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I Love You...

Edward and Bella love each other, but unfortunate circumstances throw everything spiralling out of control, and Edward isn't the only vampire interested in Bella! Please review! and i shall be forever grateful =D

Disclaimer: It's all Stephenie Meyer's

6. He Wanted To Change Her

Rating 4.5/5   Word Count 822   Review this Chapter

The sound of a door slamming made me jump. Caroline had come storming out of the room she was in.

“That boyfriend of hers is outside!” she shouted. “He is circling the walls looking for an opening!! And on top of that there’s a pack of filthy dogs looking for us!!”

Adam remained calm, got up and led Caroline away by the shoulder, to talk privately. I saw something move in the direction if the door Caroline had just come out of.

Coming out of the room, was the girl. She was on the floor, dragging herself closer to me with one arm. The other arm was wrapped around her stomach, and there was a lot of blood. Her face was cut badly and there was a thing trail of blood coming from the corner of her mouth.

I sat there, too shocked to move. I could see the girl was crying, and her legs looked misshapen. She continued to move over to me, looking like she crawled straight out of a horror film.

“And look after your food!” Adam snapped, loud enough for me to hear.

Caroline stormed back into the room, dragging the girl with her.

Adam bent down and wiped a tear off my cheek. It was only then I realised I was crying.

I backed into the corner, looking in horror at Adam. These people were monsters, real monsters. They didn’t just kill humans for food, they tortured them first.

I remembered Edward, somewhere outside, trying to get in. which meant he was alive. I was happy, but he wasn’t out of danger.

“Don’t hurt Edward!” I pleaded. Adam looked at me for moment and then said,

“I’m hungry; I’m going to see if Caroline will share.”

He walked into the room. And then I was alone. I shivered and curled up in a ball. I rested my head on my knees and tried very hard not to think about what was going on behind that door…

Caroline came out, her clothes stained with blood, her eyes fresh and deep red, after feeding. She didn’t acknowledge my existence. She looked straight ahead and walked toward the front door. Before she exited, she licked her lips and looked down at me.

I gasped and looked down at the floor. I sat alone for awhile. Then Adam came back out and walked over to me, smiling.

“During my meal, I decided what we have to do,” he announced happily. “We have to get married, and make you a vampire. What order would you prefer?” he added casually.

I stared, my mouth hanging open, too afraid to speak. Adam smiled patiently. He waited but I still couldn’t speak.

“Well we can decide later. There are a lot of people looking for you, you know.” he sighed. “Do they not realise we are in love?”

“I don’t love you!” I objected without thinking.

He looked at me, but then shook his head and ignored what I said.

“Werewolves, vampires… you’re a popular girl, Bella.” he chuckled, smiling warmly at me.

I stayed where I was, backed up in a corner, while he told me, in great detail, all the people he and Caroline had killed and fed on over the last month. He ignored the fact that I was crying, that I couldn’t look him in the eye, that I kept whispering Edwards name over and over.

After awhile, Adam stopped talking and looked at me. He got up suddenly and went into the first door on the left. When he came out, he was carrying a huge stone table. The table looked extremely heavy, but he carried it with ease.

He set in down a few feet away from me. The he came over to me, and picked me up. He carried me over to the table, and set me down on top of it. He carefully brushed the hair out of my eyes, while I was too terrified to move.

He smiled, and it suddenly hit me what he was planning. He was going to change me! I lay there looking at his hungry eyes. He only fed a short while ago; he must have become very dependent on human blood.

The front door opened and Caroline walked in. Her wild eyes scanned the room quickly, and she looked even more jumpy than before.

I saw her lips moving, and then I saw Adam’s do the same. They must be talking too fast for me to understand. Adam sighed and walked over to the first door on the right, and Caroline followed him. They didn’t enter the room, and Adam was suddenly at my side.

A dark figure stumbled through the still open door. His white shirt was dirty, torn and the top buttons were ripped off. His hair was in messy disarray, and he was looking down. He took a few more steps forward, and I heard him say my name, very quietly. And then the figure looked up and looked me in the eye.

It was Edward. My beautiful god-like Edward.