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I Love You...

Edward and Bella love each other, but unfortunate circumstances throw everything spiralling out of control, and Edward isn't the only vampire interested in Bella! Please review! and i shall be forever grateful =D

Disclaimer: It's all Stephenie Meyer's

29. He Wanted To Die

Rating 4.5/5   Word Count 640   Review this Chapter

I was the one that wanted to have a funeral. But now it seemed like a bad idea. The Cullen men were standing in the shade of a tree, and Alice, Rosalie and Esme were standing beside me. They were wearing hats, with veils that covered there faces, and long gloves to cover themselves from the sun, such an unusual thing in Forks.

It wasn’t a proper grave. It was just a whole in the earth. When I thought about it, that’s just what a grave is. A whole in the earth, yet it seems so significant.

They were already buried. At the very edge of the graveyard, where no one could see. They had no headstone, no family, and no obituary in the newspaper.

I should say a speech. But what can I say? We all stood there, dressed entirely in black. My eyes tear filled eyes wandered over to the rest of the graveyard.

It was empty except for two people. A couple. They both had brilliant blonde hair, and were dressed in summer clothes. It was unusually sunny for Forks.

I became interested in the couple, for reasons beyond me. They weren’t touching, or holding hands like a normal couple. They were looking at us, and at the freshly dug graves beneath us.

A small tear fell down the girl’s cheek, and the man reached up to wipe it away. But his hand froze, inches away from her face. They looked at each other, and back in our direction.

When their eyes met mine, I felt a strange familiarity, yet a distance. It was like looking in the eyes of a stranger, a stranger that I somehow knew.

Without thinking I walked over to them. I wanted so badly to believe.

“Keira, Locke?” I asked quietly when I reached them.

They shook there heads sadly. I noticed now that they had piercing blue eyes. I sadly realised I saw no familiarity in them. It was just from a distance, there posture, facial features and their skin colour.

“They’re gone.”

“Where?” I demanded. If there was hell, there must be heaven. Mustn’t there?

“We do not speak of what we do not know.” they answered in union, and then smiled at each other.

I took a pause, looking around at the blue sky. I looked back at the Cullens, who were looking over at me, and Edward looked a little uneasy.

“Keira fought till the end. And was rewarded with death. She knew that all along. She knew it was coming but she still did it, because she knew it would be a relief for Locke.

“She was fine with her immortality until him. He always…struggled with it. She walked… no, marched right up to her death bravely. She stood up to hell itself. She doesn’t believe in heaven, but she still did it.” the girl whispered softly.

I nodded slowly, tears welling in my eyes. I wanted a happy end.

“Keira, her last words were ‘I love you…’” the man added. “She didn’t destroy hell, or even the Sins. All she did was die fighting for death. So I suppose she was successful.”

They could both speak so calmly of her death, but I didn’t miss the odd tear the girl would shed. And the look on the man’s face that told me he wanted to comfort her.

“And who are you?” I asked.


They both started walking away. I wanted to follow but I knew I couldn’t. I walked slowly back over to the Cullens.

Only Edward was left, the rest had gone. The sky had become cloudy without me noticing. Edward automatically wrapped his arms around me.

We both sat down at the foot of the tree. We stayed there until it became dark, not talking.

“We should go,” I muttered unwillingly.

Edward nodded, and then kissed the top of my head.

“Bella?” he asked.

“Yes Edward?” I sighed.

“What are we going to tell Charlie?”

Our quiet laughter filled the empty graveyard.