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Til We Meet Again

It was only natural in the end when he broke his promise, that I broke mine. Edward always warned Bella not to wander into the woods, but when he left her again, breaking his promise, she did the same. Now, fifty years later, she's about to meet up with the one person...vampire, that she yearned for, yet wasn't sure she ever wanted to see again.


3. Chapter 2

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Til We Meet Again
By: Dark Huntress
Chapter 2

"What are you going to do?" Carmen asked, I rolled my eyes, she had been asking me the same thing for the last hour, and I still didn’t have an answer.

"You do realize its going to be really bad?" Eleazar pointed, duh, things were going to get heavy real fast.

I was supposed to be at Forks or in Arizona with a family of my own and a husband. Still eating human food, still breathing as a necessity, still having a beating heart, and still with warmth. It was funny, the one thing Edward had tried to protect me from was what I had become, and I was starting to think he was right. Without him, being a vampire didn’t seem all that great. Even though if I hadn’t been turned, I probably would have turned out to be some crazy old cat lady.

"So, what are you going to do?" Carmen questioned again, I groaned loudly, falling back onto my bed with exasperation.

"I don’t know," I added, I had no idea, I didn’t want to see them, yet I did so very much. I wanted to flee, but I couldn’t leave my clan.

"Any idea yet?" Carmen prompted, and I immediately through a pillow at her face, too bad Eleazar had good reflexes.

"No, I suppose I’ll just have to face them," I stated, chewing my lip as I felt the dread build in my dead body.

We fell silent, each thinking of what was coming. Tanya and Irina had said they would be here in two hours, and that was an hour ago. I only had a short amount of time to flee if I should decide against my previous decision. Scowling, this was my home, not there’s, I wouldn’t run. But I knew myself better than that, if I thought it would help, I would hide. I was scared, scared of his reaction, of their reaction. I didn’t like confrontations.

Rolling onto my side, I inhaled deeply, searching through the different scents of my home. It was a large house, having three stories. It was like a rugged mansion, being that it was made of bricks and had that outdoors appeal to it. Spruces ran over the grounds in large amounts, while giant boulders sat not too far off in our yard.

A large gravel road curved off of the main highway two miles back, unable to be spotted unless you knew where to find it. It then wound itself throughout the terrain, with many side roads, you would become lost before you ever came upon the mansion. It was good, we could keep remote, living away from the others, a good way to be able to stay in one area all the time. Unlike the Cullens even, they were forced to move so no one saw their immortality, here no one visited and we hardly left.

I really didn’t mind, I only attended school every year so I could learn anything knew (which had yet to happen) and could have a early warning system to any that strayed into the area unwelcomed. We didn’t have an Alice to work for us, so I was there detective right now, a job Carmen was happy to hand over to me.

It was a good thing that Eleazar had the ability to erase memories, or parts of them. If it wasn’t for that, I wouldn’t be able to return as much as I did. Every time I graduated, he went through and erased every image of me from everyone’s minds. I became new every year, and drifted into the crowd. I usually made one new friend every time I started over, but I never had a close bond with any of them. I could never have the friendship I had had in Alice, or Carmen and her husband for that matter.

Noticing the others gone, they had probably left me to my own devices. Groaning, I rolled onto my stomach, remembering the many days I had sat at my home in Forks in this exact fashion. Edward would always end up showing up, with that perfect crooked smile of his, and keep me company. Most of the time it involved me blushing several different shades of red and avoiding his intense eyes.

Growling, I sat up, quickly jerking around and throwing my lamp across the room, it shattered into small fragments. And then he had left me, left me so I could fall to pieces and die slowly. Left me to this world without him as a vampire I no longer wanted to be. He was right, the responsibility of being a monster is suffocating, but I still believed that if he were at my side, the beast I was would go away.

Looking at the mess I made, I sank to the floor to remove the shards, wishing that I could still feel the fear of being scratched to death by these things. I felt the dry sobs form in my throat, something that hadn’t happened in a long time. Something I hadn’t had to deal with since I was a human and I lost my love for good.

I bit my lip, what if he had gotten over me? What if he had found another, a vampiress perhaps, or another human that he had willingly changed? Putting my hand on my chest, I knew that no matter the lifeless feeling there, my heart wouldn’t be able to handle any of those possibilities. If he was with another, I would flee, far away where they couldn’t find me. Maybe I’d go to Italy? I had always liked the culture there. Or perhaps to Paris, wasn’t there supposed to be other vampires there? They weren’t vegetarian, but perhaps we could strike a deal and they’d let me stay with them.

