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Angel of Mercy

Create your own banner at mybannermaker.com! PREVIOUSLY CALLED "Ashes and Dust" SPOILER WARNING!! DISCLAIMER WARNING (i only own the main character and her family...... mineminemine) A visitor comes to Forks. She's strange and not like the others, but what if something happened between her and Jacob, something that never should have. What if her past was entwined with Edward's? What if that gets between Bella's and Edward's relationship? And what if it starts a war between the vampires and werewolves so big that it might never end?


6. just talk

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"Sleep my angel," I said to Bella, "dream pleasant dreams."

" Good night Edward." She whispered.

I love Bella. She is everything to me, the sun, the stars but when Asthe came everything changed dramatically.

Asthe was my first true love even though I was human at the time. Every memory I have of her is wonderful and I never want to let it go. After I kissed Asthe in the meadow she was the only thing on my mind. Alice was and still is really mad at me because her vision came true. She's been taking her anger out on me every chance she got. Jasper was a little nervous when he was near her. When Alice is mad it's better to steer clear until the anger fades. I asked Jasper to try and calm her down but it didn't work. She was too pissed.

As I laid here I contemplated whether to just tell Alice exactly what happened so she will stop torturing me or keep her in the dark because she might react in a bad way, my thoughts drifted about 100 years back in time...

"Edward, I missed you." Astheroshe said.

"And I you." I replied looking into her beautiful blue eyes.

"How was your day?"

"It was fine but better now that we're together again."

"You said you made plans today? What are they?" Asthe asked tilting her head to the side. God she looked amazing, like an angel straight from heaven.

"I just wanted to spend the evening with you so I made reservations at that new Italian restaurant."

"My, that place is very...sophisticated, and fancy. Is it an occasion?"

" I guess you can say that."

(Later after dinner)

Asthe and I were sitting at our table and I was about to propose.

"Asthe you know I love you more than anything and I want to be with you for the rest of my life." I dropped down on one knee and watching her reaction and after her blush faded realization came into her eyes.

"Astheroshe Sophia Saunière, will you marry me?" as I said those words I pulled out the ring.

" Yes, yes, yes." she answered and made me the happiest man alive.


As I laid on the bed all my thoughts kept drifting back to that sunny day......... that he ruined. How could he do that? Does he want to lose Bella? I thought he loved her. Why would he still have feelings for me when I left him almost one hundred years ago?

I got up and carefully walked out of the bedroom to the living room. Jake was sleeping soundly so I quietly opened the frond door and walked into the night. The air was crisp and fresh and the wasn't a single cloud in the starry sky. There were millions of stars and I decided to run to the highest point within a 10-mile radius to get a better look.

As I sat on an empty hill a little ways from Jacobs house I picked up a sound of feet against the soft grass. Whoever it was they were still about a mile but coming in this direction at vampire speed. Right away I knew who it was.

"Isn't this werewolf territory?" I asked, letting hurt and acid leak into my voice.

"No, this is ours." He replied.

" What are you doing here?"

"I wanted to talk to you again. I promise it's just talking." Edward assured me.

"Shouldn't you be with Bella?"

"It will only take a minute."

"What do you want to talk about?" I asked out of courtesy rather than curiosity.

"What happened? Why did you heart restart after a thousand years?"

"It's a long story." I replied not really wanting to tell him the whole thing.

" Well, we have an eternity."

"It's a curse and I have seven days to fix it." I said reluctantly. I decided to just summarize rather that tell him the entire story.

"What do you have to do?"

"Destroy my true love or find a truer one."

"Who's you true love?" he asked. In his head I could hear him saying: I know it's me, I just want her to say it.

"....." I wasn't about to budge.

"I guess I know," he said with a smile.

"I was going to try and find someone else but ripping you to shreds sounds even better." I said my voice full of pain and anger, but mostly pain.

No matter how hard I tried to mask it he heard it.

"Why are you upset?" he asked, his voice soft and quiet. " I'm sorry if I whatever I said upset you. I didn't mean to."

"It's no your fault," I answered avoiding the first question. I wasn't about to tell him that I didn't mean every horrible thing I said no matter how much it pained me. I had to put distance between us.

"Have you found anyone new?" he asked casually.

I knew I was going to regret the next thing I said.

" Yes, I think I did. That's also where I'm staying by the way. His name is Jacob. You know the one Alice told me was a werewolf."

There was an audible snap of teeth and a sharp intake of breath. I was afraid to look at Edward so I settled for looking at the sky.

"I'm going home." I said after a minute of silence, afraid of the consequences. When I got up Edward was standing right in front of me.

"Will I see you again?" He surprised me by asking. i thought he hated me by now.

"I don't know, maybe when I visit Alice and Esme."

"Please do, they're dying to see you again." I could tell that he was really telling the truth because his eyes were clear of any hints of lies.

"All right, I'll call Alice and figure out a time when I can come over."

I turned around and ran for the house at top speed thinking about all the consequences that will follow.