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Til We Meet Again

It was only natural in the end when he broke his promise, that I broke mine. Edward always warned Bella not to wander into the woods, but when he left her again, breaking his promise, she did the same. Now, fifty years later, she's about to meet up with the one person...vampire, that she yearned for, yet wasn't sure she ever wanted to see again.


4. Chapter 3

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Til We Meet Again
By: Dark Huntress
Chapter 3

You know how people build up a moment in time to such extremes that when it doesn’t even have a remote possibility that it will actually happen that way. Well, that’s what I was experiencing at the moment. I had expected me to rant and rave, and possibly even through a few things at the idiot. But no, here I was, sitting on the couch between Carmen and Eleazar keeping my eyes to the floor. I didn’t have one once of rage in me, I felt numb, well, besides the cold fear.

Eleazar had his strong arms wrapped around my shoulders, holding me against him. I could feel the tenseness of his muscles though. He was scared, and it made me smile. I had told him of Edward’s extreme protectiveness and abundant negativity to me ever being turned. Eleazar being the reason I was the way I was, I understood his fear.

Carmen was leaning on my shoulder, holding my hand and stroking the back of it with her thumb. Her anger at her husband’s behavior was instantly forgotten at this point. She could sense my uncomfortable situation, and even the one of her love’s, though I’m not so sure she really cared if he squirmed a bit. To put it frankly, I liked it that he was nervous, served him right.

As for the rest of my clan, well, I hadn’t looked up since I had received the glares that could burn an eternity. They were pissed beyond all reason, I didn’t really know exactly why, I mean I knew they would be upset, but this? What could cause them to be so angry about me not mentioning something of my past to them? I knew nothing of their human years, so what made them think they could know mine?

"I want an explanation now," Tanya growled, and I shrank further into the couch, hoping to hide between my two friends.

"I agree," Irina added, shifting to look at me with her cool eyes, I hated when they did that.

"Hey, leave her alone," Carmen defended, putting her arms around my waist in a protective embrace.

"No, I think we would all like to hear this," a voice spoke, and I looked up into the black eyes of Edward.

"You have no right to ask anything of me Edward Anthony Mason Cullen!" I screeched, blind rage blinding me.

"I think I do Isabella Swan," he spoke, and I noted that his voice was not as impressive as his first sentence.

"No, you don’t. You left me, Edward!" I yelled, standing immediately, him mimicking my actions.

"It was for your own damn good!" he shouted, standing directly in front of me, our faces a few inches apart.

"Bull! You know good and well with my record I would have died before college without you. Look, I did!" I taunted, smiling inwardly as I heard Eleazar scoot farther back into the couch.

"Speaking of which, who did this to you?" he spoke, his voice was dark and cold, just as bleak as his orbs.

"None of your business!" I continued, though I’m sure he was searching all the minds that he could.

"Eleazar," he ground out, and I could swear I heard the said person squeak in fear.

"Yeah, so what? He’s my brother Edward, and you will NOT lay a finger on him, do you understand me?" I threatened, standing on my tiptoes so I could look somewhat in his eyes, even though I still lacked some height.

I think I heard my brother sigh in relief, before wincing as Edward growled deep within his throat. I growled back, not near as impressive as his, but enough to get my point across. A strange look formed in his eyes something between hurt and surprise at my actions. I actually found the look comforting, in some odd sense. Knowing that my weak self had actually inflicted that upon someone stronger than myself. Of course, then that feeling left and I started feeling guilty...kind of.

"If anyone needs me, I’ll be in my room," I whispered, turning on my heel and marching up the stairs.

I was out of sight when I heard it and had to stop myself from laughing despite the situation, for in that exact moment, I heard Tanya’s confused voice speak, "Did you guys know her before now?"


I laid upon my bed, muttering to myself when they knocked, being very tentative. They probably thought I was going to go on another rampage. Sighing, and shaking my head at the thought, I stood, stretching my limbs out. It was Carmen and Alice, their scents were unmistakable. Both sweet and filled with kindness, one filled more with spice than the other. But similar.

