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Til We Meet Again

It was only natural in the end when he broke his promise, that I broke mine. Edward always warned Bella not to wander into the woods, but when he left her again, breaking his promise, she did the same. Now, fifty years later, she's about to meet up with the one person...vampire, that she yearned for, yet wasn't sure she ever wanted to see again.


2. Chapter 1

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Til We Meet Again
By: Dark Huntress
Chapter 1

Sitting on my bed, which was very unnecessary item, I looked out my window, wondering what to do with my day. It was break hear in Denali, Alaska, and let me tell you right now, there’s not much to do. Sure, I played ball and stuff with the others, and gossiped with the girls, but there was nothing to do.

Stepping off of the mattress and into the hall, I walked down the stairs, twirling the fabric on my shirt. Carmen was the only one in the kitchen, why she was cooking I don’t know, but supposedly she was a chef or something in the 1655 era, so she still had the need to do it now. We had a whole fridge full of stuff she prepared, all starting to get moldy. Soon we would have to go through it again and throw everything out. One plus side of it is it attracts animals, and we don’t have to go too far.

Carmen was a beautiful vampiress, rivaling even that of Rosalie. She had black hair that waved to her midback. She was slender, but not too much so like Alice, a nice combination of lean and muscle. Her eyes were of course golden, yet had an Asian appeal to them. Her mouth was full and always moving, she was any man’s dream come true. And only one man’s reality.

As I sat at the table, she turned, smiling brilliantly and holding a wooden spoon between her manicured fingers. Her and I were the only ones still in the house, Tanya and Irina both being out partying with some locals. Tanya was one of the founders of our coven, her bubbly attitude and boy crazy flare becoming a headache at times.

Tanya was beautiful in her own sense, but not in the attractive way that most vampires were. She resembled James, in being beautiful, but not god-like so. Her blonde hair seemed to always be frizzy, a fact that she detested, but soon got over. She was always wearing tight clothing and things that showed her body off horribly.

Irina was similar, being boy crazy and party happy the same as her adoptive sister. They had joined forces a few short years after they were reborn, and had decided to start a group of their own, one that was vegetarian. They hadn’t like the thought of drinking from the men that they adored the most, so thought it better to destroy the animals that had killed at least one person in their families.

As for Irina’s appearance, she was fairly attractive, but extremely short and as thin as a toothpick. She wore heavy amounts of makeup and loved things that sparkled. Gold was all over her usually, and she always wore the brightest costumes along with the highest heels.

Eleazar was the only male of our clan, him and Carmen being husband and wife. He reminded me slightly of Emmett, having muscles that were huge, yet I still think the Cullen male could take him. He was a car fanatic and was constantly out in the shed working on some pile of junk he saved from the scrap heap. I had to give him credit though, he always got it working again, for how long was another thing.

He was kind of dark and foreboding, but extremely sweet, and I easily forgave him for his mistake. I could remember the first few years of my changing and how he wouldn’t leave my side, determined to make it up to me. Carmen was a bit jealous. She would always walk by and pull on his long red hair before disappearing, growling under her breath. To think about it now, it was quite hilarious.

"Bella, what are you thinking about?" every time she said that I was painfully aware of my aching for Edward, would I never get over him?

"Just thinking about all you guys, and how wonderful you all are," Carmen laughed, turning to face me, her apron stained with different ingredients.

"Even Tanya and Irina?" I rolled my eyes, I hadn’t particularly liked either one of them when I had first arrived.

"Yes, even them, they grow on a person," we laughed at our own inside joke and went back to our own musings.

I couldn’t believe it, fifty years ago tomorrow. A half a decade as the creature I had begged to become when I was a girl of seventeen. I had kept tabs on both my mother and Charlie. Charlie had died nine years ago, being the age of eighty five. I missed him, and wished I could’ve seen him one last time, but I knew that was impossible. Mom was not doing so well. She was eighty-nine in three weeks, but was suffering from Alzheimer. Supposedly she didn’t even recognize Phil anymore when he came to visit her everyday at noon. As for Phil, well, he was getting along alright, even though he was seventy five, he always made it to every baseball game that his old team played. They saved a seat for him every time, happy to see their oldest comrade once again. I was happy for him, for everything he accomplished.

"Oh Bella, there you go again," Carmen was staring at me, her mouth frowning as she watched my eyes turn to grief.

"I can’t help it. I never got to see Charlie, to say goodbye to him as he died. I can’t see my mother even though she doesn’t have much time left. How am I supposed to feel?" it would have been easier if Edward were here to lean upon.

