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Til We Meet Again

It was only natural in the end when he broke his promise, that I broke mine. Edward always warned Bella not to wander into the woods, but when he left her again, breaking his promise, she did the same. Now, fifty years later, she's about to meet up with the one person...vampire, that she yearned for, yet wasn't sure she ever wanted to see again.


6. Chapter 5

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Til We Meet Again
By: Dark Huntress
Chapter 5

I still couldn’t believe I had done that, still couldn’t believe I had let myself fall into him once more without thought. I could still feel his lips upon mine, strong and soft all at once. Filled with strength and built up passion, an embrace of the souls. I hated it.

It was horrible for me, seeing him there on the edge of the forest so close to me, yet my pride holding me back. I knew that it was good it was there, keeping me so far away from his taunting form, but yet I couldn’t help the thrum of my heart that sang in disagreement. I didn’t want this, I had finally started to figure things out, and here he was, and after only a few days, he had blown fifty years to hell.

The others had left, I could no longer feel their presences amongst the woods. Sighing deeply, filling my lungs with useless oxygen, I let the scents of my past reach me at last. His irresistible smell was mind blowing, much more explosive than when I had first originally smelt the most unique quality. Forever would it be imprinted.

The moist ground soaked through my jeans, the chill nonexistent to my cement flesh. Sighing, I buried my face in my hands, shaking slightly. Everything was messed up, everything. I had let my feelings that still remained slip pass. How would I ever face anyone ever again? I had just given into one of the worst things ever.

Looking up, I met his intense amber eyes that were only a few inches from my own. Shaking my head, still easily surprised by his speed, I let my body sag in complete defeat. Everything I had strived for and thought I had accomplished, were now nothing. A few moments and my will and well thought out future just flew out the window.

"Why do you do this to me?" I whispered, staring directly into his matching eyes, feeling terribly insignificant compared to his size.

"Bella, how can I make you understand?" he said, looking down at the ground between his raised legs.

"First, tell me why you left?" I prompted, if I was going to be able to heal completely, I needed to know why it had happened.

"Bella, I couldn’t risk your life anymore. I was a danger, we were all a danger. It was becoming harder and harder for Jasper, we had to take him away, and I thought it was the perfect time to leave," he stated, never looking me in the eyes and I felt that knife dig deep.

"Oh," I sighed, so he was wanting to leave the entire time, and all he had needed was an excuse. That’s what you get for hoping, I scolded myself.

"I didn’t mean it that way. I wanted you to live a normal life, one without us in it. I wanted you to experience everything we were supposed too. I thought it was a good idea," he murmured, running a hand through his messy bronze locks.

"Maybe I didn’t want to live a normal life. Maybe I wanted to live an unnormal life with an unnormal family," I said, letting my chocolate hair fall around my face.

"It doesn’t really matter now, does it?" he said rhetorically, staring at his hand as if it were the most fascinating thing before switching his gaze to meet my own.

"No, not really. Edward...I," I stopped myself, looking away from his scorching eyes, I felt like such a fool right now.

"What is it?" he asked, moving to look at me more squarely, and I felt my breath hitch at his proximity.

Was I ready to forgive him? To give into my heart and let him embrace me like he had done so, many years ago. It was hard, even now, to know that he was so close and out of my reach altogether. I would always yearn for his touch, for his voice and scent. Was I only making things harder on myself and him if I kept up my denial?

Yes, I was making things worse. Here I was, miserable as could be, he the same (or at least he looked it), and I was debating on whether or not to break his heart for revenge. It was such a pitiful thing to even consider, but my pride thought it a wonderful suggestion.

My pride. Everything was about my pride anymore, since I had had nothing else for so very long. So, now that I was given the choice to get rid of it, or at least make it take a backseat, I was reluctant to let it go. Right now was the choice that would change my destiny. I could either leave him forever or accept him back into my life.

Touching my chest, I bit my lip, wishing I could cry, the need was so pronounced. And to think I had wished that to end. So instead, the rain poured heavily on our heads, though neither of us cared. Mud caked my jeans and shoes, layering the articles til the original color was indistinguishable.