"Come in," I said, watching the door creak open to show Carmen with Alice hiding behind her fearfully.

My sister came first, plopping down beside me to look me square in the eyes. Somehow I wondered how she knew what I was feeling, she was so much better at that than others. I had once wondered if she too had a gift, but she had later explained that it was only me whom she could read so closely. I felt special, knowing that I had formed such a close bond with someone so wonderful as her.

"Are you alright?" she asked, she watching the other vampiress with hooded eyes as she approached.

"Yeah, I will be," I replied, patting the spot on the other side of me, silently telling Alice it was alright.

"I’m sorry about Edward...and all of us too," Alice apoligized, biting her lip and ducking her head away from my sight.

"Its...al...well, no its not, but thanks anyways," I told her, not wanting her to feel too bad, but also to know that what they did was not forgiven.

She seemed to flinch at that, gripping her hands together and rolling her fingers around, trying desperately to seem nonchalant. She was doing a terrible job.

"What happened?" Alice asked, looking at me with those large soulful eyes that I had almost forgotten.

"You mean when I still was in Forks?" I asked, clarifying what I already knew.

"Yeah," she pressed, situating herself to look at me fully, over her little embarrassment issue.

"I was at school...in biology. I knew you guys had said you were going to go hunting, after the incident. But, I could feel something wasn’t right, and in the middle of that class, I just knew. So, I skipped last period and drove over to your guys’ house, knowing already what I would find, or wouldn’t. I searched the whole place, hoping that something or someone would be left. But there wasn’t," I breathed, feeling the dry sobs working up my throat, and Carmen rubbed my arms once more.

"So I freaked out I guess, I just went ballistic. I remember running from the house, crying and howling in my misery. It was really quite a sight. Or so Eleazar said. But anyways, so I ran off into your guys’ woods, not really thinking too clearly. I got...lost, like usual, and I had had plenty of mishaps throughout my little tantrum. I remember it went quiet, I mean, nothing made a sound, and then it happened," I went on, looking over to see Carmen’s reaction. She had heard it before, but the guilt still was fresh within her. Even though it was not her fault in the least.

"There was a terrible sound and he was on top of me, biting into my neck. I had known he was one like you, a vegetarian, by the deep gold of his eyes. But the blood from my wounds drew him in. I...I remember the pain of my flesh ripping apart. The feel of my blood leaving me. The venom starting to spread. I don’t remember anything else, I didn’t stay awake," I continued, taking in a deep breath and looking at my wooden floor.

"I woke up three days later with everyone surrounding me. Apparently Eleazar had been sent to find you guys for Carmen, Tanya and Irina had no idea. And they kept it that way. It took about a decade for me to warm up to Carmen and Eleazar, I finally told them everything. About my junior year, about falling madly in love with Edward, about knowing of your guys’ secret, of James attacking me, of Jasper’s mistake, and of your guys’ departure. Everything. They’re the only ones who know," I finished, falling back onto my mattress as I let the years flow through me, reminding me of my human life.

"So, Tanya and Irina don’t know?" Alice questioned, leaning on her side beside me, still looking at me with those eyes.

"No, but I can see it won’t stay like that," I replied, groaning at the thought of explaining my lies, or rather, not telling of my history.

"Its just as well really, for they would have probably tried to kill you from the beginning," she stated, which surprised the heck out of me.

"What do you mean?" I probed, looking at her questioningly, why would they be that angry to know I knew the Cullen’s?

"You mean you don’t know!" she exclaimed, turning to look at Carmen with wide and surprised irises.

"What!" I butted in, curious at the silent exchange between my closest friend and former closest friend.

"Tanya and Irina have been after Edward for a century now," Alice explained, and I’m sure if I was able I would have fell off the bed. But being still in my lying position and with two vampiresses surrounding me, I don’t think that would have been possible.