"I know dear, but your mother, Renee, wasn’t it?" I nodded my head. "She wouldn’t know you, there’s no point."

"There’s always a point Carm, I want to see her," sighing as the depression filled me, I rested my cheek against the polished wood.

"Talk to Tanya or Irina, maybe one of them will let you go at night when no one’s around," I smiled, hoping they would let me, but I doubted it, they didn’t see the point. They had lost their family hundreds of years ago, and had forgot the difficult pain that accompanied it.

The day was gorgeous, or as beautiful as a day in Alaska could be. Like the old Forks I had grown to love, it was cloudy, yet didn’t raining. It snowed a lot though, and ice was a frequent occurrence. I was definitely glad school was out, the teachers were very dull, probably because I had been through the course several times. I knew how the Cullens had felt, listening to the teachers drone on about things you had learned at least ten different times. Every once in awhile there would be something different do to the change in the scientific world, but not very often.

Also, here, even though the teenagers had grown up in this world, they still found it hard to keep control of their vehicles. They had learned not to drive fast, so no crashes were fatal, but they were extremely frustrating because that meant I had to slow down. Thank goodness for fast reflexes.

Laughing as I remembered Tyler and the day I learned for sure that the Cullens were something more. I definitely was thankful he had saved me, well, I had been at the time. I wasn’t so sure anymore, maybe it would have been better if I had become a pancake. I was alone. Carmen had Eleazar, and Tanya and Irina had each other. I hung out with Carmen and her husband quite a bit, but no matter their efforts, I was still the third wheel.

"Would you stop? You’re starting to depress me," Carmen sighed, turning once more to bop me on the head with a dirty spoon.

"Now I have sauce in my hair," I pouted, shoving out my lower lip as I made my eyes as large as they could possibly go.

"Oh, you poor thing," she taunted, giggling afterwards as she turned back to her masterpiece, and I had to admit, even though I knew it would taste awful, it smelled wonderful.

"Now I have to go shower, again," I responded, standing from my chair, thankful that my clumsy days were over.

"I don’t see why you do that so much, its not needed," Carmen replied, looking over her shoulders as me.

"It ties me to my past self, I’m not ready to let that go," I admitted, I hated that I was so weak, but it was still very hard for me to erase my history.

Climbing the all to familiar stairs I set out for my bathroom, grimacing as I patted my sticky strands. I loved my new family, but the ache for my old one would never leave me, no matter how much those memories faded. I hated it, finding that the pictures and faces of those years passed were slowly disappearing and fading like worn photos.

Charlie’s face was still intact, but not as clear as it had once been. Jacob Black was just a name now, I had no idea what he looked like. Mom was very dim, it was hard for me to recall her voice or such things like that. Jessica, Mike, Lauren, and Angela, were the same as Jacob, names without faces. It was sad, I didn’t want to forget them, but I really couldn’t control that part of me.

As for the Cullen’s, it was the same. Esme was almost just a blur, I remembered her loving nature and smile, but nothing else. I could recall that Rosalie was beautiful and blonde, but as for a face, it was slipping pass my memories. I recalled that Carlisle was tall and fit, more like a model, but nothing concrete. Jasper was larger than Edward, but smaller than Emmett, and I hoped I never was asked to think of anything beyond that.

The last three were much easier, I had been closest to them. I could still see Alice’s face and spiky hair, as well as her pixie frame. Emmett’s curly locks and two man sized body with biceps larger than my hand. Edward was the clearest of them all, and it hurt to know this. He had left such an impression in my life that I still, even after all those years with my human side dead, it seemed as if I had saw him only yesterday.

I washed quickly, much faster and surer that I had ever been capable of doing fifty years ago when the mortal life still beat in my chest. Blow drying my chocolate hair, I skipped down the stairs, the warmth of the water making my elation rise beyond compare. I felt like singing, why I’m not sure, but either way it was nice to feel the contrast of hot and cold, if even for a moment.

"Better?" Tanya asked, sitting on one of the backs of the sofas, her eyes sparkling with joy from the party most likely.

"Yeah," I answered, looking at her clothing before shrugging, it was her body, she could do whatever she wanted.

"Carmen said you wanted something," I bit my cheek, I knew she wouldn’t understand, Carm and her big mouth.

"Yeah, do you think I can go visit my mom," I breathed, and by the look on her face I knew the answer.

"Why would you want to?" she questioned, perplexed at my reasoning.