Was I ready to cut the strings of my harboring feelings? Was it time to let go of my prideful nature? I had struggled so long to build myself up in my little coven, tirelessly and long hours to prove that I wasn’t a stupid young one. I had succeeded. Was I ready to let that all go?

Looking through the almost blinding drops, I locked eyes with his heated molten fire orbs, dazzled instantly. It wasn’t as powerful as when I was human (or from what I could remember it wasn’t). I suspected that before it had been a mixture of love, passion, and a predator/prey thing. Now, the last was gone, only leaving what our hearts were singing out to do.

Pride be damned.

Blinking in surprise, I tried to figure out after my decision how I had ended up in his arms, clinging to his neck for dear life. He seemed to be wondering the same thing, but the shock wore off and he clung to me just as forcefully. Tucking my head underneath his chin, I let him lift me into his lap, snuggling deep into his strength.

He was just as hard as ever (though that wasn’t a surprise), and I let my nose lay on what little of his chest was exposed. It was delicious, a soothing scent that let my muscles relax instantly and fall into his arms willingly. There was no more fight left in me, he had won.

Smiling, I lifted myself to my feet, I still had questions, things that weren’t answered. Where had he gone after he left Forks? Had he yearned for me as much as I had him? Did he ever think of me? But suddenly, they were insignificant, I could care less if he answered (well, at least at the moment). Right now, all I wanted was to act like nothing had ever happened, and that we were still teens (or I was) back in Forks, Washington without a worry in the world (kind of).

Taking his hand, we walked back towards the mansion so well hidden amongst the nature of Denali. In a blink of a human eye we disappeared, running rapidly across the ground that we knew so well. He was faster than myself, easily taking over the distance, forcing himself to slow slightly to let me catch up. He seemed to enjoy my lack of speed immensely, but I didn’t know why.

It was still pouring, though my mood had lifted immensely, the storm now felt carefree and jubilant. I liked it.

We walked through the front door, dripping puddles of water all over the kitchen linoleum, hopefully Tanya and Irina wouldn’t mind. Carmen met us there, giggling at our predicament and offering us two dry cotton towels.

"You know you two have a lot of explaining to do," she said, making me wonder what she was talking about. Edward seemed just as clueless.

"What are you talking about?" I asked finally, throwing the towel at her without care, she caught it easily.

"Tanya and Irina, they went ballistic when they found out you two went off somewhere together," she answered smoothly, and I’m sure if I could have I would have paled several shades.

"Why do they care?" Edward questioned, perplexed at what was so important that the two had gotten worked up.

"Edward, Edward. Dear, naive, Edward," Carmen chided. "Do you not see the looks those two give you every time you walk by?"

Edward shook his negatively, handing her his towel when she reached for it, though he seemed to hesitate as his eyes spaced out, and the look on his face afterwards was of shock. Shaking my head, I wondered how he couldn’t have noticed. Maybe guys were just clueless, even mind reading vampire ones.

"Come on," I urged, walking into the living room where I knew they would be seated, probably glaring daggers at the doorway.

Oh, and look, a point for Bella.

As soon as we walked through the paneled opening, the two turned their heads and fixed us with enough fire I’m sure the devil was jealous. Their perfect nails dug deep into their upper arms as they crossed their arms in annoyance. They were NOT happy campers.

Alice seemed to be jumping up and down in glee, holding herself back from rushing me like she had done so many times before. Her golden eyes were as wide as her small face would allow, her smile breathtaking.

Jasper sat at her side, smiling more to himself than anyone else, already, I’m sure, sensing the change between the two of us.

Emmett was the opposite of his blonde brother, more like Alice, with a huge grin plastered on his face. His posture leaning back against the recliner as if the world was finally right for him.

Rosalie was standing rigidly against the back wall, though she didn’t seem as tense as usual, but none the less, she looked pretty upset. She kept frowning and then looking between her brother and myself, her eyes calculating every action. I wanted to run.

Esme gave us a small smile, one full of warmth and love. Her eyes were filled with joy, her hands clasped together on her lap.

Carlisle smiled proudly at his son, noting with his eyes as Edward’s hands shifted to grab a hold of mine. Me, I about jumped with fear at the audible hisses from Irina and Tanya. Oh dear lord have mercy.

