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I Love You...

Edward and Bella love each other, but unfortunate circumstances throw everything spiralling out of control, and Edward isn't the only vampire interested in Bella! Please review! and i shall be forever grateful =D

Disclaimer: It's all Stephenie Meyer's

7. He Was Engaged

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Within seconds Edward had thrown himself across the room and tackled Adam to the ground. They were fighting so fast I didn’t know what was going on. I had never seen Edward move so fast.

As they were fighting Caroline moved over to my side.

“Please don’t let Edward get hurt!” I begged, more to myself.

Caroline looked me in the eye for a second.

“But he left you!” she accused.

I have no idea how she could know. I heard things being knocked down up, most likely by Edward and Adam.

I looked Caroline straight in the eye and said,

“Yeah, but I forgive him!” My voice came out more menacing than I had meant it to. The fighting stopped.

“What?” all the vampires in the room said at the same time.

“I forgive him. And Edward,” I said turning to look at Edward. “I will marry you.”

I heard Edward rejoice, only to start fighting Adam a moment later. I started to smile, but stopped when I saw Caroline face. She was glaring at me, with hate-filled eyes.

“I’m sorry about Adam, but-” I started to explain but Caroline interrupted.

“Adam? Adam is a simpleton!” she threw her head back and laughed menacingly. “But he is my brother. I feel obligated to protect him.”

“I don’t understand.” I admitted.

“When we were human, Adam was engaged. Just before we were turned Adam had to see his fiancé killed before his eyes. Instead of dealing with the grief he bottled it up. That girl, she wasn’t right for Adam. I’ll let you in on a little secret,” she leaned down now and whispered in my ear. “It was me who killed her.”

I looked up at Caroline, who was still smiling.

“You? But weren’t you human then?”

“Yes. You see, I was walking home alone one night, when vampires attacked me. I convinced them not to kill me in exchange for a wedding full of people for them to eat. Then at the church I went around and locked all the doors.” she said, her voice becoming dreamy and relaxed.

“They attacked in the middle of the ceremony. In all the confusion, I found the bride-to-be all alone. I killed her with the cake-cutting knife.” she said smiling proudly. I stared at her in horror.

“What I didn’t count on was one of the vampires biting Adam. They didn’t want to leave any human survivors and they bit me too. When Adam woke up to the massacre that was his wedding, the ambulances arrived.

“Adam and I were the only survivors. We were lucky that Carlisle was the doctor on call.”

I could still here the faint noises of the fight behind me, but I couldn’t concentrate. She was murderer when she was human too.

“Adam has been searching, trying to find someone to fill the void left by the fiancé. Her name was Violet. She was 23 and very rich. She was pale, like you.” Caroline continued.

“Actually, you look a lot like her.” she said, and then frowned.

“I never liked that silly Violet.”

I couldn’t believe someone could be so… so evil. This woman, standing right next to me, slaughtered her brother’s fiancé and turned his wedding into a massacre. I closed my eyes, wishing I was in a better place, with Edward at my side. There was a lot of things I wanted to say to Caroline, a lot of things I wanted to call her, but fear got the better of me and I kept my mouth shut.

She circled around the table, eyeing me carefully. She stroked my skin delicately and shivers ran down my spine. I tried to distract myself, thinking of my wedding to Edward. But then I thought the words bride-to-be and I thought of that poor girl Caroline had killed on her wedding day. My eyes started to fill up with tears.

A hard slap brought my attention back to the present. I rubbed my sore cheek and looked at Caroline. She was glowering at me.

“I can see your past, you know.” Caroline said through clenched teeth. “And you are nowhere near good enough for Adam.”

When I thought of what she does to people she doesn’t consider good enough for her brother, I almost cried. She could see into my past. I thought of my childhood, back in Phoenix, with René e nothing to interesting there. The only thing worth looking at was my time in Forks… with Edward.

“No, you’ll never be good enough.” Caroline murmured, brandishing a knife.

Then I felt the steel slowly cut just below my chest, getting deeper and deeper. Then I felt the hot liquid pouring all over shirt rapidly. And then I felt the pain.