"Because she’s my mom," I stated, were they all this retarded?

"Listen, it’ll only be harder to sever your ties if you go back now," she replied, walking off into the kitchen.

I stared after her, glaring as my anger rushed through me. She may be right in some ways, but my mother was dying, I didn’t get to see Charlie in the end but I’d be damned if I didn’t see her.

Throwing myself on the couch I huffed angrily, fully intent to sit and pout the rest of my days. I was acting childish and didn’t care, I wanted my way. I hated taking orders from them, they were so bossy. And here came the emotional roller coaster again.

Every time I thought of something, the Cullens would always appear in my memories. This time I was reminded of Carlisle’s strong guidance, yet kindness as he listened to his family openly and fully. Something both Irina and Tanya were lacking, they seemed to only think of their next outfit and party.

Flipping on the television, I settled on some mindless sitcom that I’d seen a million times over my years. My mood was going down fast, and already I could hear the crack of thunder. Do you realize how many times it thunders in Denali? Not very much.

Rain fell heavily, insuring that ice would line the pavement when the morning hit the next day. Lightning lit the now blackened sky, the clouds rolling and twisting. The wind howled as leaves and sticks hit the panes of the house, making a small racket in the quiet. The storm grew in strength and a trash can hit the house, probably cracking some siding.

"Bella!" the yell made me jump as I turned to look at a soaked Eleazar, his dark red hair falling to his shoulders and dripping water on our carpet.

"What?" I asked innocently, smiling smartly as I smirked in satisfaction.

"You know what! It doesn’t just do that in Alaska!" he ranted as he pointed out at the severe thunderstorm.

"There’s nothing I can do now," I continued, smirking on the inside. "Besides, Tanya’s the one that put me in this mood."

He grumbled something under his breath and marched up the stairs, Carmen’s laughter following him. I chuckled as well, he wasn’t happy in the least. Probably because I stopped him from working on some other pile of junk that was collecting in the shed. Oh well. At least Irina would have to get wet, she’d be just as bad as Tanya if I asked.

"You know, you should control you power Bella," Carmen said sitting herself down and scowling at the show.

"Yeah, I know, but it’s the only way to release my anger, without damage," I replied, watching her as she raised her brows and then nodded to the excessive winds.

"You can’t tell me that’s safe," she spoke, folding her arms around her stomach and looking at me pointedly.

"Fine," I pouted, calming down and letting the storm move on. It would stay for another hour, but it was fast moving and very large.

"Thank you," she said sweetly, and I looked way.

Irina came in through the door, glaring at me pointedly but not saying anymore about it, she was probably afraid I’d let loose a tornado or blizzard. She shook her orange hair, the water spraying out around her as she looked at our form with golden magma. While I was mentally cheering inside. Eleazar and I were the only ones with powers so it was fun when I got to show my little bit of strength over the rest.

Eleazar sat down beside us, his mood better than when he had gone to dry himself off. Eleazar was telekinetic, his explanation was because he had always been very strong and could lift things easily. Now he didn’t even had to strain at all, he could just will it to do whatever he wanted.

Tanya rushed to the phone as it rang in the hall, I couldn’t imagine who’d be calling. Her voice was very fast and quiet, but then grew louder as her excitement bubbled out. Her blonde hair was even more messy when she came in, Irina joining us shortly, probably sensing the gathering in the room.

"I have some wonderful news!" Tanya squealed, looking from each face to gauge our reactions even before she spilled.

"Another party I hope!" Irina shrieked, clasping her hands together underneath her chin as she looked at Tanya pointedly.

"A new car or junker?" Eleazar added, his eyes assessing the others, fully knowing that it was no such thing.

"A new cookbook, or stove, or oven, or...?" Carmen prattled, looking up to the ceiling as if in a dream.

"No, of course not, don’t be silly. Though there is this get together in two days Irina if you’d like to go," Tanya went, going right off topic.

"What was the news?" I asked, directing everyone’s attention from their musings.

"Oh yes, right, we have guests coming," she gushed, and everyone gasped, who would be coming to visit us?

"Who’s coming?" I wondered, turning around to stare at her alert and giddy eyes.

"The Cullens," she screamed, jumping up and down, and I felt my dead heart do the same.

Carmen and Eleazar looked at me, their eyes wide as they watched for my reaction. They were the only two who knew of my past dealings with the larger clan. The other two had no clue, but it looked like I wasn’t going to keep it that way. I would be seeing Edward Cullen again, whether I was ready or not.