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Til We Meet Again

It was only natural in the end when he broke his promise, that I broke mine. Edward always warned Bella not to wander into the woods, but when he left her again, breaking his promise, she did the same. Now, fifty years later, she's about to meet up with the one person...vampire, that she yearned for, yet wasn't sure she ever wanted to see again.


5. Chapter 4

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Til We Meet Again
By: Dark Huntress
Chapter 4

"Alice, could you get that?" Carmen asked, turning from her most recent concoction to motion to the buzzing oven.

"Sure," Alice answered, stepping towards the oven, opening the door and reaching in with bare hands to lift the bread out.

It had a sweet smell amongst the normal aroma of baked dough. Hawaiian Bread was a frequent occurrence in this home, and it still made my mouth water appreciatively, too bad it tasted like mud. Stretching out my legs, I straightened my dirtied jeans, wiping some of the flour off of the denim.

The kitchen was a mess, dough and flour lined the walls and counters, not to mention the creators of the food. Alice’s black hair was now a snowy white, the ends even more hazardous than usual. Yet through all the muck, she seemed even more beautiful than ever before. I felt a pang of jealousy just then, even after my transformation, I could never achieve such a thing.

"Bella," Carmen warned, glaring at me frostily with her topaz eyes, we would have to hunt soon.

"Hmmm?" I mumbled, looking at her curiously, what could I have possibly done to upset her this time?

She motioned with her wooden spoon towards the kitchen window, her free hand falling on her aproned hip. Turning my eyes to see what she meant I looked down sheepishly, knowing that if I was still human my cheeks would have become very rosy.

"Oh, sorry," I apologized while letting a happy memory fill my thoughts and clearing the threatening clouds on the horizon.

"What were you thinking of?" Carmen questioned, turning her food down on low before joining me at the table.

"Nothing, it was silly," I replied, twirling a strand of my chocolate hair betwixt my small fingers.

"Why does it always seem like the silly things are the ones that cause you the most heartache?" she asked, looking me straight in the eyes with her own.

"I don’t know," I grumbled, looking down at my white arms covered in what seemed to be sticky pineapple juice.

"Bored?" she inquired, standing up to turn off the burner completely, giving up on something that was of no use anyways.

"Yeah, kind of," I answered, wondering how the others were doing.

Carmen nodded, understanding my lack of enthusiasm in her meal preparations. I had no interest in making silly meals, something I had done plenty of when I was growing up in Forks (or at least I think I had). Shaking my head, I turned away from my memories, of the ones that were lost and faded, it was saddening not to remember those times.

Stretching, I stood, waiting for Carmen to join me, and Alice to come over fully befuddled. Carmen opened the front door, stepping out into the bright sunlight and twirling around in small circles. Her raven hair spread out around her, framing her beautiful face and dark golden eyes. Alice giggled and joined her, jumping in the air and clapping her hands excitedly. Her eyes were bright with happiness and I couldn’t figure out why.

Shaking my head I grabbed my jacket, just in case any human came along and saw us acting like complete fools wishing to catch the flu...or worse. The sun beat down on my cold dead skin, causing the embedded diamonds to reawaken in the marble. It was breathtaking, a beautiful euphoria that took nothing to make happen but the godly sight.

Locking the door, I followed the other two down the path. We hadn’t hunted in awhile, though our eyes hadn’t turned black as of yet, they would soon. Tanya, Irina, and Eleazar had taken the Cullens (excluding Alice) to teach them the landscape once more, me and Carmen had volunteered to take off at a later time.

The forest was deep and ancient, filled with beautiful artwork that only the heavens could create. These scenes would make any artist cringe in humility as they looked upon their own portraits with the deepest shame. Many pines towered over the land, covered with a fine layer of snow from a storm I had let blow through just the previous night. The ground crunched beneath our feet, the path unrecognizable to the regular eye.

A few rocks, or boulders, were lining the area, sticking out of the Earth’s crust periodically. No matter how many times I set foot in this untamed wonderland, I would feel my heart race with excitement. My empty veins quivered with lust as the wind blew the scent of the wildlife to my sensitive nose.

