huge bang, and broken glass was everywhere. There standing on my windowsill was Victoria. I screamed. But I knew no one would help me. Edward was gone along with the rest of the Cullen’s, and I didn’t know any other people that could help me. That’s right, they left me again!

Charlie ran into my room upon hearing me scream. “No Charlie get out of here!” I said. But he wasn’t listening to me, he was gaping at Victoria. “Dad! Get out of here!” I screamed again. Victoria laughed.

“Well, I only came here for Bella! But I’ll take the puny man too.” She said with an evil smile on her face. She grabbed Charlie and threw him over her shoulder, and she threw me on the other shoulder.

I wiggled, and squirmed. But I couldn’t get out of her grasp. “Let Charlie go! He has nothing to do with this!” I screamed. I looked over and Charlie was staring at me.

“And you do?” He asked. I nodded my head. Victoria laughed harder as she jumped out my window. She put us in the back seat of a car, and got in the passenger seat. Another, bigger vampire, one that reminded me of Emmett, got in the drivers seat. “Step on it, David!” She said to him. And we were off, Charlie was staring out the window, and I was staring at him.

Charlie finally looked at me.” How are you apart of this?” He asked softly. I turned to look at Victoria. I didn’t know if I should tell him. And she was the only one who I could ask. She nodded her head before I even asked.

“OK…This is going to sound Crazy but. Here goes.” I started, my voice was shaky. “The, ummmm. The Cullen’s are vampires, as are Victoria and David….” And I told him everything I knew about Vampires. I told him what happened with James. And I told him how Edward read’s minds, Alice see’s the Future, and Jasper can sense and control emotions. I told him everything. Everything except the part where Edward snuck into the house every night. When I was done his eyes were popping out of his head and he fainted. I heard Victoria chuckle. I ignored her.

“Victoria, Where are you taking us?” I asked in a innocent voice. “And what’s going to happen to us?”

“Well if you must know, we are going far away. To Australia. And I’m going to torture you and Charlie for a few years and eventually, when I get bored. Kill you.” She said looking excited.

I wanted to save Charlie, So I had to do something. “Ummm….why would you want to kill me? Don’t you know I am immune to most Vampire’s powers. And Aro thinks I’m going to have great powers.” I said, still unsure of how I was going to save Charlie from her.

Her face perked up at this information. And she looked like she was deciding on whether or not to do something. “Ok. I am going to change you. And you are going to work for me. But I am still going to torture and kill Charlie.”

“No. Because after I am changed, I will be able to kill you. I’ll make a deal with you.” I said sternly. I knew how to save Charlie.

“What’s the deal?” she asked looking a little worried.

“You let Charlie go, and then I’ll…” I gulped and looked over at Charlie. “Work for you.” I whispered the last part.

“Hmmm…I would. But since he knows about Vampires it’s just too risky.” She said. Then her face perked up. “I know! I’ll change him too. I mean he is your father. Maybe he’ll have some special powers too.”

I started panicking. What was I supposed to do now? After that conversation everything fell silent. And later Charlie woke up. He looked around and sighed. I guess he realized this wasn’t a dream. When I looked at him I started crying. But I stared out the window hoping he wouldn’t notice. He did, and he pulled me into a hug. “It’ll be ok Bells”

“No…It…Won’t.” I said in between sobs. And he patted my back and tried to sooth me. Once we made it to the other side of America, they stopped the car. “We are going to be swimming from now on.” She said. She and David got out of the car and David grabbed me and threw me against his back. “Ouch.” That was going to leave a mark. I looked over and saw Victoria doing the same with Charlie.

They jumped into the ocean, and went under water, but they left us above water. I was terrified. What if there were sharks. I looked over to Charlie, who was looking at me. “Why did you never tell me about your boyfriend being a vampire.” When he said that I winced remembering the Cullen’s.

“I thought you’d freak out. And humans aren’t supposed to know. Other wise they have to be changed into a vampire, or killed.” I choked out the last word.

“But you knew.” He said softly. And I looked over at him with guilt in my eye’s. And then understanding dawned on him. “You were going to be changed. And you were going to leave me. Just like that?” He asked. Trying to stay calm.

“Yes.” I replied and started crying.

“Bells. Do you know what’s going to happen to us now?” He asked trying to change the subject of me leaving him. I nodded my head.

“Well. What?” He asked.

“She was going to torture us until she got bored, then she was going to kill us. But I told her about me being immune to Vampire powers and how Aro one of the member’s of the Volturi said I’m going to probably be really powerful as a vampire. And she said that instead she was going to just kill you, and Change me and I’d work for her. But then I said I’d only do that if she let you go. She said that she couldn’t do that because you know too much already. And so now, she is going to change us both, and we both are going to have to work for her.” I said.

“Well can’t we just kill her if we get changed, then we can get away, and stuff.” He replied, After taking in this information.

“Yeah, but then she’d kill you.” I said the last part slowly, until I understood. If she was Changing Charlie too, then we could kill Victoria. I really hoped Victoria and David couldn’t hear us, I mean they were under water.