"Why didn’t you tell me?" I accused, whipping around to stare at Carmen angrily.

"I never thought it appropriate. I’m sorry Bella," Carmen finished, looking away to the closed door.

"And Eleazar knew too?" I asked, watching both nod in confirmation. Standing at this point, I started stomping where I knew the living room to be. "That’s strike two!"

The other two giggled, one more sincerely than the other.

"Like in baseball?" Alice wondered, looking at me with uncertainty, she knew I had never particularly enjoyed sports.

"No, it’s a joke I know. See, a couple had just been wed, and were heading off to their new home. Now, he was a poor farmer, so he couldn’t afford a horse, nor a new buggy. So on their way home, the mule stumbled once. At this point the man scowled and shook the reigns slightly saying:

‘That’s strike one.’

And no more was said. A little further down the road, the mule stumbled over another little bump in the road, his shoe being loose. Once again he scowled and shook the reigns to get the animal’s attention saying:

‘That’s strike two.’

They were almost home when once again the mule stumbled, almost falling completely down this time. The man pulled on the reigns and stopped the buggy, drawing his rifle from behind the seat. He went to the head of the mule and said:

‘That’s strike three.’

And bam, he shout the mule. The mule fell over deader than a hammer, and he went to his new wife and helped her out of the buggy. The wife couldn’t believe what she had just seen, and kept looking from her husband to the dead mule. Finally saying:

‘What did you do that for? It was an old animal and had a shoe loose, you couldn’t blame it. That was very unnecessary. You’re horrid!’

And with that, the husband stopped and looked his wife in the eye, shaking their entwined hands once with a meaningful look. At this point he stated simply:

‘That’s strike one.’" I finished, remembering the joke Charlie had told me millions of times as a young girl.

"You’ve got to be kidding me," Alice said exasperated, finding it amusing but not as hilarious as she watched Carmen roll around holding her sides.

"Don’t you get it, I just told Eleazar that was strike two," I explained, watching the dawning come across Alice’s features as she giggled in response.

We sat there like that, a while after our laughter and giggles had subsided, content just to bask in the healthy gleam of the atmosphere. In response, the clouds dispersed, and a small ray of sunshine shown in through my bedroom window, causing me to smile. It was small and thin, but full of hope for bigger and brighter futures.

"Wow, I haven’t seen that in awhile," Carmen mentioned, standing to look out at the sky, and smiling back down on me.

"Yeah, its been awhile hasn’t it? Maybe its time it came out of hiding," I mentioned, standing to look out at the outside world as well.

"Yeah, maybe," she added, staring at me with a smile and knowing look that only friends could have.

We stood there, looking out of my pane, both thinking of the same thing as we let the world spin on around us. The wind was dying down and a few animals were poking their heads out from under their coverage, amazed at the view. Their bright eyes were filled with joy that they hadn’t seen in quite some time.

The foliage glittered beautifully like frozen liquid diamonds falling to the ground and splashing into millions of pieces. I looked upon my skin, marveling at the beauty of it as it mirrored the water droplets that had been stuck so firmly on the leaves, clinging to their pasts with strong beliefs. But now with the hope of the sun, they had let go of all their securities, and leaped into the unknowing world before them.

Carmen turned to me, knowing the direction my mind was taking and approving of it wholly.

A few deer stepped into the large filed that spread out before the mansion, looking around as a few fawns followed their mothers. They didn’t understand the dangers of their world yet, clinging faithfully to the hope of purity in a world filled with decay. The does knew this, so watched intently, but letting their own hearts fill with the promise of the future days. They were not quite ready to let all inhibitions go and traipse too far from the cover of their woods, but they were getting stronger, and someday, when the time was right, they would travel into the field fully to bask in its glory.

"I wish you guys would stop speaking in riddles, because I have no idea what you just said," Alice complained, trying desperately to figure out the meaning behind everything, well, we’d just have to fill her in.