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I Love You...

Edward and Bella love each other, but unfortunate circumstances throw everything spiralling out of control, and Edward isn't the only vampire interested in Bella! Please review! and i shall be forever grateful =D

Disclaimer: It's all Stephenie Meyer's

4. He Made Lunch For Her

Rating 4.5/5   Word Count 758   Review this Chapter

Nobody said anything for awhile. A lot of things were racing through my mind, but the most coherent question I could come up with is;


“Adam falls in love quite easily. I met them some time ago, when I was working in a hospital in Chicago, not long after I’d changed Edward. He and his sister came into the hospital where I was working. I saw straight away they had been bitten. In my paperwork, I said it was just superficial wounds. I invited them over to where I was living at the time, and introduced them to Edward. They were both complaining of a burning pain in their cuts.” Carlisle explained.

“Three days later they were vampires. They left me and Edward, opting to feed on humans. I have not seen them since, but I do remember Adam being very upset. Edward read his mind and told me someone Adam loved had died.”

“And now he wants someone to replace her.” Edward added. It was the first time he’d spoken in awhile. He looked down at me.

“He’s not getting you, Bella. You’re already taken.” he whispered in my ear. I beamed up at him, unable to hide my pleasure at his remark.

“Well, we’ll just explain to him not to feed on Charlie when he returns, in the meantime, Edward, keep a close eye on Bella, Adam is known to be quite irrational.” Carlisle said.

Then Edward drove me home. Charlie was out fishing, so the two of us curled up on the couch. I sighed, blissfully happy to be here with Edward. Neither of us talked, so I had some time to think. How complicated my life is.

My best friend is a werewolf, and is not talking to me at the moment because he loves me, but I love a vampire; my boyfriend, and the two of them are mortal enemies. And every other vampire I meet either wants to kill me or falls in love with me. On top of all that, my vampire boyfriend just asked me to marry him.

I sighed. Edward heard and laughed.

“Right, let’s get up!” Edward suddenly announced.

“What?” I asked.

“You heard, up! Firstly, you need to get some food. Then we better go shopping for a new car stereo for you!” he said with a big grin plastered on his face. I just stared at him in shock.

He laughed, picked me up and threw me over his shoulder. He carried me into the kitchen and gently sat me down on the chair.

“I’ve done my research!” he said slyly. And then to my surprise, he started making me a fruit salad. He cut everything with such speed that it was ready pretty quick. He set it down in front of me, and then looked at me expectantly.

I took a bite, chewing carefully. I knew he could see the surprise on my face. He smiled.

“Wow!” I said between mouthfuls. It was delicious.

After I finished it, Edward said, “I have to go get the car. I’ll be two minutes. Try to stay out of trouble for that long, please.”

He leaned down to kiss my cheek, and then he was gone. I have to admit I was panicked. Last time he left me alone, Victoria attacked.

I got up and locked the door. I knew it wouldn’t do much good against an angry vampire, or a lovesick one for that matter.

I switched on the TV, to fill the silence. It was only then I noticed the letter sitting on the coffee table. I picked it up. It had my name written on the front. I opened it and it read;

Dearest Bella,

I will be coming for you soon, my love. You are the most beautiful creature I have ever laid my eyes on. You must come live with me and Caroline. We can get married and be together forever.



I stared at the letter. Was it a joke? There were no questions in the letter, and he seemed certain it was what I wanted.

Someone trying to kill me, I could deal with, but a vampire madly in love with me is a different story.

A knock on the window startled me. And looked over and the window was now open, with Adam leaning in, a red rose in his hand.

Before I had time to react, Edward was suddenly standing in front of me, growling.

Adam smiled, and then disappeared. Edward took the letter out of my hand and read it quickly.

“Edward…” I said in a small, pleading voice.

“I know Bella, I know.”

Oh what a complicated life I lead I thought.