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Bella's Wedding Day

Bella's big day has finally arrived. BUT what happens when an old friend comes to wish her good luck? WARNING...if you don't like Jacob, you won't like my story. :)

Disclaimer: Stephenie Meyer rocks! The people are hers...not mine.

12. Chapter 12 - Spiders in the Shower

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Chapter 12 - Spiders in the Shower

Bella POV

So the rest of our road trip was rather ordinary. It took us another two uneventful days to get to Disneyland, but we made it. We’d been here for two days now. Today would be our third. I had had a lot of fun -- more than I would have thought possible given what waited for me back home.

We had seen all the characters, and had our pictures taken with most. However,I did get the odd feeling I was being watched while on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, in the Haunted Mansion and even in Space Mountain -- wherever it was dark.

I was suddenly angry. Edward. Surely, he wouldn’t have followed me. He said he’d leave me alone so that I could make this decision on my own.

My anger turned to terror. What if it’s someone unfriendly? I made myself relax. Stop it! You’re being ridiculous!

“Hey, Bella!” Angela was tugging on my arm. “Let’s go ride those next.”

I followed her gaze to the teacups. “Again? You really want to ride the teacups again?”

She laughed.

“How many times did we ride them yesterday? Five? Six?”

“I know. But the line’s short and I really like them.”

I smiled a big cheesy smile, straightened my ‘ears’, hooked my arm in hers and started skipping toward the oversized teacups and saucers.

We were laughing so hard I thought I was going to be sick as we exited the ride. Angela could really spin that thing fast. I was doubled over in a huge belly laugh when reality came crashing in on me.

As I lifted my head I came face to face with a wolf. I stopped dead in my tracks.

Okay, so it was only the Big, Bad Wolf and his comrades, the Three Little Pigs, but still. I laughed at how silly I was being.

“Let’s grab some lunch,” I suggested. And we headed off toward the food venue.

As I chewed on my hamburger I pondered the meaning of the whole wolf thing. I never really considered the wolf and pig story a ‘Disneyland thing’ but then I wasn’t sure why I would be surprised to see a giant wolf among the giant ducks and mice.

My mind seemed to go off on a tangent and I wondered if the Big, Bad Wolf had ever imprinted. I giggled at the stupidity of the thought.


Jacob imprinting.

That little fact could change everything -- would change everything. If he hadn’t imprinted yet -- he said he hadn’t -- then he still could. If he did, he would have no choice but to leave me just like Sam had left Leah.

I shook my head, trying to shake myself out of this little piece of reality.

Screw the mouse! I had to talk to a wolf, my wolf...NOW!

I jumped up, surprising Angela.

“What’s up, Bella?”

“I’m sorry, Ang. You’re being so patient with me and I appreciate it. I’ve had lots of fun, but I really need to get back.”

“Okay” was all she said as she stood up and headed toward the entrance of the park. If it had been anyone else I’m sure I would have gotten grief.


When we got back to the hotel I had to use the bathroom really bad. My bladder could only handle so much liquid. I ran in and shut the door. I sat down on the toilet. Relief. I about fell in the floor when the shower curtain flew open.

There was someone in my shower!

I screamed...

Realizing at the same moment that I knew this somebody.

“Bella, are you okay?” Angela was on the other side of the door trying to come in. I was sure glad I’d locked it.

“Yeah, I just saw a spider.” Vampire. Spider. Close enough. They both suck blood. “What the hell are you doing here?” I hissed to the beautiful blonde vampire standing in my shower...on my road trip...where I was trying to get away...undisturbed.

“Bella, you can’t go home.” Her voice was strained.

“What do you mean I can’t go home?”

“Well, you can go home -- just not yet.”


“It’s nothing for you to worry about. There is just a little danger...”

“Danger?” I cut her off. What was going on back home that they were trying to protect me from?

“Yes, just a little something that needs to be taken care of. No big deal at all, really.”

“Really?” sarcasm was dripping from the word. She just nodded as her eyes looked passed me to the mirror. She tipped her head and ran her fingers through her hair. “Stay here.” I hissed.

I walked out into the room. Angela was talking on her phone. I assumed filling Ben in on our adventures. She stopped talking and looked up at me. I made the ‘ok’ sign with my fingers and picked up Renee’s cell phone from the table and dialed the number. One ring. Two rings. “Bella?”

“Hi, Dad. I’m just calling to check in. How are things?”

“Everything’s fine. Are you having fun?”

“Yeah, lots of fun. We’re gonna be heading home first thing tomorrow morning.”

“Good deal. I can’t wait to see you.”

“Hey, Dad.” I hesitated just for a second. I wasn’t sure I wanted an answer to the question I was going go to ask.

“Yeah?” He sensed my hesitation.

“Have you noticed anything strange going on there?”

“No, why?” He was perplexed by my question.

Relief washed over me. “Oh, no reason, just curious. I’ll call you tomorrow night.”


“See you in a couple days. Bye.” Maybe it really was just a ‘little’ danger. Edward would freak out over a hang nail. If I hadn’t known his middle name was Anthony I would’ve thought it was Overprotective. I smiled at my joke.

“Hey, what was that about?” I’m sure my conversation must have sounded as odd to Angela as it had to my dad.

“Oh, nothing, I just wanted to check in.” She nodded and looked back toward the TV. “I’m gonna go take a shower.”

“Cool. Watch out for killer spiders.” She teased.

I laughed with her. If she only knew.

When I pulled the shower curtain back again Rosalie was still standing there. “What are you doing Bella? I told you you can’t go home yet.”

“It takes three days to get home. So you’ll just have to tell them to hurry. I’ve got questions that need answers. This limbo hell I’m in is driving me crazy. I can only imagine what it’s doing to Edward and Jacob.” She let out a low growl as I said Jake’s name. I ignored her. “Get out, ‘cause I’m getting in.” I reached up to turn on the water as she rushed passed me.

“Bella, you can’t do this. I’ll have to stop you.”

“I will hitch hike all the way back if I have to but I am starting back first thing tomorrow.”

“Bu-...” she started. She was interrupted by her cell phone buzzing. She picked it up without saying a word. The voice on the other end was low and fast. I couldn’t even tell who it was. She clicked it shut, smiled and said, “okay. Have a safe drive home.”

I opened my mouth to ask questions. I blinked and she was gone. Weird...even for the Cullens. I shrugged my shoulders and got in the shower.

With the warm water running down my back I remembered something. I wasn’t crazy! I was being watched. What a relief! It was Rosalie. I turned off the water, dried off and got ready for bed.

A good night’s sleep would do me good.