I could already feel the beast within me rear its head, begging to be released from its container, forcing its way forward. I snarled, hardly knowing that I had done so, my throat vibrating with the noise. Carmen and Alice looked what I presumed to be like me, untamed and wild, predators with gleaming onyx eyes.

Birds flew in the distance, chirping in alarm, hurting my ears, they knew we had come. Rabbits ran from our presence, and foxes fled for their life. I grinned. Trees rushed by, my hair sweeping back as the scents surrounded me. I was alive, adrenaline pumping through me, giving me flight. My throat burned with need, my tongue thick and heavy, licking my teeth.

Alice and Carmen faded from view, we became one with the world, disappearing into the backdrop of the land. A log was in my path, trying to hinder my movements, it would not work. Trees swayed, warning the world of my thirst, yet their calls fell on deaf ears, no one would listen til it was too late. The rivers gurgled with vigor, roaring at my intrusion. I welcomed the sound.

A wounded wolverine, large blood loss, slowing. Rosalie’s. Growling, I searched for more, wanting my own. Searching for the delicacy that was my own. Slaughtered mink, long, smooth, hard to catch. Fun. Fierce. Dangerous. Alice’s.

Water, crisp and sweet. Otter, struggling, screeching for his life, claws pulled out. Slippery. River dweller. Playful. Esme’s.

Wilderness, din deep within the earth. Guarding. Protective. Brave. Red Fox. Hissing. Irina’s.

Anger. Deep within. Fierce. Strong. Unbreakable. Grizzly fighting against an opponent. Bodies slamming together. Both large. Both male. Emmett’s.

Running. Black Bear. Hiding. Roaring. Charging. Fruitless. Scent of sap. Climbing a tree. Knocking branches down. Hopeless. Eleazar’s.

Moose. Large. Ancient. Bull. Antlers hitting something hard, something unbendable. Marble. Stone. Growing distress. Carlisle’s.

Caribou. Lifeless. Struggle over. Bruised. Slashed throat. Tanya’s.

Carmen next. Mute Swan. Taking flight. Air churning beneath its great wings. Predator jumping. Seizing. Killing.

Several Porcupine. Quills slicing the air. Dirt moving beneath their paws. Growling. Independent. Jasper’s.

Two lynxes. Male and female. Mates. Growling. Hissing. Defending. Courageous. Strong. Intelligent. Edward’s.

Burning throat, thick tongue. Sweet aroma of spilt blood. Energy. Life. The air so still, awaiting my decision. I chose.

A single wolf, old with time, alone and unprotected. His eyes were dark, brooding, cunning. He was weak, prey being hard to find. Easy to take down. Easy to kill.

Fresh blood, flowing. Nourishing. Strengthening my depleted defenses, regaining the ammunition to battle. Forcing back the monster, hiding, hiding...fading.

I jerked up, dropping the limp body from my hands, staring at my palms in revulsion and absolute disgust. I had taken another life, another life in place of my own. I shook my head, even the death of all animals was starting to build up, lying high above my head. I would live to take more of them than any mortal was meant to. It was unnatural. I was unnatural.

"This was why I never wanted to turn you," a voice remarked, and I looked up to lock gazes with Edward, his mouth grim.

"Do I disgust you?" I asked, and he smirked, remembering most likely something that I could not, something of our past. Human memories fade.

"No," he stated, walking closer. "It’s the exact opposite."

I let in an excessive amount of unneeded air, feeling my lifeless heart jerk in response. The telltale emotions were fluttering through me, settling in the pit of my stomach. Butterflies flew to life, filling me. I would need to escape soon, before I did something I would regret.

"What do you want Edward?" I snarled, knowing that it wasn’t near as impressive as my first one.

"To talk, Bella. To talk," he replied, picking up the wolf to hide far away from curious people that may happen along this way.

"About what?" I asked, knowing full well what he was meaning, but I did not want to discuss this now.

"About what you’re doing here," he firmly said, leaning against a bare tree trunk with ease, his glittering flesh hidden with the shade. "And what happened to you."

I cringed, knowing that was coming, but not wanting to tell him. I felt indignation rise through me, boiling my insides til they were charred and ash. He had no right to demand anything from me after all these years. No right whatsoever! He was the one that left, not me. He was the one that needed to talk, needed to tell me his side of the story (no matter how pathetic it was).

