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Angel of Mercy

Create your own banner at mybannermaker.com! PREVIOUSLY CALLED "Ashes and Dust" SPOILER WARNING!! DISCLAIMER WARNING (i only own the main character and her family...... mineminemine) A visitor comes to Forks. She's strange and not like the others, but what if something happened between her and Jacob, something that never should have. What if her past was entwined with Edward's? What if that gets between Bella's and Edward's relationship? And what if it starts a war between the vampires and werewolves so big that it might never end?


5. nothing left

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"Asthe, Asthe, are you awake?" I heard Esme's soft voice somewhere far off. I'm not sure if I was unconscious or maybe I'm finally dead. My eyes snapped open and the first thing I saw was that I had tubes connected to me, a lot of them.

"What's all this?" I asked not sure exactly what's going on.

" Asthe how do you feel?" Carlisle asked, his face full of worry and amazement.

" I think I have a head ache and the room is spinning a little. Aside from that I'm ok." I answered. I was a little confused because everyone looked at me in the weirdest ways. Jasper was bewildered along with Emmet and Rosalie, Alice and Bella just stood there completely numb. Edward looked so guilty and hurt like he just killed someone that I decided to look away because his expression was too much.

"So what happened?" I asked once again.

"Well, you fainted and then well... Your heart started beating." Carlisle finally answered.

"Oh...... ok." My face went blank and I stared into space. "Can I go yet?" I asked like nothing happened.

" Asthe did you hear me? I said-"

"Yes I heard you Carlisle," I realize my response was rude but at that moment nothing really mattered. This is what I was afraid of. My curse has finally come true. What will happen now? If it gets out of control then its over. All my efforts, all my secrets, this entire planet will disappear.

The vampire who changed me was the oldest in history. He was 25, 600 years old when I met him. His name was Alphonse, or it was when I met him. He offered me eternal life for a favor. At that time I didn't know what he meant exactly so I agreed. After the transformation I killed him. When he had moments left before I finished him he cursed me. " You shall be human once again for seven days. When that will happen I do not know," he said, " but within those seven days you must find your true love or kill the one you have at that time. If you do not succeed your true strengths will show. The world will come to an end." I didn't believe him... until now.

I stood up and walked out of the room. As I walked past the Cullens I could feel their eyes on me.

Everything is finally falling apart.

(30 minutes later)

"Are you serious?" Jake asked disappointed, "are you really leaving?"

" Yeah, I have some problems with the house, it's a little hard paying it off," I lied.

"Well why don't you come live with us for a while?" he would try anything he could to make me stay.


Crap, crap, crap I can't believe she's leaving. I can't let her, not yet. After all Sam thinks I imprinted. I think he's right because he read my mind when we were running yesterday.

"Are you sure that's ok with your dad?" she asked. Like my dad cares, besides he's on Sam's side.

"Yeah he's cool with it."

"Ok then I'll come by your place tonight."

"Sure, sure."

"Thanks, I'll see you tonight then." I could have sworn there was an edge to her voice but in a good way.

"Yeah, I can't wait."

"Neither can I."

" Bye Asthe."

"Bye Jake."


Well at least I found a place to stay for now, and I don't have to worry about "blending in".

That night


The trees flew past me as I got to the border. Surprisingly all of my abilities were still here. Jacob told me to meet him 3 miles before the reservation begins. Now I stood at the borderline waiting for him. All of a sudden I heard a truck in the distance coming toward me. A few minutes later I saw Jake's car pull up to where I was standing. When he saw me he waved and nearly fell out of the car as he tried to get out.

" Hey Asthe great to see you." He came up to me and kissed me like we've been together for a while. It felt so natural and right like it belonged there.

" Hi Jake it's been a while. If you can call a few days a while." I looked into his eyes as I said that and there was something in them that troubled me.

"Jake are you ok?"

"I have to talk to you." He towed me to the car as I tried to get information out of him.

" Well shoot, I'm listening."

