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Bella's Wedding Day

Bella's big day has finally arrived. BUT what happens when an old friend comes to wish her good luck? WARNING...if you don't like Jacob, you won't like my story. :)

Disclaimer: Stephenie Meyer rocks! The people are hers...not mine.

7. Chapter 7 - Drama Mama

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Chapter Seven - Drama Mama

Renee POV

I got out of the cab and ran toward the house. I thought it was odd that there was no one else here and that the wedding was supposed to have started over an hour ago. It was deserted, eerily so.

I knocked on the front door and a really big guy answered. “Yeah?” He looked at me confused.

“Uh, hi. I’m Renee,” I smiled, “Bella’s mom.”

“Oh. Uh...“ he turned and headed toward another room in the house. “Come in. I’ll get Carlisle.”

I started wringing my hands, looking around at things. It was a little frightening. A couch was broken in two. The curtains had been ripped off the rods and there was a huge hole in the wall to my left. Something was really, really wrong here. I was startled when a voice came from behind me.

“Renee.” I turned to see Carlisle. He sure was stealthy. I hadn’t heard any movement at all.

“Y- yes.” I stuttered out. “What happened here today?” I asked, looking again at the aftermath.

“I think that’s best explained by your daughter.” His eyes were full of sadness and I began to hyperventilate.

“Where’s my daughter?” I tried unsuccessfully to calm myself down.

He patted my hand and smiled, weakly. “She’s okay. She’s with Charlie. At home, I would guess.” I had a million questions to ask but none seemed appropriate to ask him. Bella was still single by the sound of things and this poor man was the father of the groom.

“I’ll leave then.” I pulled out my phone. “I’ll just call a cab?”

“Don’t be ridiculous. Emmett will drive you to Bella’s.” He whispered something under his breath and out of nowhere, it seemed, appeared the big guy from before. “Renee, this is Emmett.”

“Uh, hello, again.” I sounded like an idiot.

“Come on. We’ll take Rosalie’s car.” He said with a smile and I wondered what that meant. “Just wait here. I’ll pull up out front.” I nodded.

I waited on the porch for Emmett to pull the car around. It didn’t take long. I could see why he was so excited to drive this car. It was one of the most beautiful cars I’d ever seen. Red was my favorite color!

He jumped out and opened the door for me. What a gentleman. I climbed in and he closed the door behind me. We began our drive to Charlie’s. It seemed that by missing my flight I had missed a lot more than the nuptials. I was okay with that since I hadn’t agreed wholeheartedly with it. Despite my feelings on marrying young, I was dying of curiosity. I know it killed the cat, but I wanted to know what happened.


“Um hum.” He didn’t take his eyes off the road.

“What happened today?”

“Uh, I think it’s better that you hear that from Bella.” He spoke in a tight voice. He was not happy about whatever transpired.

“Come on. Did Carlisle tell you to give me that answer? That’s almost word for word what he told me.”

“Renee,” he began. “This is a very difficult situation.” He paused trying to compose the correct words in his head. “Bella called off the wedding. We’re hopeful that it will be back on very soon. That is all I’m going to say on the matter. Please do not ask me any more questions. I will not answer them.” I took in his tone and realized that it was best to keep my mouth closed.

However, my brain was far from being silenced. She called off the wedding. Maybe she’d come to her senses. She’s too young to get married. Maybe she did listen to me after all. I smiled. It was odd that I was a little happy. For all I knew Bella could be happy about this too. I would have to wait to see her.

I hadn’t been watching where we were going. I’d been lost in my thoughts. We were suddenly in front of Charlie’s. I realized it was record time. Or maybe it was just not that far. I hadn’t been here in a while.

“Thank you, Emmett. Tell Edward I hope it all works out for the best.” I turned to open the door and he was at the trunk getting my stuff.

I took my suitcase from him and headed for the house. He sped off before I could turn to wave goodbye.

I walked up to the door, closed my eyes, took a deep breath and wiped the smile from my face. Then I rang the doorbell.

