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I Love You...

Edward and Bella love each other, but unfortunate circumstances throw everything spiralling out of control, and Edward isn't the only vampire interested in Bella! Please review! and i shall be forever grateful =D

Disclaimer: It's all Stephenie Meyer's

10. He Left Her?

Rating 5/5   Word Count 604   Review this Chapter

“Adam??” I called out. “Adam if that’s you, get out here now!”

I clenched my fist. I was really getting sick of this guy.

“Let go of her!!” I shouted.

The nurse didn’t move. She just stared at me.


“No…” an unfamiliar voice replied. “Much better.”

Alice POV (point of view)

Edward rang me saying he had exciting news to do with him and Bella. I was concentrating all my visions on Charlie, so for once in my life I didn’t know what to expect, though of course I had a few ideas…

I had to come without Jasper, which I was upset about. I hated being away from him. The reason he couldn’t come was because there would be a lot of blood at a hospital. I have to admit it’ll be a bit of a challenge for me. Edward seems to have so much control lately. He is well on his way to becoming like Carlisle.

I skipped into the hospital happily. It was unusual quiet, but I could hear the faint bustle from the ER on the other side of the hospital. I asked for Bella and was told her ward and room number. There was no one around so I decided to go a little faster than human pace.

I was at her ward in no time. All the lights in her corridor were turned down. I ignored all the visions I was getting and ran all to Bella’s room. There was no one at the nurse station, but I found her room easily enough. When I got there the lights in her room were turned off.

She must be sleeping. I smiled at the thought as I slipped into her room silently. The minute I entered, I knew there was something wrong. Her bed was empty which explains the empty hospital beds I’ve been seeing in my visions. I just assumed it was something to do with the distant future.

I sat on the bed and closed my eyes. I only had to concentrate for a moment before I got a vision, but it wasn’t about Bella, it was about Edward. I saw Edward being dragged away by a…a human.

I raced out the door and down the corridor, going too fast for any human too see. I ran to the end of the corridor to the intersection I recognised from my vision. I came to a halt, my hair catching up a few seconds later, slapping me on the back.

I waited, and no one came. I had no idea when my vision would happen, but I could wait. I sat down and crossed my legs.

Almost an hour later, no one had come. Searched through the visions I had had for any clues. There was a lot about a wedding, but I couldn’t concentrate. It was probably just Rose and Emmet. I closed my eyes and tried my hardest but I kept seeing the wedding. I sighed and opened my eyes. I jumped up and took out my cell phone. I wanted to hear Jasper’s voice, but when I took it out, I subconsciously dialled Edward’s number. It only dialled twice before he picked up.

“Hello?” his voice was gruff, unlike him.

“Where are you?!” I demanded.

“At home.”

This wasn’t like Edward, he wouldn’t leave Bella unprotected. I decided to bluff.

“No your not, I just called there.”

“I just got here.”

“Put Jasper on then.”

“Can’t…he is unavailable.”

There was no doubt in my mind, this wasn’t Edward. Edward wouldn’t give such short answers, and I would know if Jasper was busy. The only question was who was it? It did sound an awful lot like Edward though…