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I Love You...

Edward and Bella love each other, but unfortunate circumstances throw everything spiralling out of control, and Edward isn't the only vampire interested in Bella! Please review! and i shall be forever grateful =D

Disclaimer: It's all Stephenie Meyer's

15. He Was Saved By Her

Rating 4.5/5   Word Count 633   Review this Chapter

I was lost. Lost in the hospital. There was no one around. I wandered around aimlessly.

Eventually I found a staircase down to the basement. It was dark and scary. I was always 99% sure she would be down there. I sighed and began to walk down the stairs, looking for a light switch on the wall. After a few minutes fumbling in the dark, I found one, and flicked it on.

There were only two lights in the large basement. One flickered and then died. The basement was covered in spider webs. There was a broken MRI machine in the middle of the floor and some discarded walkers. There was no sign if Edward or the nurse. I walked down to the middle of the floor. There was a knife lying on the floor. I don’t know why, but I picked it up. I had a feeling I would need it.

There was another door to my left. When I was walking, the end of my dress snagged on a loose tile. I ripped, exposing my whole right leg. There wasn’t anything I could do about it, so I continued walking towards the door.

I opened the door and it lead to a smaller room. The room was dimly lit, but I could still see Edward sprawled on the middle of the floor. I knew that it wasn’t the real Edward, but I couldn’t bear to see him look like this. The nurse stepped out of the shadows in the corner.

“Hey!” she chirped happily.

I glared at her.

“My name’s Kelly!”

“Really? I was expecting Buffy.” I spat out at her.

She giggled. “You’re funny!”

“Look, I’m just here to get my fiancé.” I said.

“I can’t let you do that, Bella.” she said, her voice becoming more menacing. She moved so that now she was standing between me and Edward.

“You can still leave.” she said.

“No, no I can’t.” I whispered.

The nurse then tied up her long blonde hair. I noticed her hand was no longer cut. ‘Not real’ I repeated to myself in my head.

Then she tackled me to the ground. I was still in shock, when she grabbed my wrists and pinned them to the ground. The knife dropped out of my hand.

“I can’t let any one get in my way.” she whispered.

I realised she wasn’t that strong, she had just caught me by surprise. I pushed her back as hard as I could, and managed to get her off me. She stood up quickly and I tried to do the same, but slipped. She came over and stood over me. I grabbed her ankle and pulled her down.

She fell down on top of me. She reached for her foot and took something out. Suddenly there was a gun pointing to my head.

I saw that the knife was within reach. She’s not real, I repeated over and over in my head.

“I’m going to kill him, slowly and painfully.” she mused. “I wonder if he’ll beg.”

I looked up into her eyes and saw pure evil. I took a deep breath and grabbed the knife. I closed my eyes and plunged it into her shoulder. She screamed in pain and jumped off me. I ran over to Edward. But before I got there I tripped. Everything went black.

“Well done Bella.” Locke voice woke me up.

I opened my eyes slowly. Everything was still black. The only thing I could see was Locke.

“2 down.” he smiled.

“I did it?” I asked astonished.

He laughed. “And quickly too.”

“You sound surprised.” I said.

“They are too.” he said, a serious tone in his voice.

“Well, ready for the next round?” he asked.

“Wait! Will you explain what happened to me first?”

“No time.” he whispered simply.

He started to walk towards me, but my vision started to get blurry and then I blacked out… again.