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Her Change

I have been reading alot of stories where Edward left, and Bella got changed, and welcomed into another Vampire family. So I wanted to make my verson of it. So here it is. Basically, Edward leaves Bella again. And one night Victoria breaks into her house. She take's Bella. But she also take's someone else.

Stephenie Meyer owns everything!

2. Bella's long transformation

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After about three days of riding on the Vampire’s back throughout the ocean we arrived at Australia. The beach we landed on was completely deserted, that was good considering the two Vampires that were sparkling like crazy.
Victoria threw Charlie down at the same time David threw me down. I landed with a grunt. Victoria walked off telling us she had to prepare the house she bought and that she’d be back later. David stood about twenty feet from us looking out into the ocean, a grim expression on his face.

I looked over at Charlie who was falling asleep, and I stood up. While I walked over to David I noticed something about him I didn’t notice before, he looked like he was only 14. But he had muscles like Emmett. His red eyes seemed to glare at the ocean.And his brown hair was spiked. I suddenly took pity on him, he was only 14 and had his whole life ahead of him, and he got it taken away. He had to be 14 forever! When I reached him I stood right in front of him and stared into his eyes. We were the same height, shows how short I am!

“What?” He spat at me. I was shocked by his sudden outburst but tried not to let it show.

“Your only 14 aren’t you?” I asked full of pity.

“Yeah, but I don’t need you pitying me, so don’t!” He said again. Still ignoring his tone I said this to him.

“You know you don’t have to do this, take other people’s lives. You can hunt animals. Do you really want to kill other people, and end their lives as your’s was?” As I said that a look of shock went across his face.

“What do you mean I can hunt animals? Victoria said that was the only thing that could kill a Vampire.”

I started laughing at this. “It won’t kill you. It will save people’s lives though. Victoria lied just so you would drink from human’s and follow her. And there is only two things that can kill a Vampire, that is other Vampire’s and werewolves.”

He looked into my eyes and asked the one question that I didn’t want to answer, for it would hurt to much. It would bring back to many memories. “How do you know so much about Vampire’s?”

I turned around and looked out at the ocean, I tried holding in the tears but I couldn’t. They poured out of me as I remembered Edward and all the other’s. As I turned around I wiped the tears from my face and took a deep breath. “I used to be in love with one. Well actually I still love him. But I hate him because he left me…twice.” I said.

He looked shocked but then recovered. “Was that one of the vampire’s you were telling your Dad about in the car?” he asked. I nodded.

“The one that could read minds. His name was Edward.” I said quietly. I think he saw that this was hurting me so he changed the subject.

“I’ll make you a deal. Just hear me out. Let Victoria change you, then we can escape. And I will only help you escape if afterwards you help me hunt animals instead of humans. And I also have no where to go to, so can I live with you and your Dad?” He said.

I nodded. “That sounds fair enough.” I said smiling. “Now when Victoria gets back we don’t want her to know anything so I’m going to go lay by Charlie.” Then I walked off and I saw David glare out into the ocean. We looked exactly as we had twenty minute’s ago, before I started talking to him. I woke Charlie up, and we waited together for Victoria. I hadn’t told Charlie yet that David was on our side, because I didn’t know when Victoria was coming back. And I didn’t want her to come back and me and Charlie would be talking about it.

And soon Victoria did come back. She grabbed Charlie and swung him on her back and took off. David did the same with me. Only he did it more gently. Victoria didn’t notice though. They ran until they reached a house in the middle of a swamp. Miles and miles from any other people, I’m sure.
They sat me and Charlie down on a couch and stood in front of us. Victoria crossed her arms over her chest. “Now here’s how it’s gonna work. First I change Bella, So Charlie will have to see her in pain. Then I will Change Charlie so Bella will have to see him in pain. I want at least a little fun since I don’t get to actually kill you. And if I changed you at the same time, you wouldn’t be able to see each other in pain.” She said, with a evil smile on her face. I gulped, I was first.

I saw Victoria looking at my hand, the hand with the scar on it. Suddenly she jerked it to where she could see the palm of my hand. My eyes grew wide with fear.

“Hey! Let go of her!” I heard Charlie shout. I told him to be quiet. He doesn’t know how strong these vampire’s are.

“Is this where James bit you?”She asked me. I nodded my head slowly. And she shook her head, probably trying to get rid of the memories and the pain. She picked me up and put me on the sofa, My head was in Charlie’s lap. As she leaned into my neck, I felt Charlie and I cringe at the same time. Then her teeth rested on my neck. My breath got shallower and shallower, waiting for the second her teeth would sink into my flesh.

Then out of no where, it happened. She did it, and she sucked and sucked my blood. Until I only had like an ounce left. I seriously thought that she had changed her mind and decided to just kill me on the spot. But she managed to pull back. And soon I felt the fire.

~three days later~
It had been three days, and the fire had not yet stopped. They said it only took three days. And I don’t know how much more of this I can take!

