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Bella's Wedding Day

Bella's big day has finally arrived. BUT what happens when an old friend comes to wish her good luck? WARNING...if you don't like Jacob, you won't like my story. :)

Disclaimer: Stephenie Meyer rocks! The people are hers...not mine.

17. Chapter 17 - Seeing Ghosts

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Chapter 17 - Seeing Ghosts

Bella POV

Jacob pulled me by the waist into his chest. His lips crushed mine with such intensity I felt as though we were going to melt right into each other and become one. I parted my lips and brushed my tongue over his bottom lip. It took his breath away.

His lips trailed down my neck and back to my ear. I felt his teeth on my earlobe and my heart stopped. I wanted to feel like this forever.

But there was something I had to do first -- something very unpleasant.

“Jacob, stop.” His lips froze. He raised his head up and looked into my face. Hurt and confusion reflected in his eyes.

“I’m sorry. I just thought...”

“No, Jake. It’s not that.” I started walking toward my truck. He caught up with me and matched my stride, taking my hand in his. “I have to talk with Edward.”

“Oh.” His head fell. It made me so sad that he was still unsure of my choice. I reached into my truck and threw him the t-shirt I’d bought in Disneyland. “Uh, thanks.” He said as he looked from me to the shirt.

“You’re welcome.” I put my hands behind my back and twisted back and forth, grinning. “Read it.”

He opened the shirt and read it aloud. “Someone who loves me went to Disneyland and all I got was this lousy t-shirt.” He chuckled looking back at me. “Thanks, Bells.”

“I only bought one, you know.” His eyes flashed and he took me into his arms and swung me around. I giggled. He had finally gotten it. I loved him. I wanted him. I needed him.

I kissed him passionately then wiggled to get lose. He placed my feet on the ground and gave me one more kiss before releasing me.

“Jacob, I have to talk with Edward. It is only fair to make him aware of things.” My voice cracked at the end.

Jacob took my hands in his. “It will be okay. I’m pretty sure that Edward will be cool. He's not going to make this any harder on you than it already has been.” It almost sounded as though they had discussed it, but I didn’t ask.

“I’ll be back as soon as I can.” I climbed into my truck and Jacob shut the door. He kissed me through the window.

“I’ll be waiting. I love you!”

“I love you too.”

He stepped away from the truck and as I drove away, I heard him yell for the world to hear “ISABELLA SWAN LOVES ME!!!” I laughed.

When Jacob disappeared from the rear view mirror I cringed, knowing I was heading toward the heart I was going to break. I had never been more nervous of anything in my whole life. I knew that this would hurt him and I hated that. I also knew that along with hurting Edward I would be hurting all of the Cullens and I hated that even more.

I turned onto their road and made my way up the winding surface. The house came into view and I slowed. I am going to be sick! I swallowed hard and forced myself to keep going.

I pulled up in front of the house and turned off the engine. As I stepped out, Edward appeared in the doorway. I smiled weakly. His smile mirrored mine. I wondered if he knew what I was going to say.

Edward POV

I heard her truck coming up the road and waited until she had turned it off before opening the door. As soon as I saw her face, I knew what she’d come to do. My stomach dropped.

I walked out and met her on the steps. I took her hand in mine and we entered the house. It was empty -- or so it appeared. My family had vacated the premises knowing that we would want to be alone. “How was your trip?” I attempted small talk. Her face showed that my question had surprised her.

“It was fun. Angela is a great friend.” She smiled a real smile. I returned it.

“Edward, can we go somewhere that we can be alone, without listening ears.” She said the last part a little louder. She was letting my family know not to listen with their hypersensitive hearing.

“We can talk here. They won’t listen.”

You have my word. It was Carlisle.

In the kitchen we heard a door slam. It was over exaggerated but that was the point they were trying to make.

“Edward, I...”

“Bella, me first.” I cut her off before she could continue. I didn't have to read her mind to know what she was going to say. I had to tell her how I felt first. I didn't want her to think I was just trying to make this easier on her. She blinked and focused her eyes on mine. “Look, I have done a lot of thinking on this predicament and I need you to know how I feel before you tell me what you’re gonna do.”