" I think it will be better if the whole pack is there." Pack? Then it dawned on me. He wanted to tell me that he is a werewolf. Why would he need the whole pack there?

Precautions maybe or if I didn't believe him they could back him up. But I would believe him because I already knew but I wasn't about to tell him that.

"Why? What do you mean ‘pack'?" I asked trying to sound clueless.

" It's a long story."

I sighed, "All right I can wait."

The rest of the trip was pretty quiet even thought it lasted only a few minutes. When we got to his house I saw five guys standing in his front yard.

" Come on I'll introduce you to everyone." He got out of the car and led me to where the other boys were standing.

" Asthe, this is Sam, Paul, Quil, Jared and Embry." As he said their names they all greeted me with a "hi".

" Asthe, there is something we would like to talk to you about. Please just hear us out before you say anything." Sam said in a cool, controlled voice. His face showed no emotion whatsoever.

" I'm listening." I replied in the same exact tone.

" Why not just show it to her? That will be easier." Quil said.

" Yeah, and scare the hell out of her. Sure go ahead." Embry remarked and Jared laughed from the back.

" Quil might be right. We don't have the time to tell her everything right now." Sam told Embry.

"Um, what?" I asked once again trying to act clueless and innocent.

"Were not exactly what you would call human." Jake told me.

"What do you mean?"

"We're werewolves. All five of us." That took me off guard. The Cullens only mentioned Jake, not anyone else.

"Okay." Was my brilliant response.

"Please tell me you believe me." Jake pleaded, "If you want I can prove it."


After I said that Jake lurched forward and exploded. All that was there was a big russet wolf. He came up to me and bent down so his eyes were leveled with mine. Without even thinking I reached my hand and stroke the soft fur on his neck. A rumbling sound came from his chest like a cat's purr but rougher. He rested his head on my shoulder and I put both of my arms around his neck.

When I pulled away I looked around and realized we were alone. I turned back toward Jake but he wasn't there.

"Jake?" I called.

"Here." I heard his voice from behind me. I turned around and saw him standing in the doorway wearing nothing but a pair of jeans.

" I guess you're not freaked that I'm a wolf."

"Why would I be?"

"I don't know maybe because I'm dangerous."

"Trust me I've seen worse."

"Sure you have."

The rest of the day we spent at Emily's house with the pack. Jake and Sam told me stories about how the werewolves came to be, and one very interesting story about a wife who sacrificed her life to save the village.


She left yesterday, walked out the door without even saying bye. She didn't say where she was going or why she was leaving. Now that I know she's still here I want her too. I love Bella but Asthe is just as equal. I need her with me. I'll find her and bring her back no matter the cost...


It has been two days since the whole curse thing. When I was around Jacob everything felt so natural and right that it didn't really bother me every time he would stare at me or kiss me. It felt like home here, like I belonged.

"Jake?" I asked as we were sitting on his ridiculously small bed.


"I wanted to know more about the whole imprinting thing."

" Well, it's a little like love at first sight but stronger and..." he trailed off not able to find the right words to describe it.

" Ok."

"Why do you ask?" Jacob wanted to know.

"Just curious," I replied not able to tell him the truth... yet. I knew he couldn't be in the dark forever.


When Asthe found out the truth about who I really am she took it really well. I was so thankful that she didn't freak at all.

" I totally don't mind. Actually it's really cool." She said with a genuine smile on her face.

" You think so?"

"Yeah, the speed, the strength. I would die to have your reflexes." She assured me.

No we were sitting on the bed and I was telling her about imprinting.

" Sorry I can't tell you more. It's hard to explain." I told her.

" Don't worry about it." She leaned over towards me and kissed me.

"Is already that late?" I asked not wanting to leave her yet. My father put up a fuss every time we were alone in a room. I wasn't allowed to share a room so I got the couch.

" Yeah, your dad will kick you out soon."

"Sure, sure." I kissed her and walked out of the room.