~Another day later~
FOUR DAYS! I can’t take it anymore! I wish someone would just kill me now!

~Another four days later~
It has been eight days! I have been begging Charlie, David and Victoria to kill me. But they won’t. Victoria seems to be enjoying ho much pain I am in.

~The tenth day~
It’s the tenth day of this wretched transformation, and I am beginning to wonder if it will ever stop, when suddenly a ripple of pain spread through my body. I screamed out in agony. But soon it all stopped. All the pain, all the fire everything stopped. I snapped my eyes open and looked around. I saw Charlie asleep in the corner of the room on the ground, and David looking at me from across the room. And Victoria was right next to me.

I remembered my last ten days of pure hell. God it was awful. As I remembered what I was, a new born vampire, I held my breath. I hadn’t yet smelled Charlie, but I didn’t want to take any chances.

I decided just one sniff. And I sniffed the air. I smelled Charlie, but he didn’t smell like anything I waned to eat. So I walked over to him and woke him up.

“Dad wake up.” I said. And I was shocked by my voice. No longer was it all groggy, no it was musical. It sounded like a flute. Soon he woke up and looked at me. He looked shocked, then awed, then when he looked into my eyes, scared. “What’s wrong?” I asked him.

“Your eyes are r-red Bella.” He whispered. I gasped. Why were they red, I didn’t hunt any humans. I turned to David. He shrugged. SO I looked at Victoria, she sighed. “It’s just the remains of your human blood. It should go away once you hunt animals.” She said looking disgusted when she spoke about hunting animal’s. Then she perked up. “Charlie’s turn!”She said an evil smile on her face.

I looked sadly at Charlie, I didn’t want him to endure this pain, but I knew it was the only way. So I nodded and set him down on the couch. He looked terrified. “I’m sorry Charlie for getting you into this.” I said to him. He looked at me and glared. “You shouldn’t be sorry! I’m glad that I know now! It’s just a few days of this, then I can live forever!” He said smiling. I laughed at him. I walked over to stand by David, as Victoria sunk her teeth into my Dad’s neck. I winced.

“You should look at yourself in the mirror.” David whispered to me, trying to cheer me up. I perked up. I had forgotten about the image change, so I asked David where a mirror was and he lead me to a full body mirror.

I looked at myself and gasped. My hair had grown out so long it was to my knee’s, and it turned Jet Black. I had red eye’s, but I knew that would change once I drank from an animal. My crooked nose was now straight, my skin was a little paler, and I had grown about an inch taller, making me the fabulous height of 5’4” YAY! I was skinnier, and curvier in all the right places. I smiled hugely, as I turned back to look at David.

“Yeah, you are beautiful.” He said.

I smiled even bigger. I looked back in the mirror and frowned at my clothes. “I need some new clothe’s though.” I said.

“You and me both.” David answered and we both laughed. As we walked back to the room Charlie was in I started getting worried. I could already hear Charlie’s screams. I couldn’t take it. I needed to get away from here for a while.

“David, I need out of here. Why don’t we do that shopping now?” I asked. He nodded and said that he’d go ask Victoria. She said that it was fine, she decided to humor me for once. Cool. Before we left we had to put on sunglasses. We walked into a mall and went straight to my clothes. I immediately picked out a plaid skirt, it had black and yellow stripes. Then I found a yellow tank top to match. And I found black high heeled boots that made me and inch taller. I paid for the clothes and put them on. These would do until me, Charlie, and David escaped. We went over to Davids clothes and we got him some baggy Jeans, and a Muscle shirt, and a new pair of sneakers.
I didn’t worry about Charlie, because I didn’t know whether he would grow or shrink during the transformation. We walked out to the car we drove here in, and got in. I drove us back to that little house. And heard Charlie screaming. I didn’t turn around, I didn’t want to now. Now I wanted to go and comfort him. Before we were in hearing range of Victoria I asked David if we could get Victoria now. And he said that’s fine.

So we walked back into the house with our new clothes and a plan to kill Victoria. Our plan was that David would tell Victoria he needed to talk to her in private, and then I would sneak up behind her somehow, I haven’t figured that part out yet, and attack her. Then we’d fight and see who wins. Which will be us! I hope.

David was 'talking to her in private', so now I had to sneak. I concentrated on being invisible, or trying to be anyway. I stopped breathing and everything. Then when I was right behind her, I punched her in the head. She turned around, and looked right through me like she didn’t see me. Am I invisible? Well if she can’t see me. I punched her and kicked her in the stomach. This was going to be easy. She bent over in pain, I did kick her hard. While she did that it was easy to rip her apart. And then I found a match in a different room, and set her ablaze.
Then I put the fire out. “Bella, is that you? Cause this is really freaky!” David said.

“Yes. But I don’t know how I did this!” I yelled. I remembered that I concentrated on being invisible to be invisible. SO I concentrated on being visible. And I was. THIS WAS AWESOME!