I would miss Carmen and Eleazar, hell, I’d miss Tanya and Irina even. Speaking of the two bubble-heads, I hadn’t heard them screeching for quite some time. They probably were in front of their mirrors putting on the ugliest costume and horrendous amounts of makeup. Lord help us all.

Throwing the remnants of my light away in the trashcan, I sat down heavily on my mattress, letting the world cry since I could not. The wind was blowing, but not to the extreme as earlier. Gentle rain drops that had frozen hit my pane, smacking it like the ticking of the clock downstairs. I hadn’t even realized I’d called the storm, I wonder where I had gotten this one. It must have been only a few miles away since it had come so quick.

I remembered when I had first got my power, fully confused on why I had the strange ability. Eleazar had explained that he had always had a terrible habit of forgetting things in his human life, now he had the ability to take away the memories of others. As for me, it was a slow process, but I had learned the reasoning. I had always complained about the weather in Forks, and dreamed of Phoenix, so my obsession soon led to my ability. It was really quite clear once I had come up with it.

"Bella! Could you please turn off the storm?! It’d be nice to have them get here in one piece!" Irina shouted, I rolled my eyes, this wasn’t anywhere close to what I could form, and she was worried about a little shower.

"I like it!" I shouted back, giggling when I heard her scream in frustration before stomping off to go and complain to Tanya.

Soon they would probably both be at my door banging on it to let me know they were not pleased. I could really care less, I liked it, it fit my mood perfectly and I didn’t plan to rid of it. Besides, what could they do to stop me, they had no real power to speak of. Oh they could always challenge me to a physical fight, which was not my forte. In the end though Eleazar would break it up, and then erase their minds of the events. He would then turn to me and tell me he wouldn’t save me again, but he always did.

Eleazar and me had grown close, but not in the romancing sense, but in a sibling one. He had admitted once to me that he had had a little sister in his human life, she was the only thing he could remember. He said that’s how he had been changed, he had been trying to save her from a vampire and things went bad. The vampire had drank her dry, and then had turned on him. Being that the vampire was already full, he had left Eleazar alive to deal with three days of the venom in his veins.

"Oh! Rosalie, how nice to see you!" Tanya welcomed, and I groaned, it couldn’t have been an hour already.

"Alice! I like that skirt," Irina added, this couldn’t be happening, this just couldn’t be happening.

"Esme, its been forever," Carmen spoke, ok, so my life was officially over, no pun intended.

I didn’t have the nerve to go down there, no matter how rude it was, so I made a new decision right away. I would stay right here in my room until they left, no matter how long they stayed. I would stay here for years if that meant I didn’t have to face them. Ok, I’ll admit it, I am a coward. A chicken, no backbone, lilly livered, and whatever else you could possibly come up with.

A knock on the door made me jump, a squeak of surprise falling from my lips. Eleazar poked his head in, grinning stupidly, knowing he had scared me senseless. Glaring at him, I looked out my window once more, noticing that the weather had started picking up. Thunder boomed in the background, and lightning lit the sky. It was well on its way to being just as fierce as the one that had drove my friend inside.

"You might want to cool it a bit," Eleazar commented, sitting down beside me and looking as the wind died down, but nothing more.

"Better?" I snapped, scowling as I let the rage go through me, but trying desperately to keep the weather under control.

"I suppose, I won’t get anymore will I?" he asked, meaning that he wouldn’t get me to lessen it anymore.

"No," I replied, fully intent to mope around for at least a three hour time span, it seemed he had other plans though.

"Come on, we can’t be rude to our guests," he mentioned, grabbing my hand and trying to get me to move. No such luck.

"No, I’ll just stay here til they leave," I growled, and he rolled his eyes, grumbling something under his breath.

"Bella, they’re going to smell you sooner or later, and Edward does have the uncanny ability to read other’s minds," he said, which made me tense even more, I hated vampire senses right now.

"Well, in that case, it shouldn’t matter, he’ll already know I’m here," I shot back, crossing my arms and pouting like a small child.

"I don’t think so, he and the other guys are bringing in the luggage, I think they’re more concerned at not being blown away than reading other’s minds. Why would they suspect you here? You’re supposed to be some sixty some year old grandmother that yells at teenagers with their too loud of music," he joked, and I giggled.

