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I Love You...

Edward and Bella love each other, but unfortunate circumstances throw everything spiralling out of control, and Edward isn't the only vampire interested in Bella! Please review! and i shall be forever grateful =D

Disclaimer: It's all Stephenie Meyer's

27. He Would Be Killed By Her

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“Jasper, Alice, follow her.” Carlisle said, a small bit of panic in his voice.

“Edward, Bella, we need all the information we can get on her. Rosalie, Emmett, go check that Charlie is safe.”

Jasper, Alice Rosalie and Emmett rose from the table and exited the room. Carlisle sighed heavily, and Esme put a hand on his shoulder.

“Edward, what is she planning?” Carlisle asked after a moment.

An unusually quiet Edward merely shrugged. We all stared back in shock, and he looked shocked as well.

“The only thing she was thinking of was revenge.”

“Revenge? She can’t possibly go up against the Sins…or hell itself, can she?” I asked shocked.

“It would be a faith worse than an eternity in hell.” he responded quietly.

“But why? She’s…different than how she was earlier.” I remembered her crying.

“She snapped.” Edward muttered.

For reasons unknown to any of us, we all turned to peer out the window into the now dark horizon.

There was one feeling in the room. I didn’t Jasper’s gift to know that it was fear.

I didn’t sleep well that night. I felt very uneasy. I was woken during the night by a worried looking Edward.

“She’s heading for Charlie’s house.” he said.

No more words were needed. I jumped up and followed Edward downstairs. It only occurred to me now how worried Charlie must be. I should have called him.

We got into Edward’s Volvo and sped off towards Charlie’s house. The clock on the dashboard informed me it was 3 am. I doubted anyone would be awake in Forks, it was a weeknight.

The car came to a sudden stop. I jumped out and immediately saw Keira, in the middle of the road. She had taken her black dress back on her way out of the Cullen household, and she was wearing it now. She also had a black cloak, with a wide hood pulled up, not unlike the Sins’.

She stood very still, and looked down.

“Hello there,” a voice whispered from the side off the road.

Keira slowly lifted her head and looked in the direction of the voice. Adam was standing there, leaning against a tree.

He cautiously took a few steps forward, then smiled.

She narrowed her eyes and turned to face him properly. She stared menacingly at him.

Adam fell to the ground, withering in pain. A scream escaped his lips as blood leaked onto the road. Then he stopped moving and lay still.

Keira turned to look at Edward and me. Her face softened slightly.

“What have you done?” I whispered, horrified.

She cocked her head to one side, like a dog that didn’t understand. The road beneath us swirled and turned to a familiar black liquid. The three of us and Adam’s body sunk. None of us felt the normal feel of liquid, instead all we could feel was cold.

I saw Keira’s emotionless face just before we sunk into the darkness. Her black eyes looked blacker than ever, and her normally tanned skin was deathly pale.

A strand of hair at her face blew in the wind. She stared start ahead, showing no concern that Edward and I were sinking with her.

We landed with a thump on the cold black floor. The Seven deadly Sins appeared before us.

“He shouldn’t be here.” one in a green cloak said quickly.

Anger raised a hand to silence her.

“Keira. You have killed in cold blood. We have no choice but to punish you. But you’re not going to hell.” they all spoke at once.

Keira’s eyes widened in shock. She had obviously not expected this in her plans. After a second her eyes calmed, and there was the hint of a smile on her lips.

“She, however will be going to hell.” They said, and gestured toward me.

Keira’s smile became more obvious.

“Is that a challenge?” Keira asked, raising an eyebrow.

“Keira! Locke’s faith was…regrettable, but you know no one can come back. Even if you go to hell, do you think he’ll be there waiting for you? A big part of hell is the fact that you’ll be alone!” the Sins shouted in unison.

Keira stood up.

“You didn’t answer my question.” she said calmly.

“Keira! What do you think you’re doing? Think about the consequences! Stop now, and take your punishment smiling. You will do this because this is your life, you existence.

“You would not be here, walking and talking if not for us. We decided hell needed a key. We choose you. We gave you immortality.” The Sins replied.

“Oh? But what if I didn’t want any of it? What if I decided to fall in love? If I decided that wasn’t good enough? What if I decided I wanted more? What if I decided I would fight for it?” Keira asked.

“What if I wanted revenge?”

“Stop now, Keira. Stop your silly ‘What ifs’!” The Sins said.

“You’re right…” Keira smiled wickedly. “Now is not the time for ‘What ifs’. Now is the time for action.”

She took a step towards the Sins. And she smiled confidently, while tears ran down her cheeks.