Charlie opened it. I gave him the nastiest look I could manage as I yelled for my daughter. “Bella!” A girl would need her mother at a time like this.


I couldn’t believe that Bella did not want to talk to me about her problems. She asked Charlie to explain what had happened today. I should have been offended.

Then to have her choose to talk to Angela instead of her own mother. I am now officially offended.

I couldn’t believe that Charlie had just smiled at her choice. He grabbed my arm and pulled me toward the kitchen.

“But I’m her mother,” I protested quietly. No need to make Bella feel worse.

“Not now, Renee” Charlie hissed into my ear.

I huffed and jerked my arm out of his hand. “Look, Charlie, I am her mother. I want to know what happened this afternoon right now!” My voice was shaking; I was so angry.

“Keep your voice down. Bella has had a rough day. I will not have you acting like this.”

“Fine!” My voice was low but I was sure he got the message that I was still angry. “Tell me now. Please.” I snarled.

He closed his eyes. Took a deep breath and began with the story.

Jacob Black had showed up.

They had a ‘moment’.

She still loves him. Loves both of them.

The wedding is off, on hold, whatever -- no one’s sure.

Bella has a horrible decision to make.

“Oh, dear.” I mumbled. I felt the tears building in my own eyes for my daughter and her situation. No wonder she didn’t want to talk with her mother. She knew how I felt about her marrying Edward in the first place. She must have felt that she could never get unbiased advice from me.

What a useless mother I was! I couldn’t even put my own insecurities aside and help my own daughter.

We heard someone coming down the stairs and turned to see Angela. She smiled, waved and was gone.

I knew I had to compose myself before I could see Bella. I vowed that I wouldn’t make this harder on her. If she did want to confide in me, I would be nothing but supportive. At least, I’d try.

I heard her coming down the stairs and I took a deep breath. This is it.

“Mom. Dad.” She sounded so sad. “I need to get away.”

I jumped on that. “Great! Why don’t you come spend some time with me in Florida.” I watched as she winced. Oops. “Or not.” I smiled.

“What did you have in mind, Bells.” Charlie asked. How was he so calm? I could kick myself.

“Well...” she started biting her lip. “Angela and I are going to Disneyland. The happiest place on earth.” She attempted a chuckle.

“When are you leaving?” I asked, trying for supportive. I’m afraid I sound more nosy.


Charlie got up and walked over to the counter. “Here take this.” He handed her a cell phone.

“But Dad, I can’t take your cell phone.”

“Yes, you can. I’ll get another one at the station. Besides you’ll need it.”

“Thanks, Dad.” She hugged him and placed a kiss on his cheek. They had really bonded this last couple of years.

“Listen,” he said, taking her by the shoulders and looking into her eyes “if you need anything; you call. Promise?”

“I promise.” She turned to leave and looked back. “Please don’t tell anyone where I’ve gone or that I’m with Angela, okay? I don’t want to talk to any ofthem until I’m ready. I have to think this through without any influences.”

“You got it, kid.” He smiled at her and watched her leave.

“Charlie?” My voice sounded gruff.

He whipped back around and glared at me. “Don’t start, Renee!”

I cleared my throat and began again, “you’re really great with her. Thanks.”

His face softened.

“I don’t think I’m needed here; especially if she’s leaving. I’ll head back as soon as I can get a flight.”


“You’ll let me know if she needs me?”

“Of course.”

I got up from the table and took my own cell phone out of my pocket. I looked down at it. “Doesn’t the whole town know your cell number?”

He knew exactly what I was asking. “You’re right. I’ll go get her another one.”

“No, she can just take mine.”

“You can’t call her.” He was defensive.

“Oh, no, no, no. That’s not why I’m suggesting it.”

“Okay then. I think you’re right. She’ll take yours. We will not call her. We will not give her number out no matter what. Deal?” He stuck out his hand.

I took it. “Deal.” I agreed, shaking his hand.