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Bella's 18th birthday party from Jasper's point of view.... ON HIATUS....

Disclaimer: The characters aren't mine, and neither are the books, Twilight and New Moon. They are the property of Stephenie Meyer. Some of the dialogue will seem familiar and a few lines due to the fact that I borrowed it from Chapter 1 of New Moon. Well this is my first fan fiction, ever, so be brutal if you must. Criticism is always welcome. In some ways it was hard to write from Jasper's POV because you don't really see much of him, especially in New Moon. I'm not sure if this will be a one-shot or not, I think it might. Though you can help me decide if you like....

3. The Last Stand

Rating 5/5   Word Count 1273   Review this Chapter

I sighed and followed Alice to our room. I found her sitting on the floor staring into her closet. She didn’t look up as I entered. I came up behind her and wrapped my arms around her shoulders, moving her to my lap as I sat down on the floor.

“Jasper,” she sobbed tearlessly, “this is going to hurt everyone. What Edward is doing isn’t right!” I looked at her, bringing her closer.

“I know, Alice.” I looked at her grimly. “This isn’t going to turn out okay for Bella like he thinks. Have you seen anything?” She shook her head. “No. I keep trying to look through her future but I just see blurs. He hasn’t told her yet, so it’s indecisive about what’s to come for her. I sense a lot of pain though.” She looked at me fearfully then. “Jasper, he’s going to break her.”

She buried her head in my chest and continued her tearless crying. I sat there holding her, unmoving, until Edward came home. When we heard his Volvo pull up to the house, Alice rose and composed herself. I began to pack quickly knowing we would have to leave within the hour.

He knocked on the door, and entered without waiting for a response. Alice looked up at him sadly. I knew it wouldn’t do much good since it was Edward, but I decided to try one last time. Edward, please think this completely through, I pleaded with him silently. You’re going to be doing a lot of damage to Bella, yourself, and the family. This is not what is right for Bella. This isn’t right for any of us. Please.

He looked at me and growled softly. “No Jasper, this is the only way to leave Bella in peace. It doesn’t matter how many times you or Emmett or Alice or Carlisle make silent pleas and arguments with me. My mind is made up. This is it. It’s final.”

“Edward! You can’t honestly be that stupid! Do you know how ridiculous this is?” Alice glared at him. “Just get packed and ready Alice,” he told her wearily.

“Why won’t you just listen to reason, Edward? You said you would protect her. Is that really what you’re doing? You said no harm would come to her. Well this is the worst thing that could happen!” Alice screamed at him.

Emmett chose that moment to walk in. “She’s right, Edward. You know she is. Why can’t you admit it?” He snarled at all of us. “No. Alice you’re wrong. This will help Bella lead a normal human life, away from us. It’ll make her happier to experience all of the things she would miss while we’re here.”

I made a move to protest but he silenced me with his hand. “That’s it. That’s all there is to say.” He turned and looked at me. “Are you ready to leave for Denali?” I nodded. “Good. Bring out what you’re taking with you to the car.”

With that, he turned and walked from the room, making his way to the staircase. I heard him reach the bottom floor and turned to Alice and Emmett. “It’s already having an effect on him, and he hasn’t even left yet.” The feelings coming from him were all different forms of sadness and despair. There was no joy anywhere.

Emmett looked at me, determination in his face. “We have 2 more days. Carlisle, Esme, and I will try our hardest to get through to him. I’ll be damned if I watch my brother destroy his happiness and Bella’s.” I smiled slightly. “And what about Rosalie?”

“If she doesn’t agree with us then she’ll have to keep silent,” Alice supplied. Emmett looked at her and nodded in agreement.

I sighed. “Edward’s getting impatient Alice. It’s time to go.” She walked over to me and grabbed my hand, taking one last look at our room, and house.

We flew down the stairs and out the front door. I loaded our belongings into the trunk of our car as Alice spoke quietly to Carlisle, telling him of Bella’s indecisive future and the emotions she sensed from her vision.

“We’ll do our best, Alice,” Carlisle whispered to her. “I can’t promise anything, you know Edward.” She nodded. “At least you’ll be trying. Thank you.” She turned and walked over to the car slowly.

“As we agreed upon before, Emmett and Rose will follow you tomorrow. Carlisle, Esme, and I will leave on the third day.” I heard Emmett mumbling under his breath, “No one agreed to anything…” but was cut off from saying anything else by snarl from Edward. Emmett just glared at him. “Well it’s true,” he said as he crossed his arms.

Edward ignored him and turned to face us. “I think you’d better go now if you want to make it there by morning. See you in two days.” As he said this, I picked up on his sorrow. He was being distant to all of us, which wasn’t a good sign.

Edward scowled at Alice as she looked at him but didn’t say anything. Without another word, we got into the car and I started the engine. I looked back one last time, sending my thoughts out to Edward. How do you know she’ll really be better off? You’re leaving will only make it worse, Edward. How many times has she hinted to you what would happen if you left? Think about it. Without waiting for his reaction, I stepped on the gas and was out on the highway in less than a minute.

Alice sat back in her seat, settling in for the long drive to Alaska. We didn’t stop anywhere along the way, we would hunt when we got there, and got settled.

I still couldn’t believe that Edward was going to go through his decision. If I ever left Alice, I wouldn’t be able to survive and neither would she. That’s the way it is for Bella and Edward. Why can’t he see that?! Edward thought Bella didn’t love him the same way he loved her. How could he think that? I’ve felt the strength of their love, of her love. I don’t understand how he could be so foolish!

We pulled up to the house silently, neither of us having spoken the entire ride. Alice was wrapped in her own thoughts just like I was in mine. We got out of the car and walked over to the door, knocking only twice.

Irina opened the door and looked at us. “Hello Jasper, Alice. Come on in.” I smiled at her and led Alice into the house by the hand. The rest of the household gathered as we sat down on the couch. “Edward told us you were coming,” Kate told us. “Emmett and Rosalie will be here tomorrow?” she asked in confirmation.

Alice nodded. “Carlisle, Esme, and Edward will be here on the third day,” I added. They smiled at us. “It’s so good to see you again!” Irina laughed. “But you seem a little grim. What is it that has happened? Why are you leaving Forks?” I wasn’t sure how much I should tell her.

I looked at Alice and saw she was having the same conflict as I was. I decided I would skim over everything, Edward could explain it all to them when he got here. It was after all his story. As I began to explain, I silently prayed that Edward would come to his senses and there wouldn’t be a need for further explanation; or for Edward to come here at all.