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I Love You...

Edward and Bella love each other, but unfortunate circumstances throw everything spiralling out of control, and Edward isn't the only vampire interested in Bella! Please review! and i shall be forever grateful =D

Disclaimer: It's all Stephenie Meyer's

18. He Forgave Her

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I have no idea where she came from, but suddenly there was a girl walking towards us. She was a little older than me, medium height with short jet black hair. Her face was very pretty, with sallow skin and big, full red lips.

Locke put distance between us as soon as he saw her. I looked up at him and saw an almost wistful look on his face. This must be the girl, the one he was thinking about earlier.

“Hi…” the girl said, with that wistfulness I saw on Locke’s face in her voice. And I also got the feeling she wasn’t really talking to me.

She was wearing all black, a short swingy dress. She looked like she had made an effort to look nice. She narrowed her eyes and looked at me. I wasn’t surprised when I saw jealously in her eyes.

“Bella, I assume.”

I nodded, but she wasn’t looking at me anymore, she was looking at Locke.

“Keira.” Locke said sadly.

“Locke…” Keira began. She gazed into Locke’s eyes. I was surprised when he smiled.

“So…are you back?” he asked hopefully.

“Locke…you know I can’t,” her voice broke and I could see tears in her eyes. “You shouldn’t forgive me. I don’t deserve it.”

She hung her head. They seemed to have forgotten about me, so I cleared my throat. Both heads snapped up in my direction. Intuition flickered in Locke’s eyes.

“No!” he said suddenly. “You’re back for her!”

“Locke,” Keira begged.

“You’re not taking her.” he snarled. I saw that jealously in her eyes again.

“They want her to finish the challenges. Only if she fails…or acts out again.” Keira said, looking down. Her voice was controlled, fake.

“Oh…how long?”

“A couple of minutes at least.”

“Ok then, let’s wait.” Locke and Keira sat down, and I followed in their example. We were all silent.

“You smell weird.” she crinkled up her nose.

“Huh?” I asked.

“Sorry, never been near a live human before.” she said, as though that explained everything.

The ‘live’ bit worried me.

“Bella didn’t you think hell would be full of fire?” Keira asked, out of the blue.

“Um…I guess so.”

“The real hell is…well sort of. There are two gates. You and Edward came through the first, which Locke can let anyone into. This is like…the waiting room, for lack of a better phrase.” she explained, without needing to be asked.

“So behind the other gates is the real hell. The fire and brimstone hell. But that gate can only be opened by me and Locke together.” she smiled briefly at Locke.

“Right…” I said slowly, and Keira laughed.

“You were given a glance into it, after your last illusion.”

I remembered the horrible fire burning me everywhere. So that was hell.

“Is Edward doing challenges too?” I asked. Keira and Locke exchanged a look.

“Bella…vampires aren’t allowed in hell.” Locke said, speaking for the first time in awhile.

“Which could come in handy…” Keira whispered mysteriously.

Locke looked over at her, his eyes full of joy and hope. I noticed Keira had the same dead black eyes as Locke. They were having another moment. A moment were I didn’t exist and it was just them. Seeing there obvious love for each other, though they try to hide it, made me think of Edward.

I was surprised when I felt angry again. I’ve been starting to feel angry a lot lately.

“It’s time…” Keira and Locke said at the same time.

I started to feel woozy and fell back. Lying there I could see the blurry figures of Keira and Locke. There was a hazy blackness clouding my vision, and consuming Locke and Keira. I tried to concentrate but I couldn’t fight it, the blackness won I was blacked out.

When I woke up, I was back in Phoenix. In my old ballet studio to be exact, the one that had burned down. It brought back some unwanted memories.

I sat up and ran my fingers through my hair, which was knotted and wild. I was so very, very tired, tired of all this and tired in the unconscious sense. I sat for a few minutes, with my eyes half closed, whishing I was home, but unfortunately I didn’t have any sparkly red shoes.

“Hello,” a sad voice uttered behind me.

I turned my head, still sitting, and saw Edward standing a foot away from me.

“I’m sorry, my love.” he whispered.