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Til We Meet Again

It was only natural in the end when he broke his promise, that I broke mine. Edward always warned Bella not to wander into the woods, but when he left her again, breaking his promise, she did the same. Now, fifty years later, she's about to meet up with the one person...vampire, that she yearned for, yet wasn't sure she ever wanted to see again.


1. Prologue

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Til We Meet Again
By: Dark Huntress

I promised him one thing, okay, many things, and he promised me. So it was only natural in the end when he broke his promise, that I broke mine. I didn’t really think anything would happen, but who does? All I can remember was my anger was soaring to dangerous heights, and I wanted to hide and cry to my heart’s content.

I remember it clearly, one of the few human memories I can still remember without trouble. The day was cloudy, like most days in Forks, Washington. Rain drizzled down on my head and patches of fog shrouded the ground. But more evident than the cold and my throbbing ankle, was the pain deep within me.

I had known the minute it happened, the minute that my world fell apart, and raced over there to prove myself right. The house was completely empty, even the grand piano that he had played my lullaby upon. I could still smell his scent in his room, and hear the tune of his song in my mind’s ear.

Everything had screamed of their presence, yet it had been completely empty and alone. So being the girl that I was, I raced out the door and into the darkness of the forest surrounding their old house. Okay, I know that hadn’t been one of the smartest things to do, but my only thought was getting over my grief and pissing Edward off. Too bad neither happened.

The trail was filled with limbs and sticks kept scratching my fragile human skin, plus the fact that I had already received a fat lip from falling. My ankle was screaming in pain, begging me to stop and tend to it, but I was too far gone. Funny how things happen, when you’re least expecting it I mean.

I knew right away that something had been wrong when the birds had stopped singing, and the world went quiet. It was watching me, seeing the ultimate predator come for its prey. I remember growing still, listening, trying to find something amiss in the great world. Nothing moved, or at least I never did hear anything move, but I knew a clan of vampires, this hadn’t made me feel anymore secure.

It was fast, faster than I had ever thought possible. He was upon me, growling fiercely. His eyes were the darkest gold right before the black, so I had known from the very beginning that he was a vegetarian. I also had known what attracted him, a great slash had come on my cheek when I had slipped and hit a thorny branch.

I had never feared for my life anymore than I had right there. James was the only thing close, but even then I had thought that Edward would save me. Edward wasn’t there, and I had known from the very beginning that I was dead.

He had bit into my neck harshly, ripping the flesh from me and I could still remember the feel of my blood rushing out of me. But he had pulled away, pain and astonishment on his face. He was handsome, I would give him that, but of course that wasn’t the only thing on my mind.

After that everything went blank, I don’t know how the others stayed awake through the change, but I didn’t. I do remember however that the vampire had taken me in his arms apologizing. I never did get to see Charlie again, or say goodbye to him, though I do plan to see his grave one of these days and truly say a farewell. As for my mom, I still can’t imagine what it was like for her, I really hated doing that to them, but I really hadn’t had a choice in the matter.