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Bella's 18th birthday party from Jasper's point of view.... ON HIATUS....

Disclaimer: The characters aren't mine, and neither are the books, Twilight and New Moon. They are the property of Stephenie Meyer. Some of the dialogue will seem familiar and a few lines due to the fact that I borrowed it from Chapter 1 of New Moon. Well this is my first fan fiction, ever, so be brutal if you must. Criticism is always welcome. In some ways it was hard to write from Jasper's POV because you don't really see much of him, especially in New Moon. I'm not sure if this will be a one-shot or not, I think it might. Though you can help me decide if you like....

8. All Wrong

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Three weeks after Edward left, we moved into a new house. Esme decorated of course, and she kept a room for Edward in case he came back. It held all of his music and furniture.

Edward called us twice, and like he promised, came for a two day visit two months after moved. He left quickly again and we hasn’t heard from him since.

Alice checked up on him and said he was tracking Victoria. I suppose he had to do something to ensure Bella’s safety and to keep him busy.

The months seemed to go by slowly. No one was the same, except for Rosalie at times. So much misery hung in the air.

Alice began searching for the asylum she was kept in when she was human so she could find her files and information on who she was before she was changed. She had successfully tracked down the asylum and her files. Esme was restoring a seventeenth century house, a historical monument, in the forest north of the city. Carlisle was working nights in Ithaca and teaching part time at Cornell. Emmett and Rosalie had gone off to Europe on another honeymoon but they were back now.

I decided to enroll at Cornell and I chose to study philosophy this time. Everyone was busy doing their own thing. We were separated from one another, not only physically, but emotionally as well. Leaving Forks tore us apart.

For spring break, we had decided to take a family vacation, excluding Edward of course. We were heading to stay with the Denali coven for the duration of the break.

Alice booked the tickets for the flight while everyone else packed. She came into our room and say down on the bed, holding her hand out for mine.

I sat down, holding her hand, and then pulled her into my lap. She leaned her head into my chest. “Oh Jasper,” she sighed, “I wish Edward would come back. I just wish he would go back to her.”

I stroked her back comfortingly. “I know, Alice. You don’t see anything for him?”

She shook her head. “No. He’s just lying in that attic in Brazil. He’s wasting away Jasper. Something has to be done.”

I looked at her sharply. “Alice, don’t you start scheming. You promised Edward.” I took her by her shoulders. “You haven’t looked into her future, have you?”

She sobbed quietly. “I haven’t, but it’s so hard to resist! I’m so worried about her. What if she decides she can’t take it anymore? Oh God Jasper, it’s just so hard!”

“Shh. Alice, calm down. I know. It hurts us all, but this is the least we can do for Edward.”

She nodded. “Okay. You’re right.”

“She’s strong. We can only hope she doesn’t do anything rash.” I pulled her closer.

There was a knock on our door, and Esme stepped in. “It’s time to go to the airport.” I nodded to show that I had heard her and she left.

“Come on, Alice. It’s time to leave.” I picked her up and placed her on the ground. Then I grabbed our suitcases and her hand. I led her down the stairs, out the front door, and to the car.

When we got to the airport, we checked-in, gave in our luggage and the proceeded to go through the security check. The plane was about to take off so we quickly made our way to the gate.

Naturally we had first class seats. I was next to Alice, with Carlisle and Esme in front of us, and Emmett and Rosalie behind.

The plane ride was very quiet. We rarely said anything. The longest conversation we had was about the current time and time we would arrive in Denali.

Once the plan had landed, we got our luggage from the baggage claim. We went to get the Mercedes and Volvo from storage and drove to the Denali coven’s house.

Irina greeted us at the door and led us into the living room, where the rest of her family was waiting. Carlisle spoke the most to them, telling them what we had been up to. We added some input here and there, but nothing really extensive.

Once we had finished, each of us retired to the rooms we always kept during our visits. As I was holding Alice, she went stiff and rigid in my arms.

She was in one of her visions and I could feel the pain and fear rolling off of her in waves. Something was terribly wrong in her vision. When she came out of it, she broke down in dry sobs. They shook her small frame violently.

