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Bella's Wedding Day

Bella's big day has finally arrived. BUT what happens when an old friend comes to wish her good luck? WARNING...if you don't like Jacob, you won't like my story. :)

Disclaimer: Stephenie Meyer rocks! The people are hers...not mine.

19. Chapter 19 - The Proposal

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Chapter 19 - The Proposal

Bella POV

It was a beautiful evening, a little chilly. It was October in Forks after all. The stars were shining brightly. It was a rare occasion when there were no clouds in the sky.

Jacob had asked me to go for a walk on the beach. I loved to walk in the moonlight, snuggling close to him. It could have been snowing on us and I would have still been warm next to my very own, personal sunshine.

He seemed really nervous tonight and it was making me feel a little jittery. I wondered what was going on inside his head. He pulled me closer, probably sensing my anxiety. He leaned down placing his lips gently on my head. “I love you, Bells,” he whispered.

I didn’t even have time to respond. We came over the little ridge and I could see our spot. It was decorated with candles and there was a picnic basket sitting on top of a blanket.

“Oh, Jake.” I gasped when I found my voice.

He escorted me over and smiled as I sat down on the blanket. He gracefully sat next to me.

“When did you do all this?” I wondered. I was in awe at all the work that had gone into the decorations. It was so romantic.

“Well, I had a little help.” I lifted my eyebrow. “Okay, so I had a lot of help.” He amended, grinning sheepishly.

“It’s so beautiful.” I looked around and noticed twinkly lights in the trees. There was soft music playing too. “What’s the occasion?” I knew this was more than a simple picnic.

“We’ll get to that.” His eyes sparkled. He opened the basket and pulled out beautiful champagne flutes and sparkling cider -- we weren’t old enough to drink alcohol. He opened the bottle and poured some cider into our glasses.

“What are we drinking to?”

“A long life together.”

“Perfect.” We clinked our glasses and slowly drank their contents.

“Hey, I forgot something. Would you mind getting everything out? I’ll be right back.” He pushed the basket toward me before standing and walking off.

“Sure.” I opened the basket, surprised by its contents. It was full of Gerber daisies. There was a single bubblegum pink one on top with a ribbon tied around the stem. I picked it up and noticed something sparkle from the ribbon.

Revelation began to fill me. I looked up to see Jacob. He walked over and got down on one knee right in front of me. A tear slid down my cheek as he smiled.

He took the flower from my fingers and held it out. “Bella, my love, will you please be mine forever?” I stared at him in shock. He reached up and brushed away the tears that were escaping over my eyelid.

Jacob POV

When she didn’t answer right away, I knew that she was just in shock. My proposal had really come out of nowhere. I was still in high school for Pete’s sake. We both knew however that this was inevitable -- something we both wanted. Why wait?

I slowly untied the ribbon and held up just the ring. I wasn’t huge, but I knew she would love it.

“Bella, will you be my wife?” I rephrased the question.

She blinked before throwing her arms around me, kissing me softly.

“Oh, Jacob,” she sniffled. “I will by your wife on one condition.”

Her request caught me by surprise. “Okay,” I said, nodding slowly, raising an eyebrow.

“I will be your wife only if you will let me love you forever,” she giggled.

“I promi-...” Her lips cut off my response. Not that I minded. I wrapped my arms around her tightly and pulled her closer. I kissed her neck and let my lips find her ear where I whispered, “Is that a yes, then?”

“Yes!” She kissed me. “Yes!” Another kiss more passionate than the first. “Yes, Jacob, I will marry you.” My heart soared as she voiced the answer I knew she would give me.

I sat down flat on the ground with her in my lap. She straddled me and pressed her body to mine. She deepened her kisses as her arms struggled to wrap themselves tighter around my neck.

When she finally decided to come up for air, I repositioned her slightly. She looked confused. I held out the ring again. She smiled ear to ear. “Don’t you have to put this on to make it official?” I smirked. She held out her hand. I gently slid the ring on her left ring finger and stated, “There. Now, I can’t wait to make you Bella Black.”

“Bella Black.” Her face was thoughtful. “I really like the sound of that.” She smiled a huge smile. “I love you, Jacob.”

“I love you too...” I beamed, looking into her beautiful chocolate eyes. “Bella Black.”