"Speaking of which," he motioned, I looked at my stereo, grinning, I liked the loud noises, meaning wind and thunder, and when I couldn’t have that, blaring music would suffice. The others detested it.

I sighed, letting my mind drift away, as I remembered the large collection my former boyfriend had had back in Forks. Eleazar must have sensed this because the next thing I knew I’d been lifted in his arms and thrown over his shoulder. I couldn’t help it, I screamed.

I was mad, how dare he do this to me! So, I hit his back repeatedly on his way down the stairs, I was happy to say I was sure he would have numerous bruises. I was also trying to kick him in a place that no man wanted to be kicked, too bad I couldn’t quite reach. And as if this hadn’t drawn everyone’s attention, I was cursing like a sailor, which I’m sure would have caused my fragile mother to die of a heart attack and made my father roll over in his grave.

Carmen was the first to help me, chewing out her husband for being so rude and dumb in the circumstance. He desperately tried to defend himself, but every time he did this I would hit him square in the back, causing him to loose his breath and start his words all over. By that time Carmen was already at his throat again and I was officially happy for a millisecond.

"What on earth is going on?" Irina screeched, her mortified eyes taking in my ruffled appearance and the amount of anger flowing from us.

"I say, what do you think you’re doing?" that was Tanya, her blonde hair sticking out even more than usual, probably because of the humidity in the air.

"He was being an asshole, that’s what," Carmen had turned to standing on her tip toes, trying to look him in the eyes.

The entire time I could hear the Cullens watching in silence, taking it all in with humor. Me, I was still stuck on his shoulder, frozen so as not to cause any unnecessary movements. The less I stirred the air the less of a chance there was to them smelling me. Now I only had to convince him to walk up the stairs backwards very slowly so they couldn’t tell who I was. It was perfect, too bad I was never that lucky.

"You know what! Why don’t you go take care of things once she freaks out again!" Eleazar yelled, dropping me on my backside hard and stomping into the next room.

"Fine! I will!" Carmen shouted back, bending to my side to see if I was alright, even though there was no need. "He should of used a little more consideration. I’m sorry."

"Its okay," I whispered, they would hear me, it was irrelevant now, I had been tossed about, there was no way their noses hadn’t picked up my scent.

"Bella?" it was Alice, her quiet voice the only thing breaking the stillness that had settled in. "Bella!"

The next thing I know, after I had stood up, I was back on the ground and Carmen had been shoved against the wall. I had two very small and pale arms wrapped tight around my waist, squeezing me till I was sure I would snap in half. I could feel her head against my back, saying things I couldn’t understand.

"Oh Bella, I missed you so much," she gushed, and I let out a sigh of relief when I felt her muscles relax and her move.

She skipped to the stairs and sat upon them, studying me with careful eyes, her mouth smiling more than I could ever remember. Her golden eyes held such excitement I couldn’t feel bitter, I would save that for later. Right now I would let her have her reunion.

"I don’t believe it," a voice said, before I was embraced in the very large arms of Emmett, and I thought Alice’s hug was hard.

I smiled a small smile, happy to see them, but dreading the coming events. No matter what, I would have to face my past, and I really didn’t want to.

"Oh my," Esme sighed, walking over to her adoptive son and touching my cheek, me marveling at how she could reach me at such a height.

I was sat down, much to my relief, only to be faced with Carlisle and Jasper, both whom refrained from hugging me. One put his arm around my shoulders (Jasper), while the other shook my hand till I was sure it would pop out of its socket (Carlisle). I kept my eyes to the floor, not really wanting to see him.

Rosalie sniff made me look up though, as she scowled in my direction and walked off with her nose up in the air. She ended up in the living room where Eleazar was, Carmen hot on her heels, grumbling about model vampires better keep their grimy hands off her man. I chuckled, picturing the gentle natured Carmen beating the living daylights out of a very surprised Rosalie.

The storm crashed around us, rocking the foundation, the shingles peeling from the roof overhead. I could feel the glares of Tanya and Irina as they mentally calculated how to kill me and then the cost of all the repairs. Plus the fact that they were frowning which probably meant they weren’t happy that I knew this clan.

And that’s when I heard it, his voice so deep and rich as he cursed the weather. The door slammed closed, though I didn’t look up, but I knew when he had spotted me. Everyone had grown incredibly silent, and Carmen had the decency to poke her back in and look around in fear. It was tense, and I could feel the fear coil up my throat, I had never felt more uncomfortable than I did.

"Hello Edward," I whispered, looking up into his shocked and saddened eyes.