I pulled her into my arms. “Alice! Alice, what is it? What’s wrong? Is it Edward?”

She shook her head fiercely. I waited for her to speak. Emmett and Rosalie heard Alice crying and ran into the room.

“What’s going on?!” Emmett shouted. He was beginning to panic.

“Alice had a vision,” I told him quietly. “When she came out of it, she started sobbing. All I could get out of her was that it wasn’t about Edward.”

“Well who else do we know that would get Alice this upset?” Rosalie asked. She looked bored not that she knew it had nothing to do with Edward.

If it was about one of us she would waist no time in telling us, so who could it be? Wait, there’s only one other person that could...oh no!

“Alice! Alice, you have to tell us what you saw!” I almost shouted.

She looked up at me. “It was horrible! It…was…Bella!” she sobbed. She was panicking now as well. “She was standing on the edge of a cliff while there was a storm raging around her. She was looking down at the ocean.”

“Alice, where was this at?!” Emmett shouted. He grabbed hold of her shoulders roughly, pulling her up. I growled in warning. He ignored me.

“It was at the La Push cliffs!” she shouted hysterically. “She was just standing there! She said a few things into the wind softly, I couldn’t hear her. It may have been something about Edward, maybe something else. I’m not too sure. Then she…she…” She paused, taking in a shaky breath. “She jumped!” She started sobbing again.

Emmett gasped. “Oh God, not Bella! We should have never left!”

Along with sorrow and despair, anger flared within Alice. “How can she do this?! What is she thinking?! This will kill Charlie. Edward won’t be able to live with himself!”

“This is our entire fault!” Emmett shouted. “Oh God!”

“Once again, we have to worry about Bella! I can’t get away from her. It’s her choice to jump, even if she is being stupid. Maybe she’ll survive,” Rosalie said.

“Shut up, Rosalie!” Alice shouted. “She isn’t going to survive. I waited in the vision for her to come up, she didn’t! Bella’s going to die! Oh Bella, why?!”

“Alice, when is it going to happen?” I asked quietly. All of the emotions in the room were weighing me down. It was beginning to become too much.

“Th-this afternoon,” she stuttered. She stood up suddenly and ran into the bathroom, coming out less than ten seconds later in a change of clothes.

“Alice?” I questioned. “What are you doing?”

“I’m going to Forks,” she stated. “I’m going to try and stop her.”

“And what if you can’t? It’s already early morning. You won’t be able to drive there that quickly.”

“Then I can console Charlie at the least.”

“Alice, no!”

“What would you have me do, Jasper?

“Don’t get involved. You promised!”

“I don’t care. Bella needs me, she’s family! I can’t just sit around here while she commits suicide! Damn my promise and damn Edward for leaving her, for making her like this!”

“Alice you can’t. We said we would leave her alone.”

“Don’t you think I know that?! But I can’t just let her go off to her death, and because of us, because of Edward! I have to at least try! Don’t try and stop me Jasper, you won’t be able to.” Her eyes turned pleading. “Please Jasper, I’ve wasted enough time already, and I’m wasting even more arguing with you.” She sighed. “I love you, and I love Edward, but I love Bella too. I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if I just sat back and did nothing. Please.”

I hung my head in defeat. “Go Alice. Take Carlisle’s Mercedes, it’s the fastest and will protect you from bursts of sun.”

She nodded her head and kissed my cheek. “I love you, Jasper.”

I walked her to the door quickly, and watched as she got into the car. Before she drove off, she looked out the window. “Don’t tell Edward where I’m going and that I had a vision about Bella. Tell Rosalie and Emmett the same thing.”

I nodded. “I will, don’t worry. I love you.”

She smiled at me and drove away. I stood at the doorway, watching until the car was out of view.

I went back inside and found Emmett sitting on the couch with a solemn look on his face. Rosalie was standing behind him with her arms crossed.

Emmett and I exchanged looks, and I could feel all the grief emanating from him. As I looked away, Emmett voiced my own thoughts.

“I hope she gets there in time,” he said grimly. His words said one thing, but his emotions said another: complete and utter doubt.