“Okay.” She bit her lip.

“I have known since the day you said goodbye to Jacob that he would always be in your heart. I also know that I cannot live with that. I can't share you. I would rather you were with him than be with me -- loving him.” I watched as disbelief flashed in her eyes. I went on, “I do love you. I love you very much." I paused to let that sink in. "If you choose me I will be happy, forever happy. But...” she dropped her head. I lifted her chin with my finger. She swallowed hard and I could hear her heart rate increase. I smiled, “But if you choose him, I will be happy for all the things that he can give you that I cannot. He can give you so much that I can only desperately want to. Ultimately, I just want you to be happy.”

“What about you, your happiness?”

“Bella, these last few months have shown me that I can't be happy if you’re not. You worked so hard to forget him -- to be with me and love only me. You were miserable.” She began looking around the room.

“I’m sorry.” Her response was very subdued.

“Bella, it’s okay. Really. I knew from the time you left this house a week ago what your choice would be.” Her eyes had stopped scanning the room. Her face turned pale and her heart skipped a beat. “Bella, what’s wrong? You look like you’ve seen a ghost.” I turned to follow her line of sight.

There in the corner stood her “headstone”. I started to laugh. “Bella.” She stood and started inching her way to the door.

“Jacob knows I’m here. You can’t do this," she stammered as her heart rate increased dramatically.

“What? You, honestly, think...” I took her by the shoulder and she screamed. “Bella, I promise that I won't harm you. I will allow you to leave. I promise." I 'dazzled' her so she would cam down and listen. I smiled and continued, "please let me explain that first.” I pointed to the block of marble in the corner. “Please come and sit down.” Her heart had started to slow.

After we were seated again, I began to tell the story of Aro’s visit.

“You faked my death?” I nodded.

“It was the only way." I assured her. "That’s why Rosalie came to California. She was making sure you didn’t waltz in here and ruin everything.”

“But what if someone had seen that big ol’ chunk of stone?” she said, jabbing her thumb toward the atrocity leaning against the wall.

“No one saw it I assure you.” She sighed. “Don’t you see, Bella? This is a good thing. The Volturi think that you’re dead. They will never come looking for you ever again. You are free -- and safe -- to be with Jacob. To love him.” I fought to keep my expression composed.

Her face twisted into a smile and she hugged me. “I really am sorry that I hurt you and your family. I loved you all so much.”

“I know. We loved you too.”

With that she pushed something into my hand. I looked down to see my charm from her bracelet. “This belongs to you.”

“You keep it. I gave it to you.”

She frowned. “I can’t.” I closed my hand around it without further argument.

Her next question surprised me. “Are you leaving Forks then?”

“Do you want us to?”

“You don’t have to leave just because of me. You can just leave whenever you're ready.”

“We will not leave immediately then.” She stood and again headed outside -- relaxed this time. I followed her. She climbed into her truck. Before I closed the door, I kissed her gently on the cheek. “I will always love you, Isabella. Be happy.”

A tear slid down her cheek and I caught it with my thumb. “Don’t worry about me. I will be happy knowing that you are.” I pushed the door shut and stepped away. She turned on the truck and put it into gear.

“Goodbye, Edward.” She whispered as she took her foot off the brake and the truck inched forward.

“Goodbye.” I waved. “Be safe,” I whispered as my Bella exited my life forever.

Bella POV

When I could no longer see him in the rear view mirror I accelerated, pushing my truck to its breaking point. I wiped the tears from my cheeks and sniffed.

As I headed for La Push, I reflected on my conversation with Edward. I realized it felt more like he had just dumped me instead of the other way around. He said he’d known all along what my choice would be. I guess I had too -- at least my subconscious had.

When I could see Jacob’s house, the door flew open and he came running out wearing his new shirt. I laughed out loud. I always hated those cheesy shirts, but given our situation, I thought it was perfect.

I turned off the engine and he practically yanked me out into a hug.