We sat at the couch across from the toe tapping, seriously pissed, Denali vampiresses. I knew any moment they would spring up and slaughter me for taking what they thought was rightfully their’s.

"Listen, Irina, Tanya, you see," I rambled, my throat tightening as I shifted to hide slightly behind my Edward.

He must have sensed my fear, because he fixed his gaze levelly with their’s, and a fierce scowl marred his expression. His once perfect features turned cold and deadly, his muscles tensing til they were like an unbreakable diamond. The sudden change struck the other two speechless. Good.

"Do you have a problem?" Edward growled, I raised my brow, maybe he was taking this a tad too far, but oh well.

"Um, just wanted to know how you knew one another?" Tanya squeaked out, sitting with her back against the back of their couch and the armrest.

"We dated when we lived in Forks," he said simply, loosening his body slightly, but not enough to be back to normal.

"And now you’re back together?" Irina ventured, and I bit my lip, were we? I supposed they could call it that.

"....yes," Edward hesitated, glancing at my face before answering, making sure that I wouldn’t blow up like I had before.

They were not happy with these answers, their eyes spoke plainly of that, yet Edward had them buffaloed more than they could ever hope to accomplish. His eyes glowering at them with the deepest of disgust, his mouth grim as he grumbled something under his breath (I couldn’t quite make it out). Tightening my grip on his hand, I marveled at the foreign feeling, it really had been a long time.

Edward seemed to think it was time to be done with this, because I was suddenly yanked up and pulled upstairs. Looking at his handsome god-like face, I raised a brow at the smirk that was forming on his mouth. His eyes were now dancing with mirth, hiding an unknown secret from my knowledge.

"What are you doing?" I asked, looking back behind me at my closed door, somehow we had ended up in my room without me noticing.

"Getting revenge," he answered simply, laughing outright when he heard a low annoyed growl work up someone’s throat downstairs. Whatever that person was thinking must have been funny.

"Why?" I questioned, who did he need revenge on? And how was he getting his revenge by standing up here?

"My family has become quite annoying over the last three years, I thought it was about time they got paid back," he said, crossing his arms and leaning against the white walls. "Irina and Tanya are very upset."

I nodded my head, I could only guess the interrogation the others were going through at the moment. I’m sure even the mild tempered Carlisle and Esme would be tested to their absolute limits. Poor Cullens, I wished them the best.

"So...?" I started, looking at him with questions in my eyes, not quite sure what do to next. It was very awkward to say the least.

He grinned mischievously, and before I realized it, I had landed on my back with his body beneath my own. A glint flashed in his eyes as his arms tightened around my waist, and I couldn’t help myself, I giggled.

He smiled in return, shifting so that we were both more comfortable and could still easily hear the screeches from downstairs.

"Edward, tell me about the years I missed," I whispered, almost reluctant to let the moment leave us.

He forced me to look at him, the pain flashing over my face before I could hide it from his view. He grimaced and rubbed soothing circles on my back, while a look of concentration marred his features.

Edward sat up quickly, sitting me in front of him and holding my hands tightly within his own much larger ones. His eyes never sought my own again, but kept to the bedspread beneath us as if he were tracing the unique patterns.

And then he started.

He told of Alice’s shopping adventures and how she had bought a whole new ridiculous wardrobe that filled her closet even more than before. He spoke of Rosalie and Emmett’s most recent marriage and trip to Africa for their honeymoon. As well as how uncomfortable the house was after those two wed once again, he didn’t go into detail, but I got it quite plainly.

He said that Carlisle had recently been promoted once more, and Esme had found a new pass time in painting beautiful murals and paintings. Jasper had become much better at being vegetarian, there was little worry anymore. That was comforting. I didn’t want him endangering any lives when he tried so hard to be good.

And I told of my strange quests and laughs with Carmen and Eleazar, all the times that Carmen would accidently make a mistake (which she rarely did) and cause a mess in the kitchen. How Eleazar and I would then be forced to clean it up afterwards. I spoke of Irina and Tanya’s boy crazy chases and strange vampires they brought home with them. Also of the parties and some of the wild get ups that they thought were fun to wear.

And as the moon rose in the sky, we huddled together in the bed, reliving the last fifty years together.