I noticed a streak of lightning light the west, flashing in my eyes as the rage boiled in me. So long I had pent up this anger, hiding it better than the others thought. Now, I was being given full reign of it all, given the chance to let him know what his isolation from me had done to my heart. He would feel every tear and break that he had inflicted over fifty years in a single moment...I would make sure of that.

"How dare you," I growled, so low and threatening I wondered if he had made it out over the roll of thunder. "You are the one who needs to talk, not I."

"I’m not the one that did something so incredibly stupid as to get myself killed," he snarled, frowning at me with the deepest of displeasure.

"I’m not the one who left their supposed love behind, knowing full well that they could hardly stand upon their own two feet," I retaliated, balling my fists together.

"You have no idea," he ground out, taking a deliberate step towards me, demonstrating his dominance.

A stab of fear shook me, and I hesitated, faltering as my foot moved slightly away from his threatening figure. Shaking my head, I steeled my resolved, correcting my mistake and taking two steps towards him. The distance slipping away.

"Then explain, my love," I sneered, showing my teeth. "For I wasn’t the one that left their soulmate for other means."

"Do not assume anything of me!" he yelled, crossing at least fifty feet in a blink of an eye, now only an arms stretch away.

"Then likewise! You know nothing of what occurred!" I ranted, pointing a finger accusingly at his harden features.

Our skin had returned to its pale complexion, the diamonds have already been mined from us by the toil of nature. Strands of hair blew before my vision, yet I made no move to discard them from my sight. We had locked eyes, and I wasn’t about to be the one that lost this battle of wills. I was not the guilty party here, I had done nothing wrong.

"Get over yourself! Not everything revolves around you!" he sneered, an ugly mar crossing and disfiguring his rugged handsome features.

"You’re not a saint Edward! Don’t blame everyone else for your actions!" I screamed, feeling the hitch in my throat as I did this.

He roared in fury, the darkest look I had ever seen spilling from him and taking control of his body. The monster, the beast, was loose. Everything of him reeked of wild untamable madness, a deep instinct that no one controlled. I recalled briefly, and fuzzily, of when I had asked to see him hunt, when I was in Forks. He had refused, he had never wanted me to see the creature that lurked underneath his nearly impenetrable facade. And I understood fully of what that meant.

Instincts were raging within him, screaming at him and tearing him to pieces as he fought for control. I didn’t care either way, let it do its worse. Under normal circumstances I was sure I would have tried to run. That look in his eye, so feral, was tormenting him to teach me my place. To show who was dominant and strongest. But, I knew, that in this fight, if I were to surrender to such notions, I would loose what I now held dear. My pride.

"You. Will. Shut. Up. Now," he said, and I knew it was a promise, not a threat. He would carry out whatever his inner-self had decided upon. I was too far gone, I could care less.

"I don’t think so! I follow no one’s orders, especially your’s!" I taunted, stomping my foot slightly.

"I am warning you, the outcome will not be preferable," he replied, standing straight and tall, his hair shadowing his eyes so they seemed darker than ever before.

"Go to hell," I snarled, preparing my stance to tighten and my body to prepare for whatever he decided was my just rewards.

Whatever I thought would happen, had not occurred. I had thought pain, a physical battle along with emotion and mental. I was expecting to feel the tearing of my flesh with his teeth or hands. I had been waiting for him to beat me to a bloody pulp and teach me that I would not cross him again. I had expected this, and yet had never feared for my life. No matter his rage, his beast, he would never kill me.

But what I was expecting, through all the different scenarios, nothing came out anywhere close to this. He had crossed the final distance at full speed, grabbing my upper arms forcibly, I could feel the power of his monster upon them.

Without noticing it, I had been pushed against a tree, the wood groaning in protest at such an action. I had expected the snarl that had come, coming from deep within his chest. Feral. I had not expected his firm lips to be pressed against my own in a blink of an eye at a bruising pressure for even vampires.

And without realizing it, I felt my arms tangle in his hair, experiencing my first true kiss with anyone. And with a deep regret, I realized I was glad that it was with Edward.