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I Love You...

Edward and Bella love each other, but unfortunate circumstances throw everything spiralling out of control, and Edward isn't the only vampire interested in Bella! Please review! and i shall be forever grateful =D

Disclaimer: It's all Stephenie Meyer's

26. He Broke Her

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We all sat at the table, looking at Keira expectantly.

“Say you have a door. And there is a padlock on the door. And of course, a key to that lock.” her eyes closed as she concentrated.

“Now, the lock is on one side of the door, and the key on the other. We want the door to stay closed, but as long as the key and the lock are on different sides of the door, the door is open.”

“I’m sorry,” I said shyly. “What?”

I had no idea what she was talking about, and I’m betting by the look on Emmett’s face, he didn’t either. Edward completely understood, of course, with his advantages.

“I‘m saying…” she murmured. “I’m saying, the best…the only solution is that I…go to the other side of the door.”

She opened her eyes and saw the shocked faces surrounding her. All except Edward. Edward was leaning back on his chair, staring at Keira.


Keira sat in the lonely chair. She still hadn’t stopped crying. The Sins had grown tired of her and left her in solitary. She wanted to tell him. He needed to tell him.

She sat alone for some time, longer than any human could stand. A small flicker of light caught her eye. She turned to see a small piece of paper, on fire in one corner, on the ground at her feet. She picked it up and saw two words,

Bella Swan.

She looked at the paper. She had not seen a paper like this is a very long time. She knew what it would mean. She would be able to see Locke again. She would show him, somehow, she had to.

She picked up the paper, blowing at the burning corner, and skipped out of the room. She hadn’t felt like this in many years. She couldn’t wait to see Locke’s face.

Present day-

“No!” I shouted.

She blinked, but didn’t say anything.

“No Keira! You can’t, I won’t let you!” I cried.

“It’s not your choice. Nor am I doing this for your benefit.” she muttered coldly.

I sunk back into my chair, my face reddening.

“But I did say earlier, I won’t let you go to hell. The answer is simple, you must become a vampire.” she added nonchalantly.

“We were kind of already planning to do that.” I squeaked.

She looked bored, but still her face had that emptiness to it.

“I’ll need to do something very bad to open the gates of hell again. But I have that covered in my plan.” she said. The perlocution of her words was shocking. Everyone shifted into unease and distrust.

“And what exactly are you planning?” Alice asked innocently, but her eyes were careful.

Keira picked at her nails in a bored manner.

“Oh, that’s for me to know…and you to find out.”

“If you expect our help, we will need to know now.” Carlisle stated, his voice polite.

“I need her help keeping Bella alive,” she shook her hand in my direction. “The rest is my own business.”

“I would think it our business too.” Carlisle responded, his voice loosing some politeness.

Keira narrowed her eyes, and didn’t respond. Instead she stood up.

“I’ve told you how to save Bella, and much more information than is necessary. I’ll be leaving now, if you don’t mind.”

And with that she walked over to the door. Just went to open it, but stopped with her hand on the door handle. She looked over her shoulder at us, particularly me. She gave a small nod, then left.

When she looked at me, I saw her face. I was shocked. I gasped and my mouth fell open. All of the Cullens watched me, waiting for me to speak. Edward was especially eager.

But I couldn’t speak. Keira’s face told me someone out there was in danger. It told me all her secrets. And it was all awfully familiar.

There was the look of boredom on her face, which had not so long ago been pain. There was also a little frustration, and she looked impatient. But none of that was what worried me.

“Numb.” I whispered before I knew what I was saying.


Keira walked away from the house and into the forest. She should feel pained, but she didn’t. She should also be hopeful that she’d get to see Locke again, but she wasn’t.

She wasn’t any of these things because she wasn’t anything. She couldn’t feel anything, not the pain at Locke’s death nor the icy wind hitting her skin.

She was closed off, bottling everything up. She was numb. She was broken.