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Bella's 18th birthday party from Jasper's point of view.... ON HIATUS....

Disclaimer: The characters aren't mine, and neither are the books, Twilight and New Moon. They are the property of Stephenie Meyer. Some of the dialogue will seem familiar and a few lines due to the fact that I borrowed it from Chapter 1 of New Moon. Well this is my first fan fiction, ever, so be brutal if you must. Criticism is always welcome. In some ways it was hard to write from Jasper's POV because you don't really see much of him, especially in New Moon. I'm not sure if this will be a one-shot or not, I think it might. Though you can help me decide if you like....

10. Author's Note the Second

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I am so sorry that I haven’t updated this story in so long! I couldn’t figure out how to write the next chapter, and now I’m a little more that frustrated, more like furious, since the little brat I used to baby-sit was over my house last night while her mother was upstairs with my mom. She’s my mom’s client, you see. Well the kid, being the spoiled little fit throwing princess she is, made us install some damn Harry Potter game and it screwed up my screen, I couldn’t see anything except black and the mouse cursor.

So, since that happened and I tried millions of possibilities that didn’t work, I had to recover the whole system. Everything was deleted from my whore of a computer (yes, my computer is a whore, and a cheap one at that…..). ALL my files are gone: Documents, pictures, games and movies, my MUSIC. It’s all gone. So I have to spend some time setting EVERYTHING back up and installing all this crap.

The only lucky thing that happened was that I saved all my fan fiction documents that I didn’t before and the original story I’m working on to my jump drive earlier that day. That made me sigh in relief, however brief it was.

So I’m afraid it will be a little bit longer until I can get the next chapter up